Neville Goddard - 'I AM' - Shifting Your Consciousness
Written by Scott Haug on March 16th, 2022
Neville Goddard - 'I AM' - Shifting Your Consciousness

This is a continuation of powerful studies with Neville Goddard on how to manifest anything you want in your life!

This LOA teaching is about 'I AM' shifting your consciousness!

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Full Transcript

Neville Goddard's I AM statements and evolving your consciousness. Hey Scott Haug here and in today's video, we're gonna be covering a short video on the I am statement. And you might have heard that before I am in affirmations. I am in your visualizations, but I wanna go through a deeper level of awareness with you today that will profound shift your energy, shift your belief, and shift your consciousness before we do make sure you sort like on the video and as you do, so it's gonna send out to a lot more people and together we can raise the consciousness of the planet, subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already. And if you're looking for any sort of manifestation training or course check out our manifestation accelerator course in the description, but low, I promise you you'll be blown away by the content. And if you're looking to coach and teach this information, we have a certification certified manifestation coach, and I'm one on one, mentoring you every step of the way to creating a personal development business, your style and your way with your unique message.

It's phenomenal. So make sure you go in the description below, get some information on that. Or if you just want mentorship in general, around to manifesting a better lifestyle, let us know in the description below again, there's information on that book, a call with my team got my little emperor or general helper today within the video we're gonna be covering here, never Godard's power of awareness. Chapter one got a short video. Here I am. The light is consciousness. Consciousness is one manifesting in allegiance of forms or levels of consciousness. There is no one that is not all that is for consciousness though, expressed in an infinite series of levels. It's not divisional. There is no separation or gap in consciousness. I am cannot be divided. I may conceive myself to be a rich man or a poor man or a beggar man or a thief, but the center of my being remains the same, regardless of the concept.

I hold about myself at the center of imagination. There's all only one I am manifesting in legions of forms are concepts of itself. And I am that. I am, I am as a self definition of the absolute, the foundation of which everything rests. I am as the first cause substance I am is the self death definition of God. When you're using your, I am statements and your affirmations, I want you to come at it in a very different belief level, okay? All that is all this substance, all the books behind me, the bookshelves who I am, the physical body is a part of this. I am consciousness expressing a itself on an infinite level of vibrational frequencies or levels of frequency or levels of vibration. We call frequency on these different vibration levels or different realities or different levels of understanding, different levels of awareness.

When you tap into these affirmations that you do the visualizations, the gratitudes, the scripting, the ramp paging doesn't matter what technique you're using. I want you to start seeing yourself on an infinite level of vibrations in infinite level of energies. It's all one consciousness. It's not separated. It's all interconnected. And I want you to see yourself expanding in the increase in going up the ladder of consciousness, as you're actually saying your affirmation very different than just saying words out loud. Because remember I am is a first cause substance. What NE's talking about here, regardless of the concept you hold about yourself, you are the, I am substance at the center of manifestation. There's only one. I am manifesting in legions of forms or concepts of itself. And that I am that I am. So anything you wanna manifest, it starts with the, I am. It starts with who you are.

It starts with that fundamental feeling within yourself. As you start affirming more, the I am, you're going actually create a spiritual truth. That's a physical lie. So if I say I'm rich, I'm wealthy. I'm happy. All these simple statements, it may be a physical lie right now. You look around, you look at your bank, say me, you look at your emotional state. You look at yourself in the mirror and you may say, these are not true, but they're physical lies, spiritual truths. It is a spiritual future truth. That that is the real. You, you are an infinite being. You are that person that's prosperous. You are that person who has possibilities. If you believe in that, now that your spiritual truth is becoming physical truth, then you can manifest an anything you want. If you're too scared and doubtful and worried saying, it's not here, it's not, where is it?

When's it gonna come? I'm living on this physical plane and I'm forgetting who I really am know yourself and understand yourself. In fact, I'll show you in one of the videos I have from the matrix, know the self that's over the Oracle's kitchen. If you I'm over the doorway, know th self know who you are, know that you're an infinite amount of this. I am statement within yourself already. You are part of the same cause substance that creates everything in this world and everything in every result in your life. Affirm more in the, I am statement. As you see yourself in the rising of the infinite levels of consciousness, Scott ho hang off here. I look forward seeing you over in the next video. And again, if you haven't already throw a like and subscribe to the channel here, look forward to helping you in the next video.

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