Manifesting Money through Law of Assumption
Written by Scott Haug on March 11th, 2022
Manifesting Money through Law of Assumption

Do you know you currently know the relationship you have with money? Do you feel like it can be so much better?

This is video #1 of our Money On The Beach Series and it's about manifesting money through law of assumption! MUST WATCH! 

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Full Transcript

Video number one of our money on the beach series. Hey Scott Haug here and in today's video, we're gonna be covering the topic of money, which is a very fun and exciting topic. And we're gonna be doing it on this beautiful beach here in Miami, Florida with the ocean behind me, as we talk about money and using the law of assumption. So let's talk about a couple of things. I'm gonna get some, some cash money out here. Okay. And let's take a look here. We got 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 700 and hundreds. You could see it here. And we got 7 5808 5909 1 2 3, 4 5. We got $905 here. Okay. As you can tell, what does this money feel for you when you see this money? $905. What does it feel like for you when you look at this money? Does it feel like riches? Does it feel like, Ooh, that's a lot of money or does it feel like, oh, that's not that much money.

Does it feel warm and good? Does it feel frustrating and hard to it? Do you have thoughts? Like Scott gimme that money. I want that money. Or do you have like, wow, that's really great. You have $905 in cash in front of you. Do you have no thoughts or emotion at all? Like it's just money. It's just paper basically with ink on it. I want you to really think about that for yourself, because that's what we're talking about in today's video. How do you into your money mindset? So you can attract in a lot more of this and a lot more ease. Now at one time in my life, a lot of years ago, this $905. Would've been like an enormous amount of money in my world. It would've been like, man, if I had another $905 with me right now, just pure money in my wallet, it would be amazing.

It would just be, it would make me feel freer. It would be awesome. I could buy stuff with it. And in fact, I probably would've bought stuff with it. I would've bought, uh, a new pair of shoes. I would've bought something from my car. I would've bought, you know, I would've used the money right away, especially when I would get it. I would use it right away. Right. And it would make me feel very over the top when I had it. And it would make me feel really down and out when I didn't have money. And that really changed my money, frequency and energy. So crazy when I was in this spot of up and down feelings around money. When I had it, I was joyful when I didn't, I felt frustrated and down and out. So I want you to reflect on what money means to you.

It's really important. If you feel like $900, this money right here, if you feel like this is a lot of money to you, we gotta change that money concept. We want this amount of money right here to feel like nothing to you. That it's tiny amount of money that you could earn this in less than an hour. If you needed to any day of the week, whenever you wanted to, we want this money to feel like it's just just paper with ink on it. There's not a lot of emotional charge that you're in control of it. That this kind of money is easy for you to earn. And that you're not the boss of like cash is not your boss and making you feel a certain way. You make cAsh feel a certain way. You make money, feel a certain way. It's really important because if you feel according to this right here, this is your boss.

It's controlling how you feel. It's controlling how you think it's controlling how you act. But if you change that around and now you are the boss, you are the commander, you are the general of the money. You're gonna feel according to how you wanna feel. And you are gonna control how you feel around this stuff right here. You're gonna change your energy around money. I wanna ask you another question. When I take this dollar bill right here and I crumple it up. Ooh, what is that? Cause feeling wise, thought wise what? I did this now I'm on the beach here. That money may go flying. Okay. It's just a dollar, but how'd that make you feel? When I crushed the money? Does that make you feel like, oh my God, why are you crushing this precious money? Why are you doing that? You know what, if you just threw it in, what if the wind took it somewhere?

You know what? You're out, you're out money. Why are you doing that? Okay. Be really introspective here. I want to talk about this because if you can start introspection around money and saying, these are the thoughts I have around money, these are the feelings. That's what you're attracting into your life. Remember what feeling is, is a vibrational level. So if I'm feeling a certain way around money, that is what I'm attracting into my life on a consistent basis. Okay? If I have this mass energy that money's hard to get, I can't earn anymore. Guess what? I'm gonna do? Stay at my nine to five job. And you know what? $50 is gonna be a huge sum of money. I'm gonna be over the moon. When I get an extra $50, a hundred dollars, $500, that kind of thing. But when I start changing that energy, you start saying, I can attract more money is easier for me to get than ever before I am wealthier than ever before.

I'm gaining progress on my dreams. I can earn more money on the side of what I'm doing right now. I can scale what I'm doing right now. I can change the way I'm looking at money. Now, as you start to do that, you're going to and manifest more of that in your life. I did this for myself. Let's take a hundred dollars. Okay? You did an introspection on a dollar. Let's take a hundred. What if I crinkle it up? How do you feel? Do you feel, oh my God, why are you doing that? This precious $100 bill. These crisp $100 bills are now crinkled. What are you doing? Why are you doing this, Scott? Uh, why are you feel, oh, you know, I'm feeling, you know, frustrated when I'm seeing money being wasted. It's not really being wasted. I can uncrinkle it, but you know what I'm saying? I, I feel like you're damaging the money. I feel protective about it. It's telling you where you're at paradigm wise, where your program is. You're being maybe overprotective of money because it's so hard to get. Sometimes you wanna protect it. You don't wanna let it go for example. Now, what if I just toss it a hundred dollars? What if it was gone?

Does it feel like I'm just throwing the money away? Does it feel that it's imbalancing and like reckless, does it feel risky or do you feel on the opposite side? Like who cares? It's a it's paper that human beings made up with ink on it.

