Abraham Hicks - Do THIS For 7 Days (Manifest Using A New Story)
Written by Scott Haug on March 7th, 2022
Abraham Hicks - Do THIS For 7 Days (Manifest Using A New Story)

Do this Abraham Hicks exercise for 7 days straight and you will start manifesting greater!

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Full Transcript

An Abraham Hicks exercise that will blow you away. Do this for seven days and things are going to start to manifest greater. Hey Scott Haug here in today's video, we're gonna be talking about rewriting your story around money, and we were rewriting your story about anything in any area of life. We'll start to manifest a greater effect in result into your life. We're gonna be talking about what that is, how to do it and what that entails for you before we do. So it makes you throw like on the video and subscribe to the channel if you haven't already. And then also if you're looking for a course to go through on manifesting so you can get greater results consistently and predictably, go ahead and join in our manifestation accelerator course, it'll blow you away. The content you're about to receive and promise you never received anything like this before.

And then also if you're looking to get mentored by myself or looking to become certified and start teaching the material, like I am go ahead in the description below and get enrolled in our certification where I personally mentor you and really help you to the next level. All right, let's get started here. I'm reading from today, money in the law of attraction by Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks, or the Abraham Hicks teachings. It's on page 92. If you do have this book again, 92, what they say, I'm gonna say they, because it's Abraham, a group of teachers telling a new story about abundance money and financial wellbeing. The law of attraction is not responding to the reality that you're currently living and perpetuating, but instead it is responding to the vibrational patterns of thoughts that are emanating from you. So as you begin to tell the story of who you are in relationship to money, from the perspective of what you desire, rather than your perspective of what you are actually currently living your patterns of thoughts will shift.

And so will your point of attraction. So right now, wherever your money is, doesn't matter how much you have in your check account, your savings account, your investment accounts doesn't matter where your money is right now. What true really matters is where vibration is around money. That is the most important key in this physical life. You are not attracting from your physical life right now. You're attracting from what you're thinking about your physical life right now. So what Abraham talks about in here is rewrite your story around money right now, your story may be, it's hard to get, never has enough in my life. I don't know where to get more of it. Uh, you know, where's that new client where's that new sale. Where's that new job, where's that new salary, that new pay increase, whatever it is, right? Looking for that money seems like I'm stuck in a certain level of income. It's not the truth that you're stuck. It's the truth that your thoughts are stuck. And that's the most important idea here. Let's continue in second paragraph. What is has no bearing on what is coming unless you're continually regurgitating the story of what is what you currently have

By thinking and speaking more of how you really want your life to be. You allow what you are currently living to be the jumping off place for so much more going to the next level. But if you speak predominantly of what is, then you still jump off, but you jump off into more of this same.

So I encourage you to reform your story here and around money. And I help my clients do this on a daily basis. Every single time we do a coaching call or I help I'm helping them. One on one. What I want you to do is rewrite your story. First. You're gonna start with where you're at right now. What does money mean to you? You might be advanced around your money already. You know, a lot of law of attraction, manifestation. You've been studying this stuff for a while. So your money's in a pretty decent place, or you might be just beginning out or you might be studied for a while, but you haven't gotten the results you want. I was certainly in that boat. You wanna write down what currently is? Cause then you're gonna write down the opposite, the more empowering side. So what is it for you? You might I say money's hard to get, I feel limited on what I can attract into my life. Money has always been slow to come. Money always seems frustrating. Seems like I never have enough to pay off all my debts. It's up and then it's down and then it's up. And then it's down. Uh, you might be a risk taker gambler where it's like, I have a lot of money. And then on the next day might be a big spender where it's like, I bring in a lot of money, but I spend it all.

It might be too much of a saver where you're like, I only save money and I don't use it. So I can't experience my fullest life. Write that story down. Take about five, 10 minutes. I did this for myself and it's stunning. Okay. An easy way of doing this is if you go ahead and say your money out loud, what you currently or your goal. Uh, I now have an income of $30,000 a month. For example, listen to the thoughts that follow and those thoughts that follow are part of your money story. Where is that gonna come from? How's the $30,000 gonna come in, whatever it is. So go ahead and write that down. Then. You're gonna transform that to your new story. Your new story might be money is easier and easier to come. I'm more and more aligned with the universe. I'm more and more aligned with the source of where money comes to me. I'm gaining and prosperity consciousness.

I know that money is just in energy. Energy is flowing more into my life on it. Daily basis, $30,000 is a small amount of money compared to 3 million a month. Therefore it's easier for me to attain my money. Mindsets, gaining rapidly, I'm gaining better and better consciousness around wealth and prosperity thinking. I'm getting better and better at feeling better around money. So we're doing here, okay? Change your money story. Write that down. I want you to type it out and you wanna say this out loud, 10 times a day, at least really bonus better. If you do it 50 times a day seems like a lot. Won't take you that long, especially if it's only a few paragraphs along and do this for seven days. And when you're saying the words, you need to believe them, you need to give your energy to him. You need to give your feeling to 'em okay.

Remember, this is spiritual truth, your new story, but a physical lie. It might not be truthful right now, but it's a spiritual future truth coming into your life and you'll see the better results come into your life. Shift it, feel it as you're saying it. And again, allow yourself to do this for seven days straight. When I did this, I remember first doing this. When I was earning about five, $10,000 a month, I wanted to get to $20,000 per month. Every day I worked on feeling, just getting into a feeling of $20,000 a month. How's that feel? What's the story around Deb. Okay. And that happens within 45 days of me saying it out loud and getting into that money. Frequency tries for seven days. I know 45 days, it took me a transform, but the first seven days was crucial. You'll start to see new results come to your life. And that's the game changer bonus just for 45 days and keep your accountability in our comment. Section below, say day number one, complete day, number two, complete for the seven days. And then bonus. If you're really feeling hopeful and encouraged about the statement and the new story, do it for 45 days straight, I encourage you and really suggest it to you and challenge you to do it. Try it out. Let me know what your result are. Look forward to seeing you in the next video.

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