This HONESTLY WORKS so well! ✨ Law of Attraction Method that ACTUALLY works!
Written by Scott Haug on May 6th, 2022
This HONESTLY WORKS so well! ✨ Law of Attraction Method that ACTUALLY works!

This is a law of attraction secret that works so well!

You'll definitely want to try this LOA method to manifest any desire you want!

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Full Transcript

Okay. So this is a law of attraction secret that honestly works so well. Start with a square box in the middle of the page, and we're gonna draw a number one, a number two, Three, And four at each of the corners. After we do that, we're gonna go ahead and write our intention that we want to manifest. In this case, we're gonna do a money example. I now received $10,000 and you could do this for any area of life. Of course, easily. Second, we're gonna go to our end scene and the end scene is what you're gonna see in your imagination as if it's actually real. And if you had it now, in this case, we're gonna see our bank account increased in our imagination

And by doing so, we'll see ourselves in possession of it already. Number three is feeling and we need to feel it to be true today. And that's gonna be our golden key and the feeling I would have as if I had an extra $10,000 would be excited. I'd feel super excited as if that was real. Step number four is let and allow. And when we let and allow, essentially we are allowing the universe to bring to us the desire that we want. So in this case, we're gonna get out of our own way of thinking too much. And we're gonna think about gratitude That will allow us to be more thankful And in that frequency and in that and a energy,


The directions are, so we're gonna go to the middle of this square, repeat this, repeat these four steps For three days straight. And we're gonna do it three times per day, which should ultimately take about one to two minutes per session.

So ultimately what you're gonna do is write down your present tense statement. You're gonna start visualizing your bank account increase by $10,000. You're gonna feel it to be true. I feeling the excitement now, even before you've received the money physically, then you're gonna focus on gratitude or being thankful for everything you do have now as much of the day as possible for the next three days. So don't focus on how you're gonna get the money, focus on the gratitude, repeat this for the same exact intention for the next three days, three times per day, which will total one to two minutes of exercise. What we're really doing here is something that I like to call and the scientific community calls parallel reality. And basically what a parallel reality is. There's a reality and a version of you that has already received that $10,000 this week or this month.

And we need to sink into that identity of the person who has received that $10,000 in their bank account. Who's already felt excited and has already full for the things they have and the things that are coming into their life. If we do that, we're gonna sink into a parallel reality or a version of self that already has the $10,000 in its possession. If we start to feel all this, we start to see it in our mind. We'll become that version of us. We will ultimately manifest and attract it into our life. Once you've done this, you wanna go ahead and put some check marks to keep yourself accountable. So at day one, put a check Mark Day two, put a check Mark Day three, put a check mark. And of course keep track of how many sessions you do. So with that, you're gonna put a plus plus, plus if you you've done three sessions plus plus plus for three sessions and plus plus plus for three sessions, once that's complete, you're gonna go ahead and circle your intention.

I like to use a highlighter and you're gonna go ahead and put a star that you've completed it. Then you can move on with your life. Don't wait for it. Move on to your next desire in your next intention, that will really help out tremendously in you moving forward and make sure you like and subscribe for more, because we're gonna go through more tutorials like this constantly on our channel, which will really ultimately bring you all the desires, all the goodness, all the flow in, into your life that you're looking for. Go ahead and like, and subscribe for more.

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