How do you feel around that? A hundred dollars is very, very important. I encourage you to write that and write in the comment section and play along here, you know, in the comment section, what do you feel when I threw the dollar bill? What do you feel when I did and threw the a hundred dollar bill? What did that feel like for you now? What if I threw all of this in the air, what would that feel like for you? So it's really important to have the introspection on where going and what's going on here and, and allowing yourself to really see where that is. Now. When I change, what I feel is big money. I'm going to change what attracts into my life. If I feel like now I only got 700, $4 here. If I have this 700, $4. And that feels like a lot of money. Like I talked about

What comes with a lot of money, usually the concept and belief of it's hard to get. I don't know where it's gonna come from. I don't know if I use this money, if it's ever gonna come back. Right. Feels hard. If I start thinking $704 or, or 800, $4 is what I have now start with 905. If I have 900, $5 or 800, $4, if I have that amount of money and it feels easy, it feels small. It feels like it's doable. I can get the money. Okay. What that's gonna do for me is I'm gonna start to lower my frequency in the side of comparison, increase my frequency of money. And that's going to allow me to absorb more of that and manifest it into my life. Now I had this happen to me, like I said, 900, $5. Would've been an astronomical amount of money at one time in my life. Okay. But I started to do certain affirmations, comparison games. I used to say $10,000 is a lot hard, harder to get than a thousand dollars. Okay. I didn't start to believe that. I just started to think about it. Okay. So that therefore must mean a thousand dollars is small amount of money. It's not true. That 10,000 is harder to get than a thousand, by the way. But again, I played a game with myself. I said,

A hundred thousand dollars may. It's harder to get that than a thousand dollars. When a hundred thousand dollars seems to be a lot more money than a thousand,

A hundred earning a hundred thousand dollars in a year seems to be a lot more that goes into it than earning a thousand dollars a year. Earning a hundred thousand dollars in one day seems to be a little bit more complex than earning a thousand dollars in one day. So I started to play this comparison game and to really say like all these amounts of money that are way bigger than this small in comparison. And what that was doing was lowering my concept of what big money was. So a thousand dollars seemed easier, seemed not so hard anymore, seemed freeing seemed good. And again, what that did for me is change my inner around the concept of a thousand dollars. Then I eventually did $10,000 and a hundred thousand dollars. And I remember earning my first thousand dollars in one day and it was Miraculous and it was amazing.

Then I started to change that concept thousand dollars a day started to be regular income. So you earn $30,000 in a month. Seemed like, okay, this is, this is these years and earning $300,000 in a month. I changed my concept more and more. I started to compare earning a million dollars in one days, certainly a lot more that goes into it than earning a hundred thousand dollars in a day. So I started to increase. And then after a certain amount of years, I worked on this for a long time. I earned a hundred thousand dollars in one day. So I started to re really think these bigger amounts of 10 million's way, bigger than a million dollars. So we only think this is a lot of money because of our programming, what everybody else in our family and friends thought it was a lot of money.

And at the same time, how I was feeling around money, right? The thoughts and feeling is when I crumpled up the money and when I threw the money and what that did for us, right? So I started to change that. And also what went into it is me comparing myself to where I was. So if I only had $500 in the checking account, yeah, of course, 900, $5 is gonna be a lot of money. Cause I'm comparing it to my physical results. But when I compare it to my imaginary, it's gonna change the feeling and whatever feeling you're giving out around to money is the energy on a long term basis that you're bringing into your life. Now, this manifestation stuff is not magic. You know, using this comparison game. Is that going to make sure you earn a million dollars tomorrow? Most likely. Okay.

But what it's gonna start in motion is you changing your momentum around money, changing around energy, and you're gonna start to manifest better things into your life. All right. I hope this makes sense for you. If you found this, this video valuable, go ahead and throw a like on the video and subscribe to a channel as well to make sure you're here. And this is video one of our money on the beach series. We're gonna have many other videos in this series. So make sure you jump on the playlist and just watch all the video as you go through as you see them. And again, if you're subscribed to our channel, you know, when our next videos out in the series, money on the beach, I wanna see you in your dreams. Okay. This was once a dream for me. And I remember getting to the beach here, this condo that we live in and I cried the first day that we were here, my partner and I came out here to the beach and I looked at the water and this was a dream in one time in my life, a dream for a long time.

And I remember visualizing myself, I live on the beach and I can walk outside of my backyard to the beach and I can go on the water and all these things. And it seemed like a, to little out there dream that would've never, it's like, how's that ever gonna happen? How am I ever gonna generate the income to do that? How am I ever gonna attract that into my life and everything else? Right. But I worked at it and it took me years. It didn't take me a month of watching YouTube videos to do that. I worked at it. I changed my consciousness and I really gave out a lot of service and built my company and everything else that I'm doing. Okay. So same thing goes for you. It takes effort, takes practice. It's gonna take some work mental work to really get there.

But if you stay persistent, it will happen. You just gotta pick away it. And it wasn't like zero to 100, you know, I, I also moved in some great places before that and some really nice luxury style and everything else, but it wasn't until I kept practicing at that to really get to where I'm at today. All right. So same goes for you. Keep practicing this stuff in the comment section again, let me know. What did it feel like when I threw a dollar and crinkled it up? What it feel like when I crinkled a hundred dollars and threw it, what did that seem like for you? What were your thoughts? What were your feelings reflect on that you allow yourself to be really vulnerable here on the channel, in the common section to reflect and then be in a different energy. All right. If you want any help on this, you want some coaching.

You want mentoring, you wanna jump in our certification, you want a program or I can actually teach you how to manifest better and manifest a lot more money into your life. Go in the description below, click the link for the manifestation accelerator program that we have. It's a very small amount of money per month, and it will blow you away. The concept that we have, but we also have our certification where I'm personally mentoring you and getting you to actually teach this information and allow yourself to manifest better and greater than ever before, while you're getting mentored or getting next level coaching as well on your current level of company and business. We'll work on that too. All right, Scott, how signing off here? I look forward to seeing a video number two of our money on the beach series. As we start transforming your relationship with money.

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