Written by Scott Haug on March 14th, 2022

What if you could do a simple technique for 7 days straight to better your relationship with money?

Would you do it?

Listen in to this video to find out what the best money technique is to raise money vibration in your life now!

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Scott Haug
Full Transcript

Hey, Scott Haug here and welcome into the video today about one technique that if you do this every single day for seven days straight, you're gonna allow yourself to really get into a better relationship with money, starting to change your feeling around money and therefore your vibration. As you can tell, I'm driving here, I'm gonna be looking at the video. Okay. We're over here in Miami, Florida on these beautiful high rises and amazing skyline we have behind us and also this beautiful weather. It's a little cloudy today. That is sunny. It's still a great day. So during the next seven days, one thing now to me, so tremendously, I'm getting from five to 10 to $20,000 per month. Then well, above that 30,000, 40,000 month was changing my overall feeling around money. Very, very important. Usually money would feel frustrating, irritating, um, agitating, because I didn't have enough.

And that was my dominant feeling all the time around to money. And if you've ever listened to any of the different teachings from various teachers, you know, that manifesting anything that you want to the secret here. And the key is feeling. So if I'm feeling frustrated around money continuously, constantly, and noting up my energy around that, what it's ultimately going to do it is allow myself to really become absorbed in the feeling of lack and the feeling of it's not enough. There's not enough going around. There's not enough good things happening in my life. So if I'm sending that feeling out, I'm basically feeling the absence of the feeling that I want. I'm frustrated that it's not here. I'm irritated. That's not here, right? So I'm sending that energy out and that's, what's attracting back in. It's a cycle it's over and over and over.

So we need to break free of the feeling. We need to break free of that vibration and change our frequency and increase that number one way to do that again, is to make sure that you are talking out loud about how you want to feel around money, not how you feel today. So you can acknowledge how you're feeling now, but then ultimately what you're gonna wanna do is start telling yourself I'm feeling better around money. I'm feeling more prosperous around money. Money is starting to feel like flow in my life. My money is starting to feel like joy in my life. I'm starting to feel more abundant. I'm starting to feel more prosperous and you kind of get into this whole what Abraham Hicks would call Rampaging. Uh, what we also call total faith talks. We actually say out loud this over overall feeling over and over and over, and he's start to gently guide yourself into more of this overall feeling around money.

And some really nice things start to happen, but you gotta do this for seven days, because if you just do it for a few days, it actually, it doesn't always change your momentum around money. And that's the really tough part about it. So if I'm in a place of just not really attracting in great money, you know, circumstances and situations in my life, it it's gonna take a second. It's gonna take a day for you to change the momentum. It's gonna take some time, time for you to overall speed bump. It's gonna take you some time overall to change the way you are attracting in things into your life, right? So if you do this for seven days, though, you start to see a difference. And if you can put aside like all the different teachings out there just for a little bit, you know, do your study, do your you know, do the exercises that you like to do on a daily basis.

But if you can just put aside a lot of other stuff and just focus on the feeling or your vibration around money, and just focusing in on this feeling constantly, you're gonna really change everything. I remember distinctly the month that I focused stand on this for the entire seven days. And I had my first $20,000 month. This was many years ago now that I had my first $20,000 month. And that's all it took was me focusing in on my vibration, focusing in, on my energy, focusing in, on my frequency around money and, and driving that forward. Different, you know, prosperity, changing and reading my energy. And that really made a distinct difference in my energy pattern. From that point you keep going and that's like your new programming. You just usually feel most of your day in harmony with money instead of not. And that's when you start to have more consistent 10, 20, 30, $50,000 months coming ahead when you're starting to feel better and better around money.

So I'll try this out and in the comments below, let me know that you've tried this out by keeping yourself accountable. I, I usually mention this on all of my videos because it's so easy to listen into this video and then not do it. So use the accountability and the comments below, and just say day number one, complete, and number two complete all the way through seven days. And while you're doing that, you're gonna really see a difference in your consistency and your overall commitment to doing these exercises, right? No amount of study actually allows us to move forward. It's all about changing the consciousness. And that's the thing that ultimately moves us for. Okay. So changing your consciousness around money is the thing that you want to do. That's the thing that's gonna change everything in your life. So if you focus in on this overall feeling around money and feeling more abundant, feeling more prosperous, that's, what's gonna ultimately start to attract into your life.

But again, you gotta give it some time. You gotta give it those seven a can give it everything you got, okay? Because you know, your life depends on it. If you run a business, your business, again, depend on it. And you know, you're tracking a lot more money. It's just gonna magnify who you already are. So if you are a really nice person, you're gonna be a very rich, nice person. If you make a lot more money, if you're already a mean person who doesn't care about people and you get rich, you're just gonna be a really, really mean person that doesn't care about anybody, because the money just magnifies who you are. So you, you know, money's just an energy thing in. And even for me, I'm constantly on the journey of increasing that money consciousness. And I think we all are as human beings for our entire lives.

Even if somebody has, you know, billion dollars or a $50 billion net worth or high or anything, you're still constantly changing your energy overall around money. And that can make all the difference for you. I'm gonna be signing off here, cause I'm gonna be getting into this parking garage. Okay. Uh, but try this exercise for seven days, it'll change your life. And again, in the comments below, I'm looking forward to seeing your accountability. I wanna see your commitment. I wanna see, you know, where you're at and actually making this exercise, improve your life, your consciousness, your money overall, and who you are as a person will start to change as well. Cause you're working with energy, you're working with different divineness and allowing yourself to expand to overall move your consciousness. Right? We'll see you real soon and see you over in the next video. After you do a seven days here of this seven day challenge of creating yourself a greater and greater money consciousness.

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