Tour Our Miami Home Condo with Scott Haug
Written by Scott Haug on May 9th, 2022
Tour Our Miami Home Condo with Scott Haug

Spend a day with Scott in his personal vlog to tour our Miami condo!

Watch to see and learn why Scott wants to share with you a tour of our Miami condo and how you can manifest this into your life!

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Scott Haug
Full Transcript

You can come in.

Oh, hello, welcome. Come on in for our amazing condo here. Let's give you a great tour and walk through because we're actually moving out of our condo. So we had the idea why don't we film our condo before we move out in the next week? So you can see some bins and some packing, but we wanna show you the beautiful views and this beautiful space we lived in for the last two years. So take a look here. This is our wonderful kitchen, very luxurious. We even got a built in coffee maker. Now we don't drink coffee anymore, but we used to be huge coffee drinkers. So we got all these beautiful built in things here. And if we step into our living area, this has been like our sanctuary for the last two years. The last two years has been, this has been our home and it's been an amazing and amazing experience is you tell, of course there's a lot of spiritual decorations and always a lot of plant life. We've got flowers, we've got plants, we've got money tree. We got home. So come out over here. I wanna show you the balcony that we have. This is probably the best thing of any kind of course in Miami, Florida. So our condo actually has the ocean view and the city view. You wanna take a look, let's go outside

An amazing, stunning beauty that we've been blessed with. Not every day, we've been able to wake up to. We've been able to come out here and read, have amazing conversations. It's been an absolute blessing gift to have something of this nature. So when we have the city views, very cool, because you can see all the boats going around and it's very entertaining actually, just to be out here. It's like your own movie when you watch it. And then of course you can't beat this. This is the most amazing thing on the planet. Very cool. We're gonna miss this. Absolutely. When we move to our new place,

But it's time we're, we're kind of good to go with the kind of living

We're ready to move somewhere. So come on in this, over here,

I'll Show you my amazing girlfriend's office.

She's the one recording by the way.

And she's very, very spiritual and healing oriented. That's how she helps people as well. She's a healer. So she does a lot of crystal work and different things as well. And these money trees are flourishing because she is very, very good at talking to the plants and bringing them more life. Okay, let's go over here. We got our first bathroom over here. We got actually three and a half bathrooms here. So we got a lot of bathrooms and come on over here. So we're gonna go to the other side now, as you can tell, like a living area here is kind thing. So we got Bella and we got from around. We actually have Marcus our cat over here as well.

We're a very big animal lover. So over here in the mornings afternoons, they get very active. So half bath here, and of course is our packing supplies. Not usual to see all these bins and boxes come over here to the other side. The other side here holds my office is where I do all of my work. And then we have our master measure and we, you have another balcony. Believe it or not on this side, which is very, very cool. So welcome. I'm sure you've seen this before. You've seen this in all my YouTube videos, any of the webinars or events that you've ever been to, this is the place, which is pretty great. Just having that right. Energy and vibration in your office space is so important. So make sure you always have your own decorations. Like I have another video as well on a personal blog care about my dragon collection, right?

It gives you that uniqueness in your own office makes sure you do that for yourself as well. It's a highly recommended thing and I'm very visual as well. So I always have whiteboards on I here in calendars that always map out everything that I'm doing. And of course it looks like a little chaotic and I'm not very chaotic, very structured oriented in the business. However, I think it's important to have a space where you can just mind map things and be kind of chaotic. And let yourself just go into imagination when you're thinking through your, your different exercises. And course you can't beat this view either, right? This is the office view on my side.

It's awesome. We'll go to the master and I'll go on the balcony over here. This is also my little study area, very simple. This is where I do my study. First thing in the morning, it could be anything in regards to reading or anything in regards to, you know, doing my internal conscious in that shift. I always like to have it just a little tiny seat. So let's go to the other side here. This is our third bathroom. Okay. This is also our cat's bathroom in a way, cuz that's all the litter box and food and everything. So this side over here in the master, very spacious. And if you didn't see it already, this ceilings are so high in all the rooms, which we love creates expansion and you know, having a lower ceilings, we never really liked. So this, we keep it very simple. Like we don't, we're not very materialistic oriented where we need a lot of stuff. So we've always had just little, little tiny things everywhere that keep us simple, but also have the things that we want. So look over here to the bathroom, this is probably a bathroom that could be actually a bedroom in itself. How big it is. Like one in here is pretty amazing.

