Neville Goddard | Law of Assumption | Creation Is Finished AND Parallel Universes
Written by Scott Haug on May 23rd, 2022
Neville Goddard | Law of Assumption | Creation Is Finished AND Parallel Universes

Have you jumped into a parallel universe before within your own mind? If not, are you curious to know how?

In this video, Scott shares with you some exercises that has helped him so you'll want to watch all the way to the end!

You'll also learn more about the law of assumption & creation is finished with Neville Goddard!

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Full Transcript

Hey, Scott Haug here and welcome into today's video. You're gonna really enjoy, it's gonna blow you away. Neville Goddard creation is finished idea along with parallel universe realities. Now a lot of teachings out there are not talking about parallel universe realities, and what it really means to manifest today's video is going to really be an in depth way for you to understand more about yourself and manifesting, and again, a way that you haven't seen before. So let's jump into the content today, right away. This is from a weakened imagination by neville Goddard. It's in creation is finished. One of the later chapters in the book, he said, Blake saw all possible human situations as already made states. So when this relates to you, everything that you could want, where how to manifest anything, any of those things, any area of life, anything you want is already done in some sort of energetic capacity.

Okay? So sometimes our mind wants to get really trick on how's it gonna come? When's it gonna come? Where is it gonna come from? Right. If I want money, if I want the soul made the dream house, dream card, the dream stuff, the desires in my life, the mind wants to go really nuts. Ask all these questions, right? We neville Goddard is talking about here in creation is finished. Chapter is everything that you could ever want is in an already made state it's in that state. And our job as conscious human beings is to be able to change conscious states, to assume the reality that you really want. And then you discussing that here later in the slide, he continues to say he saw every aspect. Every plot and drama is already worked out as near possibilities, as long as we are I in them.

So lemme say that again. He saw every aspect, every situation, every circumstance, every plot, every drama, all of it has already worked out as mere possibilities. Like something in our life is possible, but it's not there just yet. Right? As long as we are not in them. So if you're thinking of your goal, if you're thinking of your achievements that you want, if you're thinking of all these things, you're not in it. That's why you desire it. That's why you crave it. That's why you want it so badly because you are separate from that thing. When I think of something, but I'm not feeling it now, it's something that's false. It's, it's something that's out there. I'm not it yet. I'm not successful yet. I'm not wealthy yet, whatever that may be. So I'm keeping myself separate from the desire I want, right? And he continues to say, but as empowering, overpowering realities when we are in them.

So when we are sitting in the reality now in our imagination, in that creative center, they start to become actual, real realities. Just as real as the one you're viewing this video with me right now, this seems so real to you seems so real for me, right? But all these other alternative realities, all these alternative states are just as real when we actually jump into them. So again, if I'm thinking of my goal, I'm separate from it. I'm somebody who is not that identity yet to, I'm not that person to have that goal. So I feel it's away from me. It's next week. It's next month, next year that it's going to happen now, now, so if I'm keeping myself away from that manifestation, I'm seeing manifested circumstances, keeping me away from what I want on the alternative. What he's saying is, if you are thinking from it, if you are that state, you are that identity.

It's going to start becoming your overpowering reality. If that makes sense. So instead of thinking of your goal, we gotta think from it, we gotta be in that state. We gotta be in that consciousness. And that's the trip. You know, a lot of people in law of attraction study personal developments of how materials, you know, we, we study and study study, but we don't apply. So we don't get the results. The application is most important because the application is shifting your consciousness to a different state and that other state and that other reality, you can get better improved results, but no amount of studying is actually going to do it. That's why I'm gonna provide you a couple of exercises at the very end of this video, that will absolutely help you shift the consciousness as long as you do them. Now, continuing on with the chapter here later in the chapter, he says, we saw before we set forth and have since been trying to remember it and to activate sections of it.

