Manifesting Money through Cleaning Your Energy Field
Written by Scott Haug on April 22nd, 2022
Manifesting Money through Cleaning Your Energy Field

In this video, Scott shares with you how manifesting money relates to your energy because whatever is going on in the inside is going to reflect on the outside!

If you are trying to manifest any certain amount of money then you'll want to listen to this!

This is video #3 of our Money On The Beach Series and it's about manifesting money through cleaning your energy field!   

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Full Transcript

Hey, Scott Haug here and welcome into money on the beach series Video number three of our amazing series here, I'm manifesting more money into your life. Today's manifestation. Topic is all about cleaning up your energetic field or your environment as you already know. Make sure if you haven't already, by the way, watch video. Number one in number in this series as well, links will be above and in the description below. Make sure you watch those because this an entire series together is gonna give you all the greatest money tips while we're here on the beach with this beautiful water in ocean behind us. Today's idea is as above so below, as below. So above as within, as, without anything that you have going on in the inside is going on on the outside. Anything that's going on the outside is going on with the inside. These are axioms that have been around for thousands of years explaining why the things are going on in our life and how to change them.

Okay? It's very important. Or to realize if your environment is chaotic and messy, your internal environment will reflect that internally. You'll be chaotic and messy, vice versa, same applies. If you're chaotic and messy within you're gonna be chaotic and messy in the actual results and circumstances. You have, they both go hand in hand. As you could tell, you know, the beach around me, the sand, the water, this all seems so physical, right? And internal seems to be different, but everything around us is in energy form in one way or another. The sands, the plants, the buildings, the chairs, all the different things that you see right now in this video are all physical manifestations, but they're all energy at the deepest foundational level. So if your environment is very messy, chaotic, and disorganized, your results around to money are gonna be chaotic and disorganized. So what I'd highly suggest you'd do is you start with every environment in the physical plane and clean it up and organize it.

I give this exercise to all my clients all the time. I give it to myself constantly, because if you're cleaned up and organized on the outside again, internally, you're gonna notice a difference now to the unenlightened person. Let's just cover this. It's gonna make no, no sense at all. They're gonna say, oh yeah, cleaning up my stuff is really gonna gimme more money. Uh, making sure my, my office is cleaned up and my phone is all cleaned up. Like that's really gonna do anything. Oh, it does. Okay. Because again, there's something so invisible going on around us with the energy around us, within, within our world, it's all energy being a patterns. Okay. So it does make a difference. Try it out. You'll see the difference. If you haven't already in your physical environment, I want you to clean up. Number one thing. First, your electronics, your phone.

I want you to clean it up now. What do you mean by cleaning up a phone? I don't mean taking some cleaner and cleaning off the screen. What I'm talking about is organizing it. I want you to delete all the old voicemails that might be stacked up. I want you to delete the old text messages. I want you to go through and delete all the unused apps. All the things you don't need, but you're keeping 'em anyways. Okay. I want you to go ahead and delete <affirmative> anything that's on your phone. That's unwanted whatsoever. Organize it. Organize your contacts, organize your apps. Organize every little thing on that phone. Okay? Very important. And your background screen, I encourage you to make it like black or blank, or at least with your goal, clean it up. Allow yourself to let go of some of these things in your phone.

After your phone, go to your laptop, make sure everything is organized. Delete folders, delete files. You don't need after you do your phone and your laptop and your electronics. Okay? I want you to go also to your physical environment, your office space. Okay? Clean it up. Throw things out, organize your papers. If you have them, okay. Go into your living room, go into your, anywhere around your living space here. And you wanna make sure every little thing is cleaned up, organized, donate things you don't need, uh, throw things out that are trash, that you don't need as well. Okay? Very, very critical and very, very important next from there. Make sure your cl your car is cleaned out. Make sure it's cleaned up. Don't have all the stuff where if somebody's trying to get in the passenger seat, they came and sit down because you have stuff all over the place, clean that up.

Okay. Get really used to being clean and organized. The other big thing too, into all this is done is clean up your email. Now, I can't tell you how many clients I've given this exercise to. And so many of them have like 50,000 unread emails. I mean, come on, like your mind's gonna be so chaotic. Every time you open your inbox, you're gonna miss all the important stuff. You're gonna be all over the place. Thinking about how many things you had to go through. So I take the entire day as many hours as possible and unsubscribe from all the email lists, except for your mentors. Those are the ones who stay subscribed to your mentors or programs. The big lots, the target, the Walmart, all the different things get rid of 'em okay. Or some of the things you might wanna keep put 'em into to a folder.

Okay. Get rid of all the things. You know, people tend to keep a lot of stuff because they think in a year from now and three months from now, they're gonna read it. They never read it. Five years goes by and they still haven't read this stuff. Okay. So it's better just to get it out of your mental space, get it out of your physical environment, your electronic environment. Last thing is a bonus. Go ahead and clean up your social of media. Get rid of the old stuff. Get rid of it. The old photos, the old posts, the old stuff. Now not valuable stuff. You know, if they're quotes in personal development or, you know, valuable things, you have to get rid of it, but anything that does not resonate with you any longer, get rid of

It. Okay. So really important. I'm telling you, test this out. It will make a difference in your life. It's gonna make a difference in your money life. It's gonna make difference in your wealths in your prosperity. By getting yourself organized and clean up. It's a top trick, top tip for manifesting more money in your life. It's easy to do it will, and you'll see the difference happen for you. Okay? If you haven't already make sure you throw a like on this video and subscribe to our channel, as we do more money manifesting methods tips, I look forward to seeing on video number four here shortly. Okay.

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