My Dragon Collection
Written by Scott Haug on March 18th, 2022
My Dragon Collection

Spend a day with Scott in his first personal vlog to see his dragon collection!

In this vlog, he shows you every single dragon item he has and why he loves to collect them! 

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Scott Haug

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Scott Haug
Full Transcript

Hey, Scott Haug here and welcome into this fun video about my dragon collection. I think that will mean something to you. I'm gonna be explaining why dragons mean so much to me and how it can mean something to you as well. And I believe very strongly. One of my spirit animals is a dragon, a mystical, phenomenal creature with a symbol of wisdom and life and longevity and prosperity and fortune. And I wanna show you some of these pieces that really mean a lot to me. And I think they'll come across to you in a very guidance oriented way. So I think I'm really gonna like it. So one of these first ones, one of my favorite is this glass dragon here. Very phenomenal piece. Now all my life I've grown up in martial arts. If he didn't know have a martial arts background on a fourth degree, black belt in is karate.

And my family had run a karate school and still does pretty much my entire life. And the Oriental culture has been a fascination of mine for a very long time. I think there's a lot of aspects of many different cultures that, and you combined these different things of the things you like about a culture and put them inside of you and be able to almost open up a new world for yourself with different morals and different ethics, different habits, different thinking patterns. You start to become a really whole you in fact, uh, my girlfriend and I just watched last Samurai, the other day in a very, very phenomenal movie, right? All about really discipline, respect, mindfulness, meditation, alignment, presence, living in the now around nature and also perfection in what you do. And I really am fascinated by that side of the Asian or Oriental culture.

Uh, this dragon right here, I actually got in Disney world in Epcot, one in the, in the Japanese side. And it's a very phenomenal piece, just made out of glass here, more expensive piece, but really, really enjoy that one. One of my other couple of dragons here, you can see, these are very common in the Oriental culture, especially with red piece here. Okay. But essentially the masculine and the feminine, both together, very, very essential in the integration of your energies, having both masculine and feminine within you. And you want, 'em both balance. Now we're not talking about male, female, gender. Both of 'em within you. What we're talking about here is energies. And when you purely masculine, you're only gonna go out there and work, work work. You're only gonna go out there and achieve an ambitions and there's no emotion and there's no presence.

Feminine energy is only about the now and the presence, right? There's not a lot of ambition. There's not a lot of those ideas, but it's just solely feeling right now in the moment you wanna integrate both of these, it's kind of like the yin yang idea. Okay? You wanna integrate both of these energies within yourself so that you can also be achievement oriented, but also at the same time, very present and integrating both of those. And on my journey, I've had to really discover what these energies are and how to even integrate 'em. Cause nobody really teaches you how to do that stuff. Right? Another one of the dragons here, this is a dragon I got from an Oriental spiritual store here in Miami. Very amazing piece. Okay. And we call these other ones here. Shey dogs. These are part of the Japanese culture. Okay.

Again, male and female aspect, once again. Okay. These come in very different ideas. And sometimes you see 'em very big in front of Oriental stores. You know, these, these figurines, uh, one day at our next home, I'm gonna have some of these outside of my driveway, 100%. Uh, but that will come when we're in a different place other than our Miami high rise condo. Okay. Uh, but these FIHI dogs really mean a lot to me. They mean all about the idea of strength of character and courage. Uh, being able to face your fears, being able to go through those fears and go on the other side where the treasure you seek it is right. And great quote by Joseph Campbell is face the cave. You fear it enter and that'll hold the treasure you seek. Okay. So it really helps to increase courage and understanding. This is another phenomenal piece here.

I don't remember. I got this one. I believe it was also in Disney. APCO, uh, I love Epcot the different countries and different ideas around there. This is an incent holder. I like to burn a lot of incense. You could see the candles around to me. I believe very strongly in changing energy in the environment. And this right here is an excellent insect holder. I got a couple of inside holders, but one lays like this, I believe is the best rather than the one that goes up and down. I believe the burn is a little bit better, but a great, great piece there. And we got this other one here. I used to have one of those old fashioned pen and pencil, you know, cup holders that you get from staples. But when I saw this, I was like, I have to get this. How amazing is that?

Right? Holds all my pencils holds all my pens for all the work that I do. And, uh, just a very, very amazing piece here. Another one here holds a crystal and I'm going to be getting a brand new one here. Okay. This is a excellent piece. This is about 30, 40 years old. This is one of the, uh, collections from the Chinese culture in the 1990s. Okay. Very amazing piece. And what this can do is hold a crystal ball. Okay. And the crystal ball sits right in the center here, and I'm gonna be getting a new one new crystal ball to put in the center here. You could put any of 'em. And if you believe in crystals, I mean, crystals have so many different meanings to them. I have some crystals behind me, but they're gonna hold different meanings based on your intention and based on what the material is as well.

