Constructing YOUR OWN Money Affirmation - Manifest Money (Law of Attraction)
Written by Scott Haug on April 13th, 2022
Constructing YOUR OWN Money Affirmation - Manifest Money (Law of Attraction)

If you are wanting to manifest more money into your life then you'll want to know what this law of attraction tip is all about.

It is so important to construct your own unique money affirmation, listen in to find out why!   

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Full Transcript

Constructing your own money affirmation. Hey Scott Haug here and in today's video, we're gonna be going through constructing your own unique money. Affirmation that if you ingrain this into your subconscious mind, you're gonna see amazing results. Now, why do we want to create a unique affirmation for you? It's because every single person is to have one strong limiting belief around money. And that's the way you wanna frame your affirmation. Now there's 10,000 affirmations. If you just Google money affirmations, 10,000 of 'em are gonna come up. Right. But how do you know which one is the most useful for you? How do you know which one is going to be the most critical for you and the one you need to prioritize the most in today's video, we're going to be, be covering that before we do make sure you throw light on the video because as you do so it's gonna send it out to more people and also click, subscribe, and click the be icon to our channel as well.

So you get notified when you send other great attraction, manifestation, how to methods, exercise to everything. You need to see your go to channel for mindset manifestation and all the rest. All right. So your unique money affirmation comes down to your most impressive limiting thought that's going on within yourself. We all have limiting thoughts. We all do even the best of the best that are out there. And we've really cleared out a lot of stuff. Sometimes they may have limiting thought come in and they need to eliminate that. Dissolve that, let that go. Okay. So what I want you to do is say your money, go out loud. It could be, I wanna earn $10,000 a month, or if you do it in the present tense, I am earning $10,000 a month or 20,000 a month. Or I just now manifested $500, whatever money manifestation you want.

Go ahead and write that down in the present tense. And then you're gonna say that out loud. I just now manifested $2,000 for example, right? You're gonna close your eyes and you're gonna listen to the first limiting thought that follows. So if I said, I just now manifested $2,000. I may have a limiting thought, come up. Where's the money gonna come from? I can't do that. Where's that gonna come from? How's the $2,000 gonna come, right? I may have one of those limiting thoughts come up. If you're doing a larger amount, like $200,000, I just manifested $200,000. You wanna listen to thoughts, a follow. And you may say, there's no way I've never done that before, or there's no way my family's gonna believe this. You're all gonna ask me for some or right. See a limiting thought is going to come up. The limiting thought that comes up for you and write that down.

That is your most powerful limiting thought that staying in your consciousness, that's limiting you a hundred percent in your money game. Okay? So when you listen into that thought and you write that down, you wanna realize this thought pattern is stemming from something most likely in childhood, a paradigm of belief, somebody that somebody told you a long time ago, that money was hard to get that the more money you have, the, that the, the worse it is, any of these dumb beliefs that make no sense, right? But it could be from a parent. It could be from a friend, could be from your educational system, the school you grew up in the city, you lived in the country, you lived in. I mean, there's so many different things that program you from an early age, but you wanna realize those limiting thoughts and patterns are not, you there's somebody else.

And they put that baggage right onto you. And they didn't know it, but they did it. Okay? So you wanna wanna realize this baggage is not mine. This limiting thought is not who I am. I am much bigger than that. I am a soul living in this physical body. I am an expansive energy. I have a mind that can create my reality. I can change my circumstances. I can change the way I think I can change the way I act. I can change the way I do do things. I can change the way I do my job. If I have a job, I can change the way I do my business. If I have a business, I can impact my future. Right? So when you're in that you realize the awareness of I can change that belief. You wanna write that the limiting belief down, once you have that, like I mentioned, you wanna go ahead and rewrite the op opposite, the empowering belief.

So if my mind said, where's that $2,000 gonna come from, you might say, well, I know how the $2,000 is just energy. I know how the universe works. And the $2,000 will be delivered to me, right? So you, you write down something that's opposite. That's more empowering. It's gonna really help you to a next level, right? If your mindset when's that money gonna come, you might write down. I don't care when the money comes, because I know the universe, as long as I'm aligned, it'll come quickly. Right? So again, find a way to change the limiting thought to an empowering thought and allow yourself to be saturated by that idea, by that thinking, you may wanna repeat it out loud, multiple times a day. You may want to visualize it. You may want to use your gratitude around it and be thankful for the result even before it comes.

Any of the things work, okay? Find the exercise. We got 10,001, uh, different exercises. If you just go on click on the playlist tablet of our channel, you'll find the manifestation methods. There's over 50 videos. In that one, you can find 30 plus videos in our money exercises one. So find one of the videos. If you don't know any methods or exercises, those are all there, right there for you and allow yourself again to be saturated by the new empowering idea. This is how you create the most effective, unique affirmation for you. Don't just Google 10,000 affirmations. Find the ones that are really, really critical for you. The patterns you need to change that are existing in your programming, your paradigm, you know, that are kind of stuck there. Allow this exercise to change and open yourself up to a whole new level sky signing off here. I look forward to seeing over the next video, and again, check out our playlist on manifestation methods. You go through that. You're gonna have so many exercises that we give you for free. So allow yourself to really expand yourself and want you to do really well, even better than what you're doing now and expand yourself to a whole new level. This is your go to channel for doing this. So again, throw like on the video and subscribe. If you haven't already, I look forward to seeing you over in the next video.

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