So essentially before we came into this physical body, we were more whole than we are essentially when we don't feel that we're whole right in this physical life, we remembered that we are the creator and all of these states are finished, but we forgot about it. When we entered this physical life, basically there's this life, school learning lessons we need to, when we come here and as that happens, we're remembering more and more of what's already been created. Now, of course, this question goes into the question of destiny versus free will free will versus destiny fate, all those ideas. What we're really talking about here is not that fate isn't there or destiny. It's a balance of all of 'em that some of the, the roads ahead of you are predetermined. Yes. However, we have the ability to jump to any road that we want to, which will then cause those results to enter our life, which is very fascinating.

Let's continue. There are infinite views of it. Our task is to get the right view and by determined direction of our attention, make it pass in procession before the inner MRI. So essentially what Neville's talking about here, right, is we have all these infinite views. It's our role, our responsibility to focus our attention and attention is your thoughts. When we say to a kid or anybody else pay attention, what we're really saying is, give me thought energy, give, put your thoughts onto this or that or me, right? So when we're paying attention, we're paying thought energy. And when we pay thought energy to anything we're going to Vivify that thing. And it's going to come to us more. So the inner I is imagination. So we need to see an imagination ourselves with the thing, assume the identity assume that we're already there, let's continue forth on the last sentence.

He says, if we assemble the right sequence and experience it in imagination, until it has the tone of reality, then we consciously create circumstances. So essentially when we start to feel it as natural, next logical step for us to receive the thing that we want, that's when we get it, we have to feel it to be real. We have to feel that it's a real reality right now. And again, I'm gonna give you a couple exercises that are really going to help you out. So stay with this video here. So you can get those exercises today at the end, but we're gonna start to consciously create what we want. If we can actually feel the tonality, the tone of this thing, being natural for us to receive, to manifest, to be. If I don't feel it's natural and normal for me to be a six figure person, earner, if you example, you're never gonna get there.

You're only gonna earn five figures in a year, 50,000, 75,000, 90,000, then that's great. Okay. But a lot of us have ambitions to be six figures, seven figure earners, eight figure earners, right? And what we need to do is start feeling that's a natural that's who we are feeling more natural about it. Now, the more familiar, the more natural that we are about it, the more it's going to come into our life, the circumstances are going to shift over time to really allow that to happen. If that makes sense. Now, how does this relate to this idea of parallel universe realities? And I've been teaching this and coaching this mentoring, uh, every single Monday in our higher level program. So if you wanna know more information about this, go in the description below and book a 10 minute quick chat with my team know, delight, know about this, but what we've been doing is shifting ourselves into parallel universe realities.

If creation is finished, if all of the different states in this world are already finished, what we're really doing is jumping into an alternative reality alternative universe. That feels just as real as this one. And that's where everything you want already is activated. Sometimes we're stuck in this current reality. And when we get stuck in this current reality, we keep seeing the circumstances pop up, but we want better. So we get really frustrated because it's not coming into our life. We want better, but it doesn't seem to be getting all that much better. We' not fast enough, right? It's because we're viewing the reality from this reality, because it's so familiar and it's so comfortable when I'm only viewing it from this reality. I cannot see past what this now reality is now in an infinite parallel universe theory. Okay? Multiverse theory, there are a million different universes happening right now.

All the different versions of you happening right now, a version of you that wore a red shirt today, a version of you that wore a white shirt, the version of you that wore a semantic, uh, type of clothing, the version of you that wore a regular tank top or dress or long sleeve shirt or button up, whatever the thing is, right? There's a version of you that is watching this YouTube video today with me, Scott, there's a version of you that watched 10 of my videos today. There's a version of you that didn't watch any of the videos today. And there's a version of you that found this video and put it on the watch later list because you didn't have enough time to watch it. Now, all these different versions of you are happening. The one you're activating right now is the one you're listening into, though.

I can actually assume into any of these other realities, these alternative realities, it's going to feel like nothing changed you. Don't like you do feel you are different. However, you're gonna still see the physical stuff around you. It's gonna proceed. Like nothing has changed though. You're gonna feel different when you do. I'm not in this video. We're not gonna go through every single step. But in the description below, we'll have a couple of linked videos to some of the techniques and exercise that will help you shift your realities. Okay? And again, if you're looking for more information on this, on our elite program, I will coach you every single week for a 12 month capacity on shifting yourself into apparel universe theory, parallel universe idea about yourself. It's all about identity shift. I'll show you how to do that. So when we're doing this, the creation finished idea really means that there are, are an infinite number of parallel universe realities happening right now.

