🌟 Super Charge Your Manifestations - Day #4 - How I made many of my manifestations smooth and fast
Written by Scott Haug on June 18th, 2020

The Manifestation series helping you manifest Quicker - Easier - Bigger.

This video training is Day #4 all about manifesting smoother and faster.

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Scott Haug

Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.

He is an expert at helping people make permanent changes in their life and making things super simple to understand.

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Scott Haug

“Hey Scott Haug here and welcome into Day #4 of our Manifestation Series on manifesting easier, quicker and better than ever before. Hey, let's get right into it for day number four here. And certainly if you want to be up to date on this manifestation series and everything else, definitely for a like, and comment and subscribe here and now to allow yourself to see these notifications, when these videos come through.

Hey, let's get right to it here on how I've been able to manifest a lot of things, a lot smoother and a lot faster into my life. I say many of my manifestations, because some things are a little more challenging than others. No doubt about it. When it comes to manifesting what you truly desire. One of those things that have helped me in a big, big way is just the sheer understanding. Fundamentally that to actually manifest anything, to manifest something that you want in any area of life, it comes down to taking a thought and taking an idea from your conscious mind and literally putting it into the subconscious mind are really part of the universal mind.

And that's all it comes down to is that one fundamental premise. Now there's many ways to go ahead and do that. But what I was clouded before with was all the information. I couldn't understand how do I apply all these ideas on persistence, earning more money in the business, uh, doing more things like thinking, grow rich and having a definite plan, definite purpose, writing those things out. And then also listening to some of the other personal developments of how videos on YouTube.

I couldn't really wrap my mind around what that would look like. And you might be in the same shoes there on like, what do I actually do to bring my manifestations in? Right? So basically the idea here is going back to the soul, understanding that if you take an idea from the conscious minds and put it into the subconscious or universal mind, you'll start the gears in motion.

If you will, to bring that desire towards you. So it's what we call the bridge of incidents or bridge of happenings or bridge of events unfolding. And a lot of people that are in my manifestation accelerator course really have a very solid understanding of what that means. But as soon as I get into an emotional activation of what I want, that comes from seeing it in my mind, seeing it in the imagination, that's where the creative center is. It's like the filter from getting what you want and what you, what you don't there's, there's like a screen, if you will.

Not exactly how it happens, but something great to picture to understand, right? So I see on the screen of my imagination, what I desire, and as I see that I feel into it, that's the second step there. The third step in the process is really feeling into my actual desire.
Once I feel into it, it feels real. It feels natural for me to have it. And the key is feeling like it's already mine, what we call feeling the possession of what I want. So as I feel like I'm already in possession of the thing I want, then I can let it go. Now, a lot of us have been studying personal development for a long time. Here are the words, let and allow.

It did for me, like, how do I actually let, how do I actually allow, what does that even mean? Right? What we want to do is we extract our mind. We replace our thoughts of thinking about our desire with thinking about something else. That's it. That's how you let and allow. Basically you allow the universe to star in motion, the bridge of incidents, events to unfold each moment, each hour, each day for us to actually attain and achieve the thing that we want.

And that comes closer to us. So we let it allow by replacing the thought in our mind, we replaced it with thoughts of increase. So you might say, I bless you. And I bless you. A lot of people in my programs and understands that blessing is a religious thing. It's just increasing others here, sending love and light out to everybody, passing the sidewalk or passing your family or friends or whatever it is, right?

You bless them. You increase them. Another idea is you can use an affirmation. Like I am aligned with source a one from Jenny P B runs invisible powers. My mind is a center of divine operation. So basically you, you let this desire unfold. You let the happenings, you let the events unfold between now and the actual achievement of you holding it in physical possession. Like you actually having the desire."
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