Neville Goddard Manifestation Technique - "Secret" and Highly Effective Technique
Written by Scott Haug on May 16th, 2022
Neville Goddard Manifestation Technique - "Secret" and Highly Effective Technique

This isn't any ordinary technique that you've heard of frequently for manifesting anything that you want!

In this video, Scott shares with you Neville Goddard's SECRET and highly effective manifestation technique!

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Full Transcript

Hey, Scott Haug here and welcome into today's video on Neville Goddard's secret manifesting technique, which will allow you to manifest anything in any area of life. Now today's video is gonna hold this exercise. You can literally do in next two minutes, won't take you a long time and it's gonna really multiply your manifestation. So stick to the end so we can cover all of the steps and all of the actual tips with the exercise as well. So if a brand new to channel, just before we jump into content, make sure you subscribe and also click the bell icon to get notified and also throw a like on the video, cuz it just sends out to a lot more people and together we can help awaken the planet that much more so neville Goddard his secret manifesting technique. He had so many different insights, wisdom pieces, and what I would call a master teacher in the art of manifesting, creating your life, creating a reality.

He's one of the pioneers really of these manifesting techniques. This technique today I've used so many times in my life and things have manifested in every area of my life using this step by step technique. Remember it's not always overnight for everything though. Some things do actually manifest into your life same day or next day. So have some patience with this exercise as we're going through it because you want to be able to use the technique and then not try to search for your manifestation after which we're gonna be talking about. So let's get right into the exercise. Essentially what we're gonna be doing here is getting into the alignment or what we call correspondence with the thing that you desire. So step number one is, think about what you do want and just think about one thing could be in any area of life.

But think about just one thing, one simple thing that you want. And go ahead and write that down on a piece of paper, you could do it digitally as well, typing it out. And you wanna write that thing down in the present tense statement because I'm sure you've heard of this before that we wanna do everything in the I am because in your consciousness, it is true right now, whatever that you want more money in your bank, account, relationship, dream, home, whatever it is, business success, that's already true at a different level of consciousness. So we wanna already write down the present tense. I am statement and it is the self manifestation of yourself, which is the universe itself. I am is the self proclamation of who you really are deep within that soul, that spirit, whatever you want to call that essence is the, I am you are that. So as we command it, that is true at a spiritual level. Maybe physically not true just yet, but then it's going to become true later on physically. So write that down. Obviously the easiest part of the process, step number two is see an end scene in your imagination of you already having it. So ne Gotter talked about this all the time in his various context

Of books or lectures. And really what we wanna do is create this end scene. It's almost like a movie scene of you in possession of the thing that you want. So if you want a chunk of money to enter your bank account, see yourself in possession of that money, what you do is see your checking account, see your savings account increase by a certain number. Okay? It doesn't matter what that number is, but you wanna see as if you already have it. That's what we call an end scene. And you do them through imagination because imagination is the creative center. If you will, anything that's impressed onto the screen of the imagination and emotionalized will drop into a subconscious mind and it will be manifest into physical reality. So step number two is start seeing the unseen and usually do this through visualization. It's not the only technique.

There's many other ways to do this. You can do it with your eyes open as well. But for this case you might, you want to, as a suggestion, close your eyes and start seeing what you want within as if you already had it. Then step three is you're gonna start repeating internally. How wonderful is this until you feel it? How wonderful is this? How wonderful is this? How wonderful is this? You're gonna keep repeating these phrases within your imagination, because what you wanna do is create the feeling of realness as if this is already done, as if it's already true in your physical life, by creating that feeling, you're gonna create the presence of what you want, not the absence. And when you feel the presence of what you want, that is the vibrational fields you are entering, uh, really it's essentially parallel reality that you're entering.

And as you start corresponding with that, it will start to manifest into life. Now it's not magic. It's not like, you know this pen right here. It's not gonna just flash out of thin air and, and land on my desk, but there will be a series of bridge of events or happenings that will unfold in your life to allow you to attain that thing. So we need to feel the presence. So we wanna use this phrase, how wonderful is this? How wonderful is this? And as we're saying that again, you want to just start picturing yourself in joy and happiness and gratitude is if you already had the thing, seeing and feeling it before it comes, will actually allow it to be magnetized into your life. And the key right there at the bottom there is don't try to manifest the desire merely correspond to it.

