Manifesting Money through Identity Shifting
Written by Scott Haug on May 2nd, 2022
Manifesting Money through Identity Shifting

In this video, Scott shares with you how to manifest an abundance of money by fusing into a reality that can make it possible for you!

If you are needing to change your identity then you'll want to listen in to this video to know how!

This is video #4 of our Money On The Beach Series and it's about manifesting money through identity shifting! 

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Full Transcript

Hey, Scott Haug here and welcome into video. Number four of our money on the beach series today, we have this wonderful beach behind us, a little bit more of a cloudy day, larger waves today. We're actually just out there on the boogie board, right in those waves right in, it was pretty amazing. Today. We're gonna be talking about identity shift and when you shift your identity, you're gonna be able to manifest a lot more money in. <affirmative> what that's going to look like for you and how you can do it as well. If you haven't watched video number one, two, and three in the series yet, definitely make sure you do so. There are some secret money tips in there. You're definitely going to want to watch, make sure you subscribe if you haven't already. So shifting our identity is a core aspect of all personal development.

I'm sure you've heard of it before to yourself, image, shifting who you are and what you believe in, right? But your identity is everything. When it comes to money. If you don't identify with yourself as always having a lot of money and you always identify yourself with having a lack full amount of money, never have enough your bank account isn't full enough. If you will, can't pay the bill or you can pay the bills you're doing well, but you're never in access. You're never in abundance. The reason for that is your identity. You're fusing and tuning into a reality where you are the person who always has lack full circumstances or not enough coming in, or a lot of clients saying no cross perspective. Clients saying no, right? This means everything because who we are and who identity we fused into is how we're going to see the world around us.

That's all the circumstances around us, the conditions and situations. So for example, many years ago, I identified with only having a thousand dollars all the time in my checking account, that was a normal thing. That's kind of how I learned that a thousand dollars in a checking. Account's a lot of money. I identified with somebody who never had more of that money in my account. I identified more with once you have a more 1200, $1,400 in your account, move it directly over to you. A savings account. You shouldn't have that much in your checking account. That would be an example. It's a micro identity within the overarching identity in the actual belief side and the thought side, right? So there was a part of me that believed I should only have this a much in my bank account. So that led me to serve circumstances, manifesting like amounts all the time in my account, even if I got a $5,000 client, even if I got a huge amount of money out of nowhere, unexpected my checking account, seemingly that money would be gone the next day, the next week, the next month, whatever it was, cuz like I would have a thousand.

Then I would have 5,000 and then it seemed like circumstances were always, I had to pay a bigger bill. I uh, got myself involved in a new adventure that maybe cost some more money. Uh, I had to do this thing, whatever it was, right. Unexpected circumstances would pop in. It seems like this was all outta control. It just seemed like, well, I could never get ahead because these circumstances, right, but that's actually not true. I couldn't get ahead because my identity was somebody who always had a thousand dollars in the checking account. So what I literally had to do was as soon as I more money in the account, I had to start telling myself and walking myself through some self talk to say, I am now somebody who has $5,000 in my checking account at all times. I am now somebody who blank, right?

That doesn't mean it instantly switches. But I started to become familiar in my imagination with how having more money in my account. I would give myself reasons on why that's good, why I should have more money in the account? Why it's not actually good to have only a thousand dollars in the account. I should, I should always have 5,000. So I have abundance and access funds to use 'em when needed or to help loved ones or to help myself in those cases. Right? So what you wanna do for yourself as well is start to get more familiar with larger amounts of money than when I went to 5,000, it was like 10,000, 10,000 seems like a lot of money to always have in my checking account. Right? And then you go to 20,000, 40,000, $50,000, right? You start to become more and more familiar. It become a standard.

It becomes an expectation and whatever you're holding expectation wise, I promise you, it's gonna start to reflect on the circumstances. You're always gonna have the right amount of clients come in per month to make sure you're ahead. You're always gonna have the right results. Come in to make sure you're at that number of more, right? Our standard, it, our self-image is like a thermostat. You might have heard something like this before. Like if you had a house and you set that thermostat to 72 degrees, for example, and it's summertime and you let all the windows open, you put open all the doors that temperature is gonna climb 73, 74, 75, right? Your furnace is going to kick on your AC and it's gonna kick on and it's gonna read, oh we're well over the 72 mark, we need to bring it back to 72. So it's gonna kick on the AC.

It's gonna pump it right into the house to lower it to 72, right? Vice versa, 72 degrees. And you're living in a very cold place. It's snowing outside and you put open all the windows, all the doors it's gonna drop 71 70, 69, 68, 67. Right. And thermostat is going to read, kick on the furnace. We better heat up the place, right? So this thermostat idea is just like our self image. It's just like our standard in who we are. Thing goes with money. So we wanna change our identity to allow that thermostat to kick on or kick off. So again, if you're used to, I'm familiar with $10,000 in your checking account. If you get to 15,000, guess what? You're gonna bring it back to $10,000 unconsciously. If you're at $7,000, you're gonna attract circumstances to bring you back up to $10,000, right?

So this $10,000 mark is the average mark, the standard, your inner expectation. And when you have that inner expectation, all of the things around you are energetically going to move towards you to allow that To actually unfold in that way.

So shifting identity very important again, how do you do it? You wanna become familiar, do this for seven days straight every night, every morning, you're gonna start visualizing yourself with more money in your checking Account, $10,000, $5,000, a hundred thousand dollars, whatever it is, Give familiar with the money, see yourself having over that, see, see yourself, actually transferring the money into a savings account, an investment account, doing something with the

Money, if you're over that $10,000, right? And if you're under the $10,000, visualize Yourself getting a new client To bring You back over the $10,000 mark. Okay. So you familiarize Yourself with the new identity. That doesn't mean you're just gonna Become that person overnight though. Sometimes it does happen if you Really

Sink and tune into it right away. So you wanna Go Ahead and sink into it so much that over a time span, you Start to feel you're that person. It feels natural to be that person when it feels natural and next logical step, it's going to happen in your life. You're gonna see things actually attracting in to allow you to be that and actually see circumstances that are Attuned into this new reality, this new identity. So I hope this makes sense

In the comments below, Keep yourself accountable through the exercise for seven days straight every morning, every night, rough five to 10 minutes is a good idea. Familiarize herself with more money. Start to become that identity in your imagination before it's real On this, on This physical plane, if you will, and you'll start to see

That goodness unfold for you. All right, Try it out for the next seven days. But again, make sure it's seven days at at least. So if you do eight days, nine days, 10 days, two weeks, three weeks, great. At least seven days to see the change because it's gonna take time for yourself to actually accept that you're this new identity and you need time to give

It, to absorb that energy aligned with that energy and tune in with that energy. Okay. Try for seven days straight in the comments below, keep self accountable. If you have it already again, subscribe to channel for a light in the video also, and we'll see you over in the next video and our money on the beach.

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