Manifestation Secrets - Complete Guide To Manifesting Anything
Written by Scott Haug on April 18th, 2022
Manifestation Secrets - Complete Guide To Manifesting Anything

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Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.
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Full Transcript

Welcome on to our Tuesday session here. What a special session we have in front of us with manifestation mastery, that we're also going over on today's call. So if you're here yesterday during our Q and a coaching call on Monday evening, it's an absolutely beautiful call.

Amazing energy on that call. And what I was mentioning is today's session is gonna be the first 30 minutes is going to be all about helping you make sure that you can manifest what you want with certainty. And having a very deep understanding that we go at the very highest and deepest levels of manifestation and how to do it with certainty. So you can start manifesting whatever you want whenever you want. And that's not magic dust that you're throwing in the air, just using your mind in the correct ways. Okay. So let's rock and roll. We got a lot of good to cover today. We're not recording it today. It's Tuesday, September 24th, 2019. We're still gonna send ourselves in the moment here just so you can get a fresh slate if you will, fresh breath and mind space. Okay. So if you'd like to just go ahead and close your eyes and just be here in the moment, just reset yourself and on today's session. I just want you to come open, Come open to understanding a little bit better today To a little bit more new knowledge from a new perspective today And take a big breath in big breath out and just breathe in thrill. Goodness, gratitude, love joy,

And just be really here in the moment. That's all it matters is here right now. Another big breath in big breath, out breathing in more love, increase expansion, growth, joy gratitude. Thanks, Bliss. All right. And you can open eyes up. <affirmative> I hope we're really excited. And if you're a big neville Goddard fan or a lot of Abraham Hicks is kind of thrown in here as well. This is gonna be your call in your session. You're gonna absolutely love. So before we go into it, I got a PowerPoint ready to go with knowledge that you can see it visually today, before we share that, make sure you have a out in front of you, cuz we're gonna be doing some not only note taking, but also we're gonna be doing some exercises to start manifesting. So go ahead and make sure you have a proper notebook out or sheets of paper, whatever you choose to write on. And you should see my screen pop up here With manifestation history on a little slide there.

Okay. Now let's take down the word manifestation really quick. Now manifestation seems to be a cliche word. Now when you're in personal development and it feels like it's some sort of magic you're manifesting things, right? You're opening your eyes up in having piles of gold and stacks of cash in your bank account or on your table next. See right. Seems like a magic thing that we're doing. It's not magic at all. We're just using our mind in a proper way. Like I was mentioning the only difference between any of us that are getting results or not, we're not better or worse than another person. Our results are better or worse than another person. And that's it. And how we're using our mind in the correct way or not the incorrect way. There is no incorrect way of using it, but the improper way will produce more results or not.

So manifestation is just about producing results that you want desirable results. It's not magic. It's not turning the invisible to the visible in like a science fiction movie or star wars or something may manifestation is the art of producing desirable results with certainty, bringing the invisible ideas to the visible over a time length, okay, let's jump right into it. This's gonna be a ne Godard quote that we're gonna go through first, a lot of words, but then we're gonna go through some visuals and then the techniques of how to do it. So this is some real deep under standing and really some golden nuggets. So really pay attention to the words I put 'em visually today. So it's a little easier to learn as you're listening and seeing Never godded many persons, myself included have observed events before they occurred. That is before they occurred in this world of three dimensions

Since man or woman can observe an event before it occurs in the three dimensions of space, life on earth must proceed according to plan. And this plan must exist elsewhere in another dimension and be slowly moving through our space. So just before I go further, as you can tell, this is pretty deep stuff wordy here and there. Okay. We're gonna go through, I'm breaking it down. This is gonna be the deep stuff. And then we're gonna go simple, more simple, more simple. Okay. So it's gonna get easier from here. If the occurring events were not in this world, when they were observed then to be per cryptologic, they must have been out of this world

