Manifesting Riches (Part 3): The Science Of Getting Rich - DO THIS NOW To Stop Procrastination
Written by Scott Haug on April 29th, 2022
Manifesting Riches (Part 3): The Science Of Getting Rich - DO THIS NOW To Stop Procrastination

In this video, Scott shares with you what to do to stop procrastination once and for all straight from the science of getting rich book by Wallace D Wattles!

This is Part 3 of the three-part mini-series of manifesting riches. Make sure you subscribe now and watch Part 1 and Part 2 of this series! 

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Full Transcript

That be Instagram, Facebook, you, you name it. You see it everywhere. Individual expression of somebody's thoughts. That's what's going on.

Okay. So

What does this mean for you? It's pretty simple, Challenging at the start, what you gave massive momentum.

So think about what you need to do to get your goal rolling a little faster progress. How can you put more emotion, more thoughts, more action into your goal, your desires. How can you do something even bigger than what you're doing now? How can you do it better than what you're doing now? Better is a great word. Okay. We can always be doing better. <affirmative> I can always be doing better. That's why I'm working on this 2.0 program Bob's can always do better. That's why he is doing better things within Proctor, gall grant, growing rapidly, especially if you notice on their YouTube videos. Okay. Now, now it's just one section of the company, social media wise and, and marketing wise, but they always know they can be doing better. So we're always finding ways to do better. The people that keep finding ways to do better, keep getting better.

And that's when you see somebody advance so fast, it's ridiculous. The people that aren't doing anything differently and remaining that same consciousness, that same comfortable pattern are in the same area. They've been a year ago. Okay. So we wanna make sure we're applying this stuff. We wanna do everything we know. Okay. Let's so piece here and then we're gonna apply everything is there's a famous quote in the matrix movie. Some of you like the matrix. It's my favorite movie ever since childhood, still his and the one of the characters. Morphous. You have to know who he is to know the quote. He says, there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path, You gotta walk, it

Gotta do it.

Gotta get uncomfortable. The person that's willing to do the more, most uncomfortable things gets the fastest progress. Every time. If you're willing to go through the uncomfort it's inspired action. You are in alignment. We're not talking about difficulty. Okay? Difficulty is different than a challenge. I'll say it. Usually I, every single call difficulty and challenge is not the same thing. Okay. If you're willing to go through the challenges, you will get the fastest growth challenge and opportunity. Always go hand in hand. Okay?

All right. Let's apply it. Okay. So I don't, I'm not gonna bring up a slide or anything for this. What we're gonna do is you're gonna pick one thing to do right now out out of two things. I'll grab a journal and put on some headphones. I'll put on some music as well. Some meditation music. I'm gonna stop my screen, share in a second here, but I'll grab a journal. If you have a journal, this is the one I use all the time. Life is dream PGI. It's a little inner circle journal that they give us. Uh, I would grab a journal, grab a piece of paper, whatever it'd be, but put it nice journal, put into a nice journal and have a nice pen with you. Okay. And go ahead and write out your goal word for word and get into the feeling of it.

Don't write it to write it. Every single word, put your entire energy into the word. I am so happy and grateful now that bang. So go slow. Be in the moment, put as much energy as you can into that thing. Okay. Or you can affirm that out loud, but we're gonna, you both anyways. So you choose one right now and then we're gonna switch right over. Okay. So journal or affirm out loud, your goal five times. Okay. I'm gonna put on some background music in the meantime that so piece before we do this, I know it's very easy to not do this. I used to be, I was on a call. This was years ago. I was on, I was on a coaching call myself. Okay. And I would be, I would be the person that would just like sit there and be like, oh yeah, I'll do it tonight.

I'm really tired. I'll do it tomorrow. You know, all this stuff. Right. How I did that thing is how I did everything I saw in every area of my life. I was doing the same exact, uh, stupid habit of procrastinating. Okay. As soon as I said, all right, I'm just gonna do this. Whenever anybody tells me to do anything, one of my co are mentors. I'm just gonna do it. And then I started to get that habit. That was the beginner's mindset that we, that we, uh, posted about a little bit earlier as well. Okay. So let's do it. Okay, go ahead and, uh, do that. We're gonna take about five minutes here. I'm gonna stop the screen share so I can turn on some music. And then, uh, if you have any questions, just so I'm in chatbox some me time. Okay.

Okay. Now this is a good practice to do writing this out every single day and do the same thing. Okay. And you can see just in this one journal papers in here or something I've written just these same things out, over and over and over oh. Papers in there over and over. It's just the same thing. So illogical, so ridiculous. Okay. But that's how the paradigm shifts. It's not really that ridiculous. It's just ridiculous to everybody else that doesn't understand, you know, paradigms as we do here and now. Okay. So all these techniques, how you get the fastest progress is by absorbing this thing in your mind. The first thing that we talked about by getting on this call, right. We're listening into Michael Beckwith, right. And we're talk, and I just talked about intensity, okay. Is really getting intense by this thing. And whatever you just wrote down in your journal, your affirmed out loud, okay.