Then we can assume into any of those. That's the idea of it. So a couple of exercise that'll help you out with this. Your inner speech is gonna be really important. You need to start talking with the people around you and within as if you are already there, here are the congratulations. Here are all the good things happening in your mind. Congratulations on the job promotion, congratulations on the new client. Congratulations on the amount of money that came through, whatever it is for you, right? You want to have your inner speech matching what it is that you want. Talk to those people around you as if you're already there in your inner thoughts and your imagination. That will start to key you in. And you're gonna start to feel into that alternative reality very quickly. And also a second technique is saying every single time you affirm or visualize the reality you do want, it's gonna be a physical lie, right? It's not gonna be physically truthful just yet. So every single time you say the affirmation out loud, you think at the same time, this is spiritual truth. It is true in an alternative reality. This is true in an alternative reality, as you start filling into this spiritual truth, okay, you're gonna free yourself from being stuck in this current reality.

And you're gonna allow yourself to move forward. You're gonna allow yourself to actually express who you really are by assuming yourself into an alternative reality. So this is the basis of creation is finished. There's a version of you that has everything you've ever dreamed of. There's a version of you that has some of it, a version of you that has a little bit of a version of you. That adds way more than you've ever dreamed of. It's our job to fuse into it and stay synced into that reality. That's the hardest part by the way, is staying synced to alternative reality, cuz you can go reality jumping and you go from one to another, to another, to another where you kind of want to stay in the desired one rather than the not right. So that's the hardest part, but when you can and you could stay there, everything becomes possible for you.

And we also cover a lot of this in our manifestation accelerator course. So this is a really good video that will help you thoroughly. But if you're looking for more help and the description below, we have our manifestation accelerator course, which gives you step by step directions on how to actually manifest what you want in five step process. It's a systematic, predictable approach to manifesting. So you know what you're doing on a weekly and daily basis, we've over two years of content. Every single week, over 70 modules. It sounds like a lot. Don't worry. You won't be overwhelmed. How I teach is one step at a time, almost like going up a staircase, you do one step and then I'll chain link together to the next step, to the next step. So you're gonna have a proven path. We've had over 1400 students go through and manifest amazing things that would blow your mind.

And since how you manifest one thing is how you manifest everything. Every person can manifest in the same way. They're just gonna have different paradigms, programming, beliefs, limited ideas, and thinking that we're gonna have to start filtering and sifting and sorting through if you will, different resistance patterns, stator, concerns, fears, all of that stuff, but we help you through that. Every step of the way, you're gonna get an exercise to be able to work yourself through that and really start manifesting life of your dreams. And this is a membership course. So you can just start for a month, try it out. If you don't like it, you can always cancel though. Uh, our cancellation rate is so minimal. Most of our members stay for years because the content you're not gonna get elsewhere. I guarantee you, you're not gonna find another course like this out there for you.

That's going to help you from a to Z from getting where you're at. Now, your current reality, jumping over to your desired reality and staying in that reality. Now each technique is going to help you do that in our manifestation accelerate course and start fusing yourself with your higher version of you, your higher identity, your higher viewpoint, your higher perspective as well. Getting yourself synced into where you want to go. Creation has finished the idea here. You really wanna nail in your mind and become aware of on a daily basis. Because if you forget this what's going to happen is you get lost in physical daily life, right? The circumstances you're going through, the situations, all the things you get lost in that. So definitely listen into this video every single day, over and over and over for like three months straight. I do the same thing all the time.

I listen to the same content over and over because it's gonna keep your awareness sharp and being able to not only just live on the physical plane, but also live in your higher truth more and more of the time when you're doing this right, which will help you out tremendously look forward to seeing over in our manifestation accelerator and also making sure that you're listening into this every day. I'd love to hear your wins and goodness that comes from manifesting through creation. There finished awareness in the comments below as well. We'll see over in the next video and also in our manifestation accelerated course.

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