Some Of My Favorite Books
Written by Scott Haug on March 25th, 2022
Some Of My Favorite Books

Spend a day with Scott in his personal vlog to see some of his favorite books from his library!

Watch to see and learn why Scott loves these books and how they've changed in his life in many ways! 

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Scott Haug

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Scott Haug
Full Transcript

Hey, Scott Haug here and welcome into this video about some of my very favorite books, I think will really influence your life and make a difference in your life. If you haven't already read them, you may find a book or two that really peaks your interest and allows you to change your results from here. I wanna show you a couple of those. I got tons and tons of books. I've read all lot of stuff. Um, materials, the self-improvement in every area of life. And, um, let's take a look at some of my favorites. So you might have already heard about this book and I cover a lot on the channel here, but Neville Goddard has been definitely one of the greatest teachers that have I've ever come across power of awareness. If you don't have this already with awaken imagination, get this cop, you, this is a really good copy.

And then also there's a very superb one of this as well. This is neville Godard, the power of imagination. It's got all of neville Godard's books in this one book. It's, it's just absolutely amazing resource, um, in this book right here. So if you don't have these already, this is really about manifesting imagination, understanding nature of reality, shifting consciousness, all that good stuff, packed into these books right here, and the, really some of the greatest profound teachings you're ever gonna come across today's age. I mean, there's so many books, right? There's you go on Amazon, there's about a million books I out there that really help you change your life, right? So you kind of gotta get the word of mouth sometimes of like, which ones do I read? Which ones don't I read? Cuz you have a limited amount of time. You're not gonna be able to read all these books, right?

So it's gonna take a lifetime to read, say 10,000 books. So, uh, here's another one I read this a long time ago and this really made a profound impact on my life. You might have heard this one before as well. This is mans search for meaning by Victor Franco. And this book right here is very hard to read at times because it's very emotionalizing. I mean, this author was in the Holocaust and how we survived it and everything else is in absolute miracle. But what he talks about in this book is meaning what kept him alive during all of that time of the, um, horrific things that would come from a Holocaust and how do somebody bear that in their mind, in their physical body, as well as their spirit, you know, what, what causes a per to endure such, uh, incredible horrific, uh, things to a human being, what happens?

And in this book he talks about life comes from, or life's meaning comes from two things, your relationships and your work. And I think that it stayed with me for a lifetime. I quote it all the time, keep it in my mind all the time that you don't just get your meaning from your work. You don't just get meaning from your relationships you want both. And you need both really to have an ultimately fulfilling life. I believe could be miscoding on this, but I believe Tony Robbins, this was his most gifted book, uh, to everybody that he possibly could give this to. I believe so could be misquoting that, but I'm very sure of it. So take a look at that one. The magic of believing by club Bristol is a fantastic book. Earl nega shares this in, uh, his various programs and things. The magic of belief thing is a really, really good book on belief.

Of course, Claude Bristol also has some great audios on YouTube that I used to play every single day for myself as well, establishing new belief, understanding how to change belief and what to do about it. Great book right here on that. Now a couple of these books, if you're a Bob Proctor fan, uh, my very first men, uh, may rest in peace. You might have heard some of these books before, and this is where I referenced some of this material. You square by price PRI it absolute classic in getting quantum leap results. It's a very thin book. You can read a chapter a day. It's only two pages, sometimes one page long each chapter, but it allows you to get into a really great thinking about changing and upgrading your style and level of frequency of thought is just an amazing one here. Another one here is all the Thomas Troward works like the Edinburg lectures that changed my life.

It was about five year, five years ago when I picked up that Edinburg lectures book and even the first chapter talking time and space. And the relationship between both definitely changed by a level of awareness dramatically. This one, right? Here's the essential Thomas road is much like the neville Godard work as all the different works Edburg lectures, door lectures, creative process, the law and the word all packed into this one book. Very, very fascinating, awesome, and extraordinary reference material. Of course we have the thinking grow rich everyone's classic Napoleon hill got tons of posting notes on here. Read this through many, many times and is an absolute classic. I'm sure you've heard of it. I'm sure you've read. I'm sure you have your own copy if you don't obviously grab it. This deluxe version's right on Amazon. It's amazing. I love this school. Page one, they have lots of these different ones, the law and the success by Napoleon hill.

The laws of success, I mean is a fantastic reference book as well. There is so much in here. Obviously you could tell it's a, a monstrous book of content, right? Uh, but there's so many great golden nuggets in the first couple of chapters, especially about vibration ether, different things. So definitely a fantastic book. It'll take it a long time to get through this one now, like I'm not gonna go through every single book I have here, cuz it's so many different ones changed my life. I'm gonna go through one more in the personal development side that I'm sure you've heard of as well. And that's the science of getting rich. It's a great version here, science in which you can find this on Amazon as well. Uh, science getting rich is one of my favorite books all time. This one and the power awareness are really my favorite books all time.

