✨ Manifest ANYTHING that you want in LESS THAN 5 DAYS✨ Neville law of assumption
Written by Scott Haug on May 4th, 2022
✨ Manifest ANYTHING that you want in LESS THAN 5 DAYS✨ Neville law of assumption

This is a continuation of powerful studies with Neville Goddard on how to manifest anything you want in your life!

This teaching is about the law of assumption and how to manifest anything you want in less than 5 days! 

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Full Transcript

Manifest anything you want in five days using neville Goddard's law of assumption. Hey Scott Haug here And in today's video, we're gonna be covering a five step sequence. It's simple. It's fast. It's effective for you to use, to manifest anything you want into your life. Just before we jump into it, make sure you throw a light on the video. If you haven't done so already and subscribe to our a channel, click the icon to get notified. And if you're looking for a topnotch, the best manifestation accelerator course right now in the world to manifest your next level results, check out a manifestation accelerator course in description below, you'll be blown away by the content. I promise you. You've never seen content manifestation built out the way it is in our course. Let's jump into it. So during the next five days, obviously you wanna manifest something good into your life, any area of life, right?

You gotta start with number one. Step. Number one is describe what you want in the present tense statement with all its qualities and characteristics. So an example we like to use on this channel is money. Okay? I just now manifested $10,000. Okay. You wanna write that down in the present tense statement on a sheet of paper, a journal, wherever you'd like, write it down in the present tense statement, then write down the two qualities that associated with it. Maybe you want the $10,000 to come with ease. So you put ease in there. Maybe you want the $10,000 to come in a surprising way. Something that you don't have to work for. Write that in, put it all into this present tense statement is your step number one, step number two is you're gonna start creating an end scene in your imagination of right now as if you already had the $10,000 or whatever the desired is in your imagination.

That is where all things are first created and then put onto the screen of space to attract into your life. Imagination is the creative center is where all things are possible. And once you have it in imagination, you've got it. Okay. So what you're gonna want to do is form in end scene, like a scene that you would have as if you had the $10,000 already. So you might see in your mind, your checking account increased by $10,000. You might see your savings account increased by $10,000. You might see an unexpected email come in for a new paying client or a job bonus or increase of some sort, right? Allowing yourself to see yourself in possession of the $10,000 is crucial. So you start seeing it in your imagination as if you already had it. That's super important. Step number three is starting to feel it now, before you have in the physical flesh, feeling and vibration are the same.

If you feel the thing as if you already had it, you're stepping into the vibration of the thing you want and vibration precedes the manifestation you have to get to its level. First, once you nail the vibrational level, that will start to attract in the circumstances, situations and things necessary for you to have it in a physical flesh. So step number three is feel it to be true. Now, how do you do that? Match your inner speech, match your thinking process, match your feel, feeling, match your inner words. As you start doing that, you're gonna start to feel it to be true. And that's gonna be the key for you. Feel excited if you'd feel excited and sometimes what can help with this is going and we're calling back to memories. You've had, we're calling memory of you actually attracting in something fabulous. Visualize is it, see it in your mind, feel what it felt.

And then, then change the scene to the thing you want. And you can usually gradually transform that feeling from your past memory, to your future memory, to your actual desired intent. If that makes sense, step number four is just as crucial. And this is where most people mess up. Step number four is letting and allowing this thing to find you. Yes, it does find you letting and allowing is a practice and also a skill. We have to allow the good to come into our life and not always be achievement oriented. Always not be something going to get things because the very getting things is putting out the absence. I don't have it. It's trying to force into reality. They're trying to control too much. Yes, you do have some control. However you wanna let the universe bring it to you in the most miraculous, wonderful way possible.

Okay. As you go towards it. So absolutely action is required. It's a common thing. Well, does that mean action's not required? Absolutely. It is. Okay. But the action is coming from a place of inspired action, which means you're feeling good now as if you already had it and you're doing the action because you feel good about it because you want to help people because you want to help yourself, whatever that means. Okay? You're not doing the action to get. As soon as it's from that place, you're gonna step into the absence. You're gonna actually mess up the manifestation. You don't really mess it up, but it's not gonna come to you in an effort of sleigh. You're gonna have to try and figure out a way to bring it into your life, to achieve it, all those things. So yes, you want to be achievement oriented, but you wanna balance it with more creative energy as well is some control, some not control.

Okay? So what you wanna practice here is distract your mind. As soon as you feel it to be true, let it go outta your mind and allow yourself to be changing your thoughts and focus on something else. Not focus on how's it gonna come. I don't know where the 10,000 gonnas come from or whatever it is, right? Focus us more on gratitude for the things you have today. The things that are coming into your life, the things you do already have focus on service. How can I help serve my clients? How can I help serve my company? How can I help serve my friends and family? Right? So you start thinking in terms of service, take a general affirmation. Like my mind is a center of divine operation. You could do something like I'm aligned with my higher self and all the wonderful things come into my life, whatever general statement you want, keep that as your main focus, you do this step.