And whatever is there to be seen before it occurs here must be predetermined from the point of view of man or woman awake in a three-dimensional world. Thus, the question arises are we able to alter our future? So we've all been in certain places where you see things in your mind. It's usually a negative thing where you can tell, you have an argument with a partner, spouse or friend or family member. And that seems to happen the next day, or you think of somebody and they text you outta the blue within five minutes or that day easy examples. What he's saying here is if we can have some sort of even inner urge or, or inner knowing and tuition wise, there must be some predetermined set of events on what we're gonna experience the rest of today tomorrow, next week, next month, it's predetermined. So he is asking the question, can we change that predetermined path? Are we able to alter our future path? Are we able to gain more money tomorrow or Friday or the weekends by changing ourselves? Is that possible?

We got one more slide full of words, then I'm going visual. Okay. So just one more here. My object in writing these pages is to indicate possibilities inherent in man or woman to show that man or woman can alter his or her future, but thus altered. It forms again, a deterministic sequence, starting from the point of interference, a future that will be consistent with the alteration. Lots of words there. Okay, we're gonna go through what that means. But what he's saying is if we can change our future and we do change in this moment, there must be a new predetermined set of sequences. That's gonna happen tomorrow based on our changes today and our choices and thought the most remarkable feature of man's future is its flexibility. It is determined by his or her attitudes rather than by his or her acts. It's real good. That's like science getting rich, right? That it doesn't matter what you do today. It matters what energy you're doing it with. You don't get rich by doing certain things or certain acts in your business. You get rich by doing those acts in a certain way, with the right energy, with the right attitude, the right mood. What's the nine of a program, theory attitude.

The cornerstone on which all things are based is man or woman's concept of himself or herself, your self image, he or she acts as he does. And has the experiences that he does because his concept of himself is what it is and for no other reason. So we experience the people, us, the events, the occurrences are business because of the self image and concepts we're holding about herself. Had he had a different concept of self. He would act differently. A change of concept of self automatically alters his or her future. Pretty good. So if you change internally, automatically, it changes everything else that's gonna happen. It's good stuff. And a change in any term of his future series of se experiences specifically alters his concept of self man or woman's assumptions, which he regards as insignificant produce effects that are considerable. Therefore man should revise his estimate of an assumption and recognize its creative power.

Okay? Now you might have like, holy. I have no idea what's going on here. Okay. If I were to read, I have no idea actually how to use any of these words. Okay? It's real deep stuff. But as you can tell, there's deeper and deeper elite levels to go and it's never ending. And you're gonna get to a point where you know it all, you got it and you understand stand completely. Why every time you think happens in your life, that's a good thing, cuz then you can change it and produce the desired feature you want. Let's go into VI. So what in the world is Negar talking about and how can we use it so that you can produce whatever you want to every day from here. So slow visual on the left hand side, let's start there. We see three dimensions of the space, experience and timeline. Okay? Real easy. You look around your space, go ahead and just look around really quick. Okay? You see your room there. It's like a box or maybe a circle or whatever we see up and down left and right diagonals. We see dimensions in space, easy to understand. And we experience a timeline. We remember yesterday in the past right now moment is the present. And tomorrow's the future. We experience these things happening in a sequence.

This is where you wanna start taking some notes in imagination. I was mentioning this a little bit yesterday. Most people close their eyes and feel like it's just some random visualization exercise they're doing. You're going to a higher plane. When you close your eyes, the higher plane is fourth, four dimensional. If you will. So if you look on the right hand side, there's three dimensions of space in the four dimension of time. Now let's make this even easier and more simple to think about in your mind, you can see past memories. You might remember something when you did something as it kid, you might remember what you ate for breakfast yesterday morning. You see it in your mind.