Get intensify. It, let that idea dominate your thinking. You should every day. And the first thing you think about is your goal. It should come naturally. But if that doesn't happen yet, it's because maybe there's like once or twice, you think about your goal throughout the day, it has to become an obsession. We've talked about that the last couple weeks, it becomes your magnificent obsession and obsession can be a terrible thing. It could be a great thing. If you're obsessed with the wrong thing, a person or a thing, like a drug or something like that. Sure. It can be not a good thing. When you're obsessed with your goal, though, it doesn't mean all things in your life go away. It means you are upgrading your lifestyle by keeping on the front of your mind, what you want to have happen. You become obsessed by it.

You don't have all the doubt and worries. It just doesn't happen. I know from my experience where I've been in a place, I just like wake up and I would always have these fears and these stupid little doubtful patterns until I listened until I really said, all right, do I want this thing? Do I wanna change my life? And if I do, I better just follow the advice, repeat this over and over and over journal it every day, over and over and over. Let it be an intensity that I really want this thing. And then it's switched over. And then you wake up every day in just a beautiful groove, a beautiful energy, because your thoughts are beautiful. You wa you have beautiful energy when your thoughts are beautiful when you're feeling this, this beautifulness. Okay. Because you're obsessed by it. You'll see rapidly. If you keep doing this over and over and over, even within a seven day time period, two weeks and more that's 30 days, you'll see the enormous change.

Right. But your entire world will change. It happens by law. It must. Okay. It's all proven. Right? Just always remember that. Now, many of you been improv month after month after month, but going back to beginner's mindset saying, oh yeah. Okay. It is a good friend reminder for me to remember how the power of this, this world works. Okay. I'm holding the coin as well. That Bob had created, said upside down, inside, out universal wealth strategy. And on the opposite side, it says the road to ruin universal poverty strategy. And I don't know if you can read that at all. But's a stick figure diagram am. And the person that's row to ruin every day of their life. They keep looking at their present results and they keep getting more of the same, flip it over though. Universal wealth strategy go within. Not without don't seek more knowledge.

You don't need to go look for more YouTube videos, more books and more, this other's stuff. It's all here. I never understood that for a long time, because I was like, well, what does that mean? I don't have the, how do I have the answers within, I don't know what the answer is. Right? But what I had to do was you had to flip your mind to a different frequency. How do you do that? Your feeling is a frequency. It's your conscious awareness is a vibration you're in and vibration precedes manifestation. So you must get into the vibration of what you want. Then you'll flip your mind to receive the ideas, right? So like am FM radio. Talk about that all the time as well, right? You can't receive FM waves onto an am. Frequency just doesn't happen, right? When your mind is thinking and so absorbed about what is you can't possibly get out of it.

It is impossible. But when you flip your mind onto a different frequency and you keep absorbing these thoughts, you can see the feeling of it. What's the feeling of it. It's a conscious awareness that you have shifted your vibration. And when you keep shifting your vibration over and over and over, it's almost like your world opens up consciously. Now your physical world is not, but within you can feel it. It's an opening of awareness. Okay. So it's gotta be over and over and over. You'll have the answer. You already have the power. Cause that was Carly. I'm hopefully watching the replay here. That was a breakthrough yet on Friday. Right? You already have the power, your goal, your desire is already within you. Therefore it's already done. How do we get there? We come more recognition of the power that we have within you'll get there faster.


All right. We're able to, at least if you journal the first time, we're able to say it out loud a couple of times and vice versa. If you were able to say it out loud, the first time, journaled it a few times, see some hands being raised. Good. Great. I was just smiling there because I, you know, I, I had some sheets of paper that fell off my journal. Those must have might been from January of this year because, um, I was playing around some money, kind of the little money game that we play with a little bit and, um, well surpassed, whatever that was in, in March or whatever. And I had on there. Um, this was January personal trainer meal, prep delivery, Facebook ads, revamped. Um, I forgot I wrote that out, but it all happened. I have, I think one of the best personal trainings you could possibly get, I don't even have meal prep delivery.

I have my own private cook and, uh, Facebook ads were highly revamped. So, um, just, just remember the power of this stuff. Right. It's just so it's, it's just so simple. Okay. And if it feels hard for you just remember, it's not it's, it's not hard. It's just the belief that it's hard. That's making it hard. Okay. Just follow, follow the program, follow the lessons. Okay. Now of course, I didn't mean to say that to impress you. You always know that, okay. This guy has a private cook look right from Scott, right. That's not what we're trying to do here. Right. But whatever you want, lifestyle wise, monetarily wise, business wise, whatever you want, keep writing it down, keep going with it. Okay. Look through your life and say, what don't I want anymore and what do I want and how can I get more of what I do want write it down a, listen to it, grab that idea as if it's already yours, because it already is within. And you say, how can I do that? Okay. How can I do it? All right. Okay. So then you have any questions so far

Like Barbara, so comment there. This is awesome. I am victorious in capital letters. Very good. Okay. Any questions? All right. Lasso sequence here. We just wanna cover that vibration, that feeling one more time. Okay. Uh, Hollis, I saw you say kind of click there. Okay. Feeling is our conscious awareness of vibration we're in, right. And feeling or vibration precedes a manifestation. We have to get into the feeling of what we want and that's the game changer. Okay. So I'm gonna go ahead and, uh, share my whiteboard really quick.

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