Number five is repeat this a couple of days in a row to allow yourself to be in that frequency. But don't repeat it for more than three days. You should have three days, time or less. Sometimes it's just one time in effect. And my manifestation accelerated course. I just teach it one time, go in and visualize it. Feel to be true. Let it go, go onto your next one. Okay. So you wanna repeat it for all of your desires, all of your intentions, but also repeat it. If you're not sinking into that feeling, go ahead and try it a couple more times to tune into it the best you can. Right? So in the comment section below, go ahead and take notes as you re-watch this video stem number 1, 2, 3, 4, and five, go and jot those down in the common section below. Use this video as your accountability to doing this as well, write down your intention, go through the five steps.

Do this for a couple of days in a row. You may wanna re-watch this video over and over during next three days. So your awareness stays in this because as soon as you're off the video, guess what happens? We think about the physical reality. Think about the people that are, you know, disbelieving, think about the people that are the naysayers, your inner voice is trying to search for the where's it gonna come from? How's it gonna come into my life? When's it gonna come? Right? You, you wanna, you know, you write, when you get back to this physical reality, your mind's gonna go nuts. So instead you wanna take a step back and you want to allow yourself to be more focused on the energy side of things, the presence of what you want and feeling good about it today. Super critical, super important. This five step process is taught by manifestation accelerator course, where we dive into a 48 modules in a row, which is one module.

Every single week. Some of the video are an hour long, giving you a complete definitive deepness of content, allowing you to have all the answers you're ever gonna need around manifesting, allowing results into your life, critiquing and focusing in your mindset and your subconscious mind reprogramming all the things you could ever dream of are here, chaining together. One step at a time like going up as a staircase. By the time you go up the staircase, you're a big winner. Things are coming into your life very quickly, very consistently, and very effectively trial. Our five step process right now in this video. And if you want a little bit more help join into our manifestation acceler course, where we take you 10 steps deeper than this as well, allow yourselves to retract them. But right now in this video, this will be give you the keys, the formula, the simplicity of all this manifestation, love attraction content put into a step by step system for you to use right now to manifest what you want.

Now, how does ne Godard love assumption play into this? Because what never got her taught and preached all the time was love. Assumption is the idea of assume yourself to be living in that space now and your imagination before it actually happens in the fiscal flesh, thinking of it isn't enough. You would need to think from it. When you think from anything, you're assuming you're already that person, you're assuming you already have that thing. How do you do that? You see it in your imagination as if you do in the physical flesh, it's a lie. You don't have it just yet, right? But spiritually you do energetically. You already have it. So as long as you step into this energy, you allow yourself to assume that you're in that identity. You allow yourself to assume that you're in that mindset, that you are that person to receive it.

And that's the key. Okay? So take all of these ideas, the five steps here and say, really what I'm doing is assuming I am somewhere else other than where I am today. What does assumption really mean? I believe something without worry, without concern, without doubt. I know it to be true. So I'm assuming it's right. I'm assuming this story's right. I'm assuming this thought's right. I'm assuming I'm doing right behavior in action. Right? So these five steps, what it's designed to do is allow yourself to assume it and then not disbelieve it right after you do the visualization practice. It's designed to allow yourself to assume, and then stay synced in to where you want to go and not overthink it. That's where most people go wrong. They're trying to focus on their goal, right? They might have a goal card. They might have an affirmation card.

They might be doing their gratitude. They might be doing their visualization practices, healing practices, whatever it is, right. But then they align into it during their study and then they're working their business or working their job. And what they do is align back out of it because they start worrying of when's it gonna come? How's it gonna come? Where's it gonna come from that kind of idea. Right? So assume that you already are where you want to be. You do that energetically in your imagination. Give it time. Okay. All this stuff. Doesn't always, it's not always hit instant by any means. Give yourself some time to step into that energy, to step into that identity, to step into that frequency more and more. And as you do, so you're gonna align with exactly the resources, the things you need to attract in the life that you're dreaming.

All right, Scott, hope signing off here. And again, if you haven't already checkout manifestation accelerator course at you have blow, blow you away, fed over 1200 students through it. And over 2000 financial wins ranging from just a few hundred bucks all the way up to $234,000 manifested by our members. It's amazing. Try it out if you haven't already and stick to a lot assumption video here, watch it every day. Really be in the essence of the five. So long yourself to really be in your desired feeling and desired intention. Right? Let's see over in the next video.

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