🌟 Super Charge Your Manifestations - Day #3 - Manifesting more business success
Written by Scott Haug on June 8th, 2020

The Manifestation series helping you manifest Quicker - Easier - Bigger.

This video training is Day #3 all about manifesting more business and sales success.

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Scott Haug

Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.

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Scott Haug

“Hey Scott Haug here. Alright, getting into Day #3 of our manifestation series on helping you manifest quicker, easier, and bigger than ever before. Go in and throw a like on this as well as subscribe and comment below as well, if you'd like to see receive some notifications of these updates of these videos in this manifestation series.

One of the major challenges to a lot of people trying to manifest a lot more business success. It's the whole idea that before last month, last year, the last five years, they are basing their success on their past experience or their past memory. So what I mean by that is if they just had a $5,000 month last month, or they had 10 sales come in or whatever it is, they identify with that as that is them, they are a $5,000 per month earner, or they are somebody who always gets five to 10 clients per month or whatever it is.

And since they identify with that, that is their self-image. That's what they believe to be true about themselves. Oftentimes that's what they truly at a feeling level believe to be possible for them and their business. When in reality, they understand their spiritual being, they have perfection within them, but somehow their thoughts get stuck in this old story about how their business has gone throughout the last couple of months or many years or whatever it is. So how would you like to really double your business success here in June, 2020?

I'm sure you'd love that. Right. I don't know who would say no to doubling their business during this time, unless doubling the business really meant a lot more work, but really we can then add on how would you like to double your business while working half the time? You can absolutely do that. So let's go through a little bit of understanding on what goes on here within this past thinking.

Now I remember a time where I would always earn about five, $6,000 per month. Sometimes it was 4,000. Sometimes it was 3000 even, but it was hovering around that kind of lower caliber, about 50 grants per year. Mark. And I kept thinking to myself, I really want to 10 grand a month. I really want to 20 grand per month. I want these things, but I just have never done it. And I feel like it's very challenging to actually get there. I've tried it.

I'm trying to learn this person's development information, but seemingly the business success was always a little out of my reach. It felt like I knew I could do it at some point, but it felt still away from me. Again, that's a critical remembering point. You might want to write that down in some notes here is that I wanted something and my thought I knew I could do it, but I felt right now, it wasn't me when I was being honest with myself.

So I wanted the six figure business, but I felt it was going to take me some more time. It was going to take me another year. It was in the future. And that feeling of the future ultimately will manifest whatever you're feeling. So if I'm feeling it's way out there and I feel I'm still a five grand per month earner, now I'm going to keep manifesting business circumstances and situations to allow myself to constantly earn this amount of money.

Even though I want it, I want it 10 grand a month, but I'm only earning four or five grand a month. So I'm in the selfish a cycle. And to me that was extremely irritating because again, I knew my potential. I knew I could do a lot better, but I just wasn't doing it. So then I started to really look at it. I mean, what's going on here?

Well, my thinking was being dominated by how many months I have earned two, three, four, $5,000 a month. My thinking was dominated by past, by my memory when really, if I wanted to manifest better, I had to allow my imagination to dominate my thinking. Now that's exactly how it goes.

You are thinking imagination basically are one, but you could see from this frame of mind, if you see, like I was looking through my memory and dictating what I was thinking. If I just changed over to thinking from my imagined desirable place, I would have started to change my thinking, change my feeling and ultimately manifest something different.

So it finally clicked. I finally heard that I finally got that and I started to shift my thinking from what I did last month in sales and revenue, number two, actually revising and actually thinking what I preferred my month to be last month."
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