This one right here really takes it to a whole new level of understanding, thinking substance and what it'll do for you. You know, there's a thinking substance from which all things are made, which permeates penetrates and you know, in all spaces of earth. And what it does is allows you to understand how do I impress my thought about thinking substance? How do I increase other people? What is the science behind actually attracting in the results you want? And just an absolute amazing book. I've read this so many times. It's a very, very good book. Um, moving forward now, a couple of other books that you might have never heard before this by Mar Michael Sorenson. I don't think he's a very popular author right now, uh, compared to Napoleon hill or neville Godard. But this book I hear you was amazing game changer for me in terms of relationship, in terms of validating and being able to hear somebody and understand how to really listen and then how to not always provide advice or help or help, you know, coaching or anything like that.

Really being able to hear your partner out your SP your spouse of friends. It doesn't matter who it is. It applies to everybody, but this was a main, main, big component in my relationship. Being able to really hear out my partner, listen, understand valid, what validating statements are not brushing emotions off validating emotions. This was a big one I read through. It's just an amazing resource. If you have not had that for your personal relationships, um, I want to go through two other books here that, uh, were really important to me. But before I do in the health side of things, you might have heard this one before Louis, Hey, you can heal your life. This book changed my life. And the way of understanding that all of our health is connected to our mind and emotions, all of it. And it goes through all the personal elements.

If you have this, if you have this, if you have this, what the causes are, what the, the thoughts that are keeping you stuck there, what feelings are keeping you stuck there. It's not easy to change the real deep down things that are going on within new healthwise, just from, from reading this. I believe now that's a belief. So many people may feel differently about it. I had to have several different experiences with various modalities in order to help myself cure certain things, uh, myself to move forward. Uh, but at least as brought me the awareness of everything, healthwise and BodyWise is connected to thought and feeling and what that actually means and how we can pinpoint certain things in the body, to our thinking and to our feelings. It's an amazing resource to understand and look up, uh, is very popular book. So if you haven't heard of it, definitely grab a copy.

These two books extraordinarily changed my life and they have for a lot of the people you probably listen to on YouTube or anything. This is the Seth material I have about eight as books. The Seth material is much like Abraham Hicks where Esther channels Abraham well, Jane Roberts, as you can see here, the author actually channels Seth. And this was before Abraham teachings were even around. And, um, this was the first one I got Seth speaks. And then I got the nature of personal reality. Talking about your beliefs are really the thing that's creating your reality and how that actually works. Talks about reincarnation. That's how I started to understand all the different aspects talks about multiple multiple world. Multiple dimensions talks about so many things, life and death, uh, the cycles of life, all these different things, fantastic books. I will always reference these for a lifetime.

And there's so many of the, the Seth books. Uh, another one here is Wayne Dyer wishes fulfilled very great book as well. Talks about all about manifesting, how to manifest, what to do about it, how to raise your higher self, how to raise your highest self, uh, very good book by the Wayne Dyer and the final book I'll cover in this video here is your invisible power by Genevieve B rent. Fantastic book. Again, if you're a big Bob Proctor fan, you've heard of this book before your invisible power is like a, it's like a short read that just gives it's a powerhouse and material. It gives you exactly what you need when you need it. And she, she actually shares her story of attracting in a lump sum of money and how she did that step by step really amazing material. And this was, I mean, she did that over a hundred years ago now.

Um, but it allows you to understand the thought process then, and now it's all the same stuff you still manifest like you would a hundred years ago. So I have a lot of looks here. I'd love to go through more, maybe more in depth analysis. I have books on relationship. I have books on personal development, mindset, wealth, everything you can think of. I got it. So if this video is helpful and the comments below, make sure you throw something down there that says this helpful. I'd like another one of these videos. I'll share more of my collection and give you reference materials that have been really helpful in my life. Uh, many different materials. I know you've never heard of before. Very most likely. And I can go through some of those materials as well. Just let me know in the comments below. And I'll create another video like this.

If this is helpful to you, and if you haven't already make sure you throw like on the video and subscribe to our channel, as we send a lot of how to manifestation content exercises and things, you're never gonna find anywhere else. I mean, we go through some very in depth methods that have been proven to work for our clients within hours, literally hours, they start manifesting something different into the reality. So make sure subscribe to the channel, check out various manifestation courses. If you haven't already, they will be a big game changer to you. I'll see you over in the next video.

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