This is a number one thing I've helped. So I've, I've worked with over 12 to 1400 individuals personally now at around 1400 person mark. And one of the most common struggles with individuals trying to manifest is they're trying to manifest. And the R of trying is trying to force and control how the things are gonna come into your life. As you start to try to control and enforce the circumstances like how it's gonna happen, what starts to happen is you push out the absence of what you want. You're like, where is it? I'm searching for it, right? I I'm getting on. If you have a business, I'm getting on a prospect call, I'm saying, is this the next person that's going to enroll? If I'm trying to get a new job, I'm filling out an application. Is this the job I'm going to get? Right?

So we have so many doubts clouding who we really are, that we start, whatever you think, induces a feeling. And if I feel the absence of what I want is because I'm doubtful in my thinking, I'm worried, I'm concerned, right? So what we wanna do is dial it back a little bit and not, don't try to manifest, don't try to achieve. And I know that usually sounds ridiculous to those individuals that have been listening to motivational speakers that have listened to anybody that says you just gotta work, work, work, right? Yes. Action work are absolutely essential in the process on the physical plane, because you are actually opening up channels through which to receive the supply. You are a creative center, right? All these different things. Action is a part of the process. You're gonna receive intuitive guides and ideas on what to do right on the physical plane.

However, if I'm trying to force this into existence, it's not going to work. And with all my clients, I always give the example, try to sleep. Okay. Tonight when you go to bed, try to sleep. You're never gonna sleep, right? The R of trying doesn't actually allow you to sleep. What do you do? You just fall into sleep. You don't think about it too much. Right? Same thing goes for a meditation, try to meditate, right? Then your thoughts are gonna go nuts. You're gonna be trying to figure things out. Instead, don't use your logical mind, use your feeling center and you fall into meditation, right? Same thing goes with manifestation. It's a, it's an element of using the feminine and masculine energy, not too much achievement, but you need some of that, that desire, right? And you also need to be that centered feeling oriented side.

So you're allowing and letting things to come to you. So again, don't try to get, don't try to force it. Don't try to manifest, but instead, what you wanna do is correspond with it. Okay. Align with it, tune into it, focus here and not on the environment. That will be a big idea. So that's a big key there, right? The other thing here with ne Godard's quote is change your conception of yourself. And you will automatically change the world in which you live. Now. I focus on this with my clients all the time that when you're manifesting really in my belief and what I've accepted and experienced in my own life and all the countless people I've worked with, okay, is when you manifest, what you're really doing is stepping into an alternative reality. You're stepping into an alternative reality where that thing already exists.

And when you step into that alternative reality, what you're really doing is activating something that's already there in that reality, but it wasn't activated in your current one, even though the reality you're in right now is most familiar to you. That doesn't mean that's the only reality actually happening right now. So when you change, when you focus on your identity, you focus on your conception of who you are, what you believe, what you accept to be true. You're going to start actually pushing out that energy and shifting into another plane that has the things that correspond with that identity. An example would be if I believe deep down, I only earn five figures per year, 50,000, 90,000, $20,000 a year. Doesn't matter. Okay. If I believe I'm that person, that's the concept I hold about myself. I will actually stay in that reality where I can only see a way to do that through my job, through a business, through a side gig, whatever it is.

Okay. If I however, change my conception of myself, whatever I believe and accept to be true by myself, I start feeling I'm a six figure earner. I earn six figures between a hundred thousand dollars and $999,000. I am a six figure earner. Okay? If I start to focus on that and put into my unconscious or subconscious mind and start to actually feel into it on a daily basis, become more familiar with it. You will attract circumstances that allow you to attract that in. Now, again, it's not, excuse me. It's not magic. Okay? But what you're gonna be doing here is shifting yourself into a version of a reality that does exist. You may call forth a new job. You may call forth a bonus. You may call forth a side project, a side business that will allow you to bring in the extra $20,000 or $40,000.