This is the master bathroom. We have a very, very tall and spacious walk and shower. We got the jacuzzi tub, which we have used so many times because it's very relaxing, you know, put on some candles and just be instead of having to do right. And you'll have great conversations and different things. Very, very cool. And by the way, this is a good day. If you didn't realize, okay, now most European people, they understand that, but here in America you don't find that many places. So in luxury places, you start to find this. And I was very new to luxury kind of style living and everything like this. So I thought that was a journal and <laugh>, it was a very big joke in our family now and everything like that, that I had thought that was a journal at first, but it's not, you didn't realize that you might have already realized. I dunno. So we'll come over here. Let's go to the other side, the balcony. It's very cool to have two different balconies on the other side. Now we don't see the sunrise sunset too much, but that's okay. I mean, having both these ocean views is, is just awesome. So let's go over to this balcony here. These Are hurricane Doors, some little,

Little <affirmative> And since the master bedroom is facing this angle, we are able to actually see the water from, from mud. So especially on like a weekend or something where we're not getting up to do the business work to, uh, create content or anything like that. It's just amazing that we get dispute from that. I mean, you can't beat that. It's like a hotel basically that we've had for the last two years. It's very beautiful day. It was actually thunderstorming a little bit earlier today. So now I'm talking through it up and good. I could see on the left hand side, there also a city view, which is awesome. And I can hear the waves. I don't know if you can hear right now in the video, but we can hear the wave sometimes hold quite the door open so we can hear the ways while we're in that just kind of being, which is really, really awesome. So we can't beat it. This is a thing that we're gonna miss most when we, when sure.

Now just to tell you really quick. Okay. Just a few years ago, I was only living in an apartment that costs probably $830 a month, a $50 a month, uh, in Massachusetts many years ago. And that's where I started. Okay. So, so something like this is just, even if you're not doing this right now, or you dream of this believe maybe if you keep their UNC consciousness, it will happen. We dreamed of this place. Literally. We actually heard the ways before we were here, we smelled the salty air. I mean, we were here with this, right? So having something like this, it can be doable for you. Now this costs about $6,300 a month. Um, so it's a little higher up there. You add in the utilities and the storage that we needed as well. It's about 7,000 a month, excuse me, 7,000 a month for a place like this. Uh, so it's pretty up there, but this is, this would've been a dream to me a few years ago and it was right. But you keep getting into it and keep getting into the abundance feeling. You can make this work as well, if you dream of something like this. Okay. So it's definitely doable.

Pretty amazing. All right, let's walk you out to our private elevator and we'll I, and exit the video from there. Now This area living Really has its perks with even the beach service. So you can actually go outside and they already have

Beach chairs, umbrellas, towels, ready to go. The dogs are quiet, very active. Uh, but you can actually go onto the beach and you don't have to bring anything. You don't have to bring your chairs. They got it. They got beach service, which has been awesome. It's also a great room where we got a cool table. We got a little arcade, uh, pac-man and that's where I went down there. And you probably seen there in our post that I do that we go down there and actually do some work sometimes that some of the tables and coworking space on there, which is very amazing. So I really enjoyed this video on our tour of our beautiful home and, and just really seeing what the possibilities are. If you ever want something like this. So let's take out to our private elevator. This is there's no hallways like an apartment building or anything like that. This is just the elevator for us. And as you can tell, we keep our extra beach stuff here because after dark, sometimes we went out there and just went into the waves as our boogie board and different stuff. So we keep our beach stuff here and this is part of our movement here. So that's not you should here. So let's bring it to the elevator here and we'll go ahead and see you over on our very next video.

Bye bye.

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