You can see in your mind this call right now. So you can see the present and you can guess, or visualize something that you desire to have happen in the future or something. You don't want to have happen. You're fearing. So you can see all time in your mind. You can see your past, see the president. You can see the future. You can't in the physical flesh here. I can't see yesterday. I can't see tomorrow. I can only see now. Now, now, now, now, now, now, so myself, when I'm looking through my eyes, I can only see now in this physical space. But when I go within, I can see PS now and, and future as present and future. Okay. Like I mentioned, it's gonna get easier and more simple as we go through. Everyone make, got this so far making sense a little bit.

So if we take these little boxes on the left hand side there, we only see basically one thing that's going on it's now. But in our mind, we can see all the possible futures. You can see them. You could see what your bank account looks like. If you had a million dollars in your checking account, it's easy to see just close your eyes and see a million dollars in your bank statement. Another possible future is you have a hundred thousand dollars in your checking, not a million dollars. Another possible future is where you are today. Maybe you have $20,000 in there or whatever it is. So there's many possible futures in our imagination. Okay? That's all we really wanted to know. If I remember ne Godard's word, he talks about concept, whatever concept or holding of ourselves in our world is what we're experiencing. So I'm gonna go one more slide deep here. I need to start to see colors. So if in my mind I'm seeing that shaded purple future, maybe I'm doubting and worrying about something that might happen in the future or I'm fearing something

Since I'm activating that PO potential reality. In my mind, it hasn't come to pass, but I'm worrying about it. That will start to come into pass in the physical timeline, what I'm worrying about and doubting, I keep experiencing. If I hold the concept of myself, that I'm great at earning money, but I'm not great at keeping it. I I'll keep experiencing that in my life. If I believe I'm always the person that has awesome luck, everything always works out for me. I will experience things that always work out for me. If I change my concept into that, like peach kind of tan color there, if I start to assume and accept a new eye idea about myself, maybe used to be somebody that says nothing works out for me. And you kept experiencing that. And then you say, no, I want something different. And I now start to assume it in my mind, everything always works out for me. I change the concept in my mind. I therefore start experiencing things in harmony with my new concept. I'm holding in a accepting about myself. If I used to earn 10 grand a month, that's what I felt like I was worth. And I started to change the concept of myself and said, I now wanna be worth 50 grand a month. And that's what I want. You'll start to experience things in harmony with that. As long as you accept the idea,

One more time, I'm gonna back. So a lot of people argue that I'm this, or I'm this way. I've always been this way because they see it in their physical experiences all the time, but they forgot this was actually the first cause This is the effect. So the change in alter our future, we start holding on accepting new ideas and possibilities in the mind. And that starts to experience in the physical flesh. Did that visual help? Does that make sense? What we're talking about here, This is thinking into results, accepting new ideas about yourself. Sometimes we're holding on to ideas about ourselves and in our world that are way out of date. And the only challenge that we all have is that sometimes we argue away the new possibility because we don't see how it's gonna happen, or we're very deeply ingrained with our own paradigm or programming. We always believe we're this way. The art of manifesting is opening yourself up and saying that there's so many possibilities in saying, Hmm, could I do this? Could I be this person now from now on? Could I earn this? Could I do this? Okay, there's a lot going on here. So I just wanna sink in. I'm gonna give you steps on kind of what to do next. Just sync this in for a second.

So when we talk about affirmations being spiritual truths, they are, you're activating a new potential reality. When you do your visualization. When you listen into audios on repeat, whatever it is, you are constantly the reality you do want. The only thing that keeps us away from it is our consistent and chronic doubt. We're gonna erase all that doubt on today's session. Let me show you how

So what do we do and how do we do this? And what's a little more understanding to make this real practical for you to use. Number one, we wanna select the future. We do want that's a little tan box that we shaded in and you do this by seeing an end scene of your desired result in your imagination. You don't have to see what's gonna happen in between because we're not guessing the universe knows way more than I do. It knows way more than you do.