And we're gonna be having a new one with this one here. Here's a piece that I really like, okay, this is one of the most expensive pieces, by the way, even though it's small and this is actually something I bring with me when I travel, I believe very strongly to have a symbol with you when you're traveling something for safety protection. And I believe very strongly in this one is a protective piece. And this piece here, it's, again, it's all about your intention, all about your belief. If you don't believe in this, it's not gonna work for you. But if you believe in protection and understanding that you could put this piece in your book bag or your carry on or whatever it is, and this can bring with you and actually learn that for my father, he has a little piece in one of his bags all the time as well, and, uh, really, really excellent piece here. So again, I mean, a dragon really means so much, I mean, in incredibleness high achievement and the most important is wisdom, really having that wisdom to seek and understand why your world is happening, the way it's happening and what to do about it, and really realizing you are one with an infinite source of supply. Okay. It's also a couple of different Buddha pieces that I have,

And also a crystal ball dragon set here, which is very, very amazing. Okay. Um, and this is a simple glass crystal on top here, but this, uh, this piece here really symbolize is a, almost a union with whatever the message is within the ball. Like something of mystical forces coming together to unite into one energy, if you will. So very awesome piece here. Now, this is not a dragon. I got a couple other dragon pieces, uh, but this is not a dragon. This is my favorite piece of my entire election. It is what we call the Emper statue, or they call it a general statue as well in a lot of Chinese cultures. Okay. But this emperor statue is basically a entire symbol of prosperity. It's very, very heavy. So it's made a very, very good material. Uh, this actually glows in the dark. The, so it charges up by a little bit of sunlight as well as during the day.

And actually we have it in our bedroom and this is like a very, very dim light in the very corner. It's the only light source in our entire bedroom. If you know anything about sleep packs and I'm gonna make some videos on it, how to sleep, to be a lot better in your life, cuz it's very important that you proper quality sleep. Especially as an entrepreneur, you know, I used to be that person. I tried to sleep only six hours a day and drink a pot of coffee a day and all that stuff. And I have none of that anymore, no caffeine or anything like that. And I feel more energy throughout the day for morning, until night all the time. Uh, of course there's gonna be some days where you kind of feel off or something's going on in your energetics, different side of things.

So you need to work on that. But the sum of statue is a symbol. Again of prosperity is a symbol of fortune is a symbol of strength and very, very awesome piece here. What am I gonna do next? Oh, this one here. This is also from the 1990s. Okay. Very, very awesome piece here. This is hanging on my wall. And as you could tell, it's a dragon with a little bit of fireball here, but you know, dragons are gonna mean different things in different cultures, like part of the American culture or part of different cultures around even Europe, Mo most of the times you're gonna see dragons being something like if you ever watch the Hobbit like a destroyer, uh, somebody who, or a creature who rather that is always wanting more, more gold, more fortune, all that stuff like somebody who's an aggressor and, and the Japanese and Chinese culture.

It's not that way. Uh, a lot of the other cultures in the other types of world, again, in more English side of things, that's kind of how it's faced a fire breathing dragon that seeks to destroy or seeks for more than it needs. And that's certainly not what these pieces are about, but a lot of different cultures symbolize that also in south America, there's a symbol of Ford dragon, but it's even very different than the Oriental culture. So it's really what you symbolize and what they mean to you is very, very important. And being able to feel into those symbols is a really, really excellent thing. Uh, there was one more piece that I was thinking about here

And also the Egyptian culture. Okay. The Egyptian culture is an amazing side of things as well, that shows so many of these inspirational messages. So these kinds of things all integrate together. And I remember the very fundamental core of all these cultures, the natives of every single is they believed in a higher substance, they believed in a different reality than just this physical one. You see around us. Very, very important that we see that we are much bigger than just the physical reality here and all these different things. Help me remember that I'm much bigger than this physical body, that there's something much broader going on here than what you see just in front of you. Right. It's very, very important. Okay. So we got a couple other pieces. I'm gonna make another video. If you enjoy this kind of stuff, share more of my personal insights, more about my personal life and how I run my personal life and how each area of life I'm looking to grow on and what I do to grow on those areas.

So let me know in the comment section, if this is helpful to just showing some more personal side of things, because, you know, I think again, it's very important to not just always talk about how to in teaching and everything else, but involving yourself with your personal life and what you could be doing, you know, to increase who you are, you know, what's your spirit animal. Do you believe it's a tiger, a lion, a Fox, a butterfly? What does it mean to you? A seal, something in a sea, a shark, a turtle, right? What is it for you? There's many different ones. There's no right or wrong. And you can get help with this from a shaman, from an energetic individual who can really help you discover that spirit animal. And sometimes you just go with your intuition. You just know, you know, you feel always drawn to something I've always felt drawn to dragons all the time, you know, and that was a really intuitive sign for me.

So take a look within yourself. What do you feel drawn to what kind of animal? And that animal is just fine for you. Okay. And start making your own little collection here and there. You don't need to buy a lot of stuff. I don't have that many pieces, but again, there's symbols for you to remember, to remember who you are, to remember the symbols of who you want to become, what morals, ethics qualities, qu characteristics you want to embrace more. And this really helps quite a bit. And then you can always keep one of these pieces in front of you. You know, when you're doing your Workday, whether you, your job, whether you're at business hours, whatever it is, all right. Sky hook signing off here. And again, make sure if you haven't already throw like on the video, subscribe to a channel. And in the comment section below, if you find videos like this, helpful sharing, more of my personal experience, I am definitely into an open to sharing more of these videos. They'll allow you to expand, not just in the side of business and money and, uh, manifesting, but also on the energy side of things. How do you run a well balance in harmony life? SCO sign off here and again, throw like in the video and subscribe and we'll see you over in the next video.

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