You may attract in your perfect business opportunity that holds your passion actually launches you over the seven figure mark. Right? So change the concept itself. Your outside world will change. So using a steps right here, step one, two, and three, decide on what it is that you want. See the unseen in mind, and then essentially repeat within how wonderful is this until you feel it. And remember, don't try to get the manifestation, try to tune into it. That's your objective. And that's where you wanna go. Another key is don't wait for it to manifest a lot of people I work with as well. They're waiting. Every time you wait, you're literally sending out the absence. It will come, but you feel it's not here. It's just coming in a couple of days. I don't feel it's here. Right? I'm waiting. You don't wanna wait. You wanna focus your attention on gratitude.

You wanna focus your attention on serving others on increasing others on doing all the best things that you can in order to align and sink in to the energy pattern. You need to receive that alternative reality. Okay? So don't try to wait for it. Just continue on your day. Continue building your business. If you have one, continue doing a great work at your job. If you have one, whatever it is that you're doing, don't wait for it to manifest. Be more, fill your current space with increase all around you and that's gonna make a big difference. So don't search for it. And don't wait during the manifestation gap of when actually happens. Okay. Now definitely accelerate your manifestations to the next level. If you're looking for 10 X in your manifestations, join into our manifestation accelerator course in a description below, it will blow you away.

If you really like this material, you're ready to go. Like a thousand times deeper. I believe our manifestation accelerator here, and we have thousands of testimonials is the number one manifestation course in the world right now. Okay. So jump into it, take a look at it. We have over seven phases right now, which is over 60 to 70 modules just on manifesting alone. Like every single one that I teach you in the manifestation accelerator is between 30 to 45 to 50 minutes long. Some are a little bit shorter. And what you're gonna do is watch the content and I'm gonna do an exercise with you in the content. So it creates accountability. It creates essentially a way for you to apply every single piece of knowledge, which is the key. Your key to getting results is shifting your consciousness, not just knowing this information, not just binge watching YouTube, not just listening to audio books and think, and grow rich and reading all the books, right?

You actually need to apply it. And that's why my students have gotten the huge humongous results that they've had in our course. Like we've had literally students in my manifest over $524,000 just by being in the course, applying the techniques and doing a couple of things on the external plane to receive that. That's not for everyone, just a disclaimer. Okay. However, a lot of people on average will bring in between 500 and $1,500 just by joining in and having that received in the first 30 days. That's on average, what most people will be able to manifest in the first 30 days. It's very money focused our program. However, you can use it for any area of life, how you manifest. One thing is essentially how you manifest anything else. So you can use it for any area of life. And again, I think you're really gonna be blown away by it because you're gonna watch a screen like you're doing here with visuals, and then I'm going to give you worksheets and pinups to actually be able to apply the content that we just went over in a very substantial way, which will be very amazing for you.

So jump into it. It's a monthly membership. So if you wanted to, you could always cancel. That's why we made it. It's not that $3,000 course. So you had to buy, it's very easy to get in. We set the bar real low, so you can jump in, try it out. Most of our students do stay here for years because they just keep getting more and more, you know, blown away by the content, using it, getting results via. And then also we'll do events that will do like a five day challenge on manifesting a thousand dollars or more in five days. And those are all free to our members and we're gonna be adding content this year as well to the accelerator overall. So in the description below, click right away, make sure you jump into our accelerator program. Again. I think you're gonna be blown away.

I look forward to seeing your wins and testimonials in our community where you're gonna be sharing with our soul tribe, all the good things that are coming into your life from a result of stepping into our accelerator program. I look forward to seeing you on the other side. I hope today's video is very helpful. And again, if you haven't already subscribed to a channel so that we can keep giving you all these topnotch ideas and master content ideas on really bringing yourself in manifestations to a whole new level. I look forward to seeing you also in our manifestation accelerator course, as soon as you can.

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