You don't have to guess on how it's gonna unfold or when it's gonna unfold. The universe that's its job. That's its presence here is to hold your concept and actually bring into push in the least possible resistant path. So that's all we wanna do is select an end scene. We see the end. We don't see the middle. We just see an end scene. So if you want an increase in 50 grand in your checking account, you only see the end scene of you signing into your bank account and seeing that on screen of your laptop or whatever. It's number two is we activate that unseen through strong emotion and you do this by feeling the scene to be real using breath in music, to help kind of like what we were talking about on yesterday's call, went through it with Stacy and Carly and Hollis, if we're on the call yesterday. So we activate that tan base right there through strong emotion feeling as if it's real, cuz remember feeling is a vibration. So you're literally fusing with that state. Number three, you let the universe take care of how and when the unfoldment happens, you do this by opening your eyes after visualizing thinking of something else and going to increase people. So you become an instrument and beacon of light, you impress the increase of all things. So you are serving, you're helping, you're giving you're doing all the things that you can being a vessel of light

And now overthinking on how it's all gonna unfold and happen. So you're still action. Action is a very, very clear idea and tool that we're all using at all times, but we're not trying to figure out how it's all gonna happen. We let it unfold as we're giving as best we can. And number four, a great thing to write down for your notes. As you do this, a bridge of incidents is set in motion by the universe. A beautiful way. Nav Godard says bridge of incen has his phrase right there. So there's no need to doubt nor worry. You understand that there's a natural progression unfoldment of your desire.

So if you want 20 new customers to buy your product, okay, you don't put the date needing. I need to have it by tonight because the need and the attachment to that will ultimately not allow it to manifest cuz you have the absence feeling of it not being here. So you say, I want 20 new customers. You select that end scene. You activate it through positive emotion. You open your eyes up and you let it go and you don't overthink. And what's gonna start to happen is you're gonna have two things happen. Number one, serendipitous, things will start to happen. Somebody might reach out to you talk to two years ago out of the blue text, you call you whatever it is. You may go to the cafe later today because you wanna grab a cup of coffee. And the person in line in front of you was at the right place at the right time and needed to buy your product.

And they also have 10 other people that wanna buy your product right now. The second thing that's gonna happen is you're gonna have impulses. You're gonna have inspired ideas, how to serve better, new possibilities for your business or life or whatever is as long as you follow those impulses and ideas and you don't argue, 'em away with logic. You will start to unfold this beautiful path and experience your desired state. So it's called a bridge of incident because you'll reach an incident here and a positive incident there and a positive incident there to allow the unfoldment of your desired place.

That's one, we've all had it before where these coincidences pop up outta nowhere. That's what this is. That's why those things happen. You're at the right place at the right time. It's what we call divine timing. Of course it divine timing. Cuz the, you set in the motion of this universe to ultimately experience that thing. <affirmative> I tell a very simple and easy one that I've mentioned to all of you before. When I experienced just passing Les brown when I was exiting whole foods and he was entering in Miami when I wasn't even living here just yet. The bridge of Ince allowed both of us, both Les and myself to experience all the things, all the moments, leading up to Aquin incidents at the exact time at the right time. And the only time that we could have passed each other. So you set in motion, the things that you need to. So when you open your eyes up, nothing's going to happen. When you visualize you open your eyes up. We mentioned this on yesterday's call. Don't expect your entire world to be made out of gold because you visualized, okay. What you're doing is you open your eyes up. Nothing happens. Don't expect anything to happen, but you set in motion. Now the things that are attracting to you to make that a possible reality for you.

So step number four gives you faith. Okay? Making sense. Okay. A lot going on here. Lot of good Things to remember, Maybe take a screenshot of this. Now we're gonna apply this. I'm gonna give you the practical technique. This is the last slide here. Okay? When you're manifesting, you don't use logic. You don't need to ask yourself, am I doing this right? Is it working? How am I gonna have this happen?

