Neville Goddard - Awaken Inner Movement [LOA]
Written by Scott Haug on February 25th, 2022
Neville Goddard - Awaken Inner Movement [LOA]

This is a continuation of powerful studies with Neville Goddard on how to manifest anything you want in your life!

This LOA teaching is about awakening inner movement! 

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Full Transcript

Awaken the inner move in with Neville Goddard. Hey Scott Haug here and today we're gonna continue our study of the powerful awareness with Neville Goddard. We're gonna be stepping into that's. The first book. Second bug is awakened imagination. We're gonna be stepping into awaken imagination. The chapter called highways of the inner world on page 1 49. Here, it's gonna be a quick video here giving you one idea. That's going to change everything for you today. Ideas only act. If they are felt your intentions, your desires, your affirmations, your gratitude, all of this. They only act if it's felt your affirmation, when you're just saying it out loud, not can do anything. If you don't feel it, your gratitude writing it down. If, if you don't feel it and I can do anything for you, ideas only act. If they're felt, if they awaken inner movement, inner movement, inner imagination, inner feeling, interchanging expectation, inter shift in what's going on.

Energetically inner movement is conditioned by self-motivation outer movement by com Pulsion. So the inner movement is aligning with your purpose, aligning with the movement of mot motivating ideas, seeing yourself in a higher world, seeing yourself in a more empowered world. Okay? Outer movement by compulsion. Meaning what whatever's going on inside is going to actually help you to take action behavior on the outside. If feeling great today, you're gonna take great actions feeling down and out. You're gonna have down and out actions. Okay? So it's really mattering on where you are internally allowing yourself to move forward. One more time. Ideas only act if they are felt, if they're awaken inner movement, inner movement is conditioned by self-motivation outer movement by compulsion. Really, really important here. Here's a bonus in our action orders, all things according to the nature of itself. Okay? So anything you start to visualize, you start to order in your mind's going to start attracting in those forces, those energies, those same similar type thoughts and feelings, allowing yourself to be able to express it is that you desire and intent out on the physical plane.

Really, really good. Try it out. See for yourself, start visualizing in a different way. Start feeling your gratitude. Start feeling your affirmation, start feeling your visualization. Start getting into that realm. And I would highly suggest you take one of the videos on this Neville Godard study and listen to a over and over and over and over like how hundred times today, and then every day for the next 30 days, because it's gonna increase your belief. It's gonna increase your faith. You're gonna remember about this manifestation material throughout the day, your doubts aren't gonna enter as much. You're gonna really be in that zone and align. Try it out. This will work big time for you.

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