It's not a logical thing. It's a creative thing. Logic and creativity are both essential. Don't use logic for manifestation though. Logic's not numbers oriented or systems oriented. It's an energy thing. It's a feeling more than a thought. So when you're doing this, you don't need to logically think, is this the right move? Is this the right move? Is this right? Is this right? Like questioning, but instead feel into that's a skill. So some will have it easier than others. Some of you are more intuitive than others now, but some of you are working on increasing your intuition and strengthening that creative side of you. So you can have a well-balanced left and right brain, if you will increasing and serving, people's important, you need to be in harm of spirit and spirits forever expansion expression. So the more you increase other the more you'll be in the receptive mode to increase yield.

So how do you now overthink your goals and the desires and things you wanna manifest is to let 'em go by helping people. You don't focus on your struggle. You focus on helping people. And that starts to increase all. If you feel like tipping, an extra 50 bucks to an Uber driver, the and do it, follow your impulse, follow your guidance of service and helping. Okay. You'll be rewarded. Universe will reward you for all positive things. You put out, including thoughts, feeling I intense emotion is very important. We're getting cover that a little bit on the next slide, using music and rapid breathing to really feel into it. If you don't anything, you're not activating that future. Okay? So that's very, very important. Accept the ideas you desire to have in your life. Don't argue 'em away. So I'll tell some people why not. What if you charge, you know, double what you're charging now don't gimme 3000 reasons why it can't happen. They're arguing away their own success. It's just a ego that takes over our paradigm takes over rather than our higher side.

Instead ponder about it. What if I did? What would it look like? What are the benefits? If you have an impulse, an idea that you wanna go after, what are the benefits? Can I do this? Would it be good if I did this find why? Find why you can reasons why you can remember using infinite awareness properly. Infinite awareness is God, it is universe. It knows more than you and I, and I've already mentioned that as well. It is impossible to actually figure out how the universe all does this and connects the fabric. It's like electricity. Okay? We can see the manifestation of, and the lights and things that surround us. But to actually know how electricity is, is the very fundamental of nature. You don't have to know how it is when you click your light switch on every morning, you just do it. So same thing goes to the manifestation. You don't have to figure out how the universe is doing all this. Just use it. There's a great quote that goes. Some people are always studying the roots of the tree to spend their entire life understanding why the apple tree can grow apples, but never eats an apple. And then there's another fair share of people that just go to the tree and eat the delicious apples.

So you get to choose. You spend a lot of time trying to figure it all out or just accept the idea and watch things happen. I already mentioned this one as well. Don't sell, is this working? Am I doing it right? You'll know by the feeling you're in. That's how you know, if you feel really, really good, it's working. It's fine. Don't question it. Allow it to unfold and make discipline game. It is fun When you know the rules. All right, we ready to put this in practice? Okay. Some of you have already been doing this with me. Uh, Matt, I don't believe you're on the call here. Let me just take a look really quick.

No, Matt's in the opulence mastermind. That's my higher level program after thinking of results here. Okay. Uh, it was, let's see, two weeks, almost two weeks ago on our Wednesday ambulance session, 32 minutes, he manifested a new deal and new client we're on the session. It was about an hour and 15 minutes long. We did the same exercise. He received a text outta the blue, completely unexpectedly and boom. The thing he wrote down inwards 32 minutes ago, manifested in the exact words that he was looking to do. Okay. So just a prime example. Okay. So anything is possible. All things are possible. All things won't manifest now, some will some won't some will take a week to manifest because remember the universe is aligning all the things that needs to happen. If you're trying to meet the one person that you wanna meet, that person might not be located where you're at right now and may take a week for you to fly together and actually experience that I didn't live by Les brown. So it took some time for us to actually be at the right place at the right time for us to match up for this. So if it doesn't manifest in minutes or hours or days, it doesn't mean it's not working. It's aligning, aligning, aligning for all things that you desire. Some things are ready for it. Now some things are a little bit later. Okay,

We go. Okay. So here's the actual process. If you're process oriented, this is perfect for you. So we're gonna do this all together. I would take out a separate sheet of paper from your notes, either in your journal that you're writing in or a separate sheet of paper. Maybe take a screenshot of this before we at the exercise. So you always have this in your back pocket for your notes. Of course the replay will be available. See some screenshots going through good And try your best to be in a place that you're gonna be undeserved for. Okay. Let's get started. Step number one, write down one desirable thing you want. It could be big, small expected, unexpected, anything right in present tense. Okay. Just one thing. Doesn't have to be your goal. It can be anything you want, uh, to be gifted and unexpected spiritual gift, Write down something and don't to put a timeline in it. So it doesn't need to say tonight or tomorrow or next week, don't put a timeline on it. Just the thing that you want. It could be a concept that you want vibrant health. It could be randomly somebody waving to you on the street and occurrence

Given a free cup of coffee. Now, like I mentioned yesterday, do you want the free cup of coffee that save you $5? No, I just wanna free cup of coffee to watch this manifestation. Beautiful ideas happen. If you will, prime one that you hear speakers talk about all the time is a parking space, Big small of $5,000. Put it in present tense. I have now received five unexpectedly. I have now received a free cup of coffee. And while you're writing that down, I'm just gonna add one more quick word into this.

Okay? Once you got that down, you don't need to close your eyes just yet, but just listen into number two and number three, you're gonna close your eyes. Create the end scene in your imaginate of something that would happen. If the desirable thing was already in your life, you are selecting that scene. So if you're receiving a free cup of coffee, you don't have to see the person. You don't have to see the location. Just feel somebody actually handing you a very warm, hot cup of coffee to you. So feel you accepting the warm cup of coffee. Feel it in your hands. If it's $5,000 unexpectedly that you just received, open your laptop in your mind, sign into your bank account, whatever it is. See the extra five grand in your bank account. If it's five new customers or two new customers that you just actually got, whatever it is in your business in the end scene, see something that would happen. See a spreadsheet of you adding the names. If that's how you do your thing or software, that you would see a new customer in there, a new invoice that you send out. If that's how you work your business, whatever, it would be an end thing that would happen if this is our thing happened,

Okay, now we're not going through that just yet. I will. I'll let you know when we're actually going through, we need to cover step three and step four so that you know what you're doing when you're closing your eyes. So after you select that scene, number three, feel thrill, emotion or exhilaration, joy, love, whatever it is that this desirable thing is real and here now. Okay. So if you received an extra $5,000 in your bank account, feel like thrill, like hell yeah. Like that feeling like, yeah, that's awesome. Okay. So whatever it is that you get thrilled by feel that feeling in your mind as if it's real, how do you do it? You breathe rapidly breathing into your are seen and how you breathe into it is just focusing on the scene, focus on the end scene in your mind and breathe into it. And using music I'm enter on music for us, but that will help stimulate that. Okay. Feel into it.

Step number four, hold that emotion for five seconds. Say an inner speech as if this is real. So you start and to feel thrill you're selling or feel thrilled. You say, thank you so much. I just now received $5,000 extra in my bank account. Okay. Whatever it is. So match an inner speech in your own head in your own minds as if this thing is done. Thank you so much for this warm cup of coffee I now received. So it's a convict in, in your phrase that you say in your mind that matches your unseen. Cause I've already mentioned nothing will happen when you open your eyes, but you just said in motion to bridge of incidents to allow you to experience this thing, like I of the idea by think about something else and we'll go ahead and do number five and six later on.

Okay. So right now I'm gonna start turning on some music, number two, number three and or four, what we're doing together. So again, closing your eyes, see the end scene, select that end scene. Start feeling thrilled. Joy exhilaration is if this thing is done by using your breath and using the music and listening into and feeling into the end scene as if it's done in real, holding that on the screen of your mind for five seconds and matching a phrase to it. I now did this, this thing now just happens, hold it, then open your eyes. And then we'll go on to our next step. Should take you 30 seconds or less important to remember if you're listening in, hopefully you got that 30 seconds or less.

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