Neville Goddard - Highways Of Your Inner World | Manifesting
Written by Scott Haug on February 23rd, 2022
Neville Goddard - Highways Of Your Inner World | Manifesting

In this video, Scott shares with you a very illuminating teaching from Neville Goddard that will surely help you in your manifesting journey!

This teaching is about the highways of your inner world! 

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Full Transcript

The highways of your inner world with Neville Goddard, Hey Scott Haug here and in today's video, we're gonna be covering the highways of your inner world, which really means where you're focusing your imagination and how those inner energy centers start to manifest a result into your life. You're gonna be blown away by where we're covering and recovering power of awareness in the book, awakened imagination with the great master ne Godard. So let's cover this. If you have this book, it's on page 1 48, it's in the book, awakened imagination, chapter highways of the inner world title of today's video. We're gonna go through a paragraph here and we're gonna circle back to a top P then we're gonna relate it back to you in getting your life in business to a next level set of results. The movement of every visible object is caused not by things outside the body, but by things within which operate from within to outward.

The journey is in yourself, you travel a lot, the highways of the inner world without inner movement. It is impossible to bring forth anything. Interaction is introverted sensation. If you construct mentally a drama, which implies that you have realized your objective, then close your eyes and drop your thoughts. Inward, centering your imagination all the while in the predetermined action and partake in that action. You'll become a, self-determined being such great information here and such valuable ideas for you to consider for your life and business. Let's start talking about this just a bit. The movement of every visible object is caused not by things outside the body, but by things within which operate from within outward. So everything you have in your life, the phone you're watching this video form or the laptop you're watching this video from whatever device you have, that was a result of somebody imagining that in their imagination, along before as a physical reality.

So whether you have an iPhone, you have a Samsung cell, you have, uh, Google pixel or whatever the phones are that you have. Okay? These phones were first constructed in the imagination before they actually became physical. You know, you just take even 30 years ago, 40, 50 years ago. And you tell people, if you were able to go back in time and bring your phone and bring your laptop up and everything to these individuals and let them know, say, Hey, this thing, you can call anybody around the entire globe basically. And you can call them without wires. People would say, that's, that's, that's amazing. That's also ridiculous. There's no way that works right. But it does because somebody had discovered and there's a bunch of, and people have discovered this, but discovered that they could actually take what's in the invisible side and manifest it into something that you're holding right now, your laptop, your phone or whatever it is.

Okay. So at one point ideas like this were just seemingly impossible. Think about, you know, a hundred years ago, somebody mentioning that, right? It would've been impossible. So they started to understand, okay, new things were coming out that were wireless and different things. There's radios and things, right? That have different radio waves transmitting to and from different signals, allowing them to actually hear what we call music and, and broadcasting of audio. Right. But nobody really knew that this invisible side had so much potential. Right? So, same thing with you, your mind operates in this invisible side, the highways of the inner world, the inner world, you can't see, it's not, when we say go within it doesn't mean go within your body necessarily every time though, sometimes in meditation practice, you might go within your body to see where things are in your body. Energy is wise, right?

But when we say, go within what we're talking about is go within your energy, go within your imagination. And that doesn't mean just closing your eyes and going here. It means going everywhere because your imagination is really all the, okay. So everything you see is a result of imagination. Not something outside of you. The journey is in yourself. If you want something, you gotta fuse with the frequency of it. You gotta get to that vibration. You want more money. You gotta get to that frequency. You want more business. You gotta get to that frequency. You gotta rise who you are. And the journey is in yourself. Not outside of you without inner movement, it's impossible to bring forth anything. You could go a sentence before that you travel along the highways of the inner world. Your highways are already really there already. Okay? What that means is your predetermined path of energy, of what you're gonna think.

What you're gonna feel is all pretty much automated. Go. A lot of your habits, keep your thinking, feeling and actions about the same as they've always been. So these inner highways, you're gonna start constructing these mental dramas, these mental ideas, these end scenes, allowing you start seeing yourself in possession of something else than what you have today. Meaning you have an extra 10,000, your checking count. You have that person in your life. You have that dream home, whatever it is. Okay? So start seeing yourself with things you don't have yet. So they can come into your physical life. If you'll construct mentally a drama, which implies that you have realized your objective, you have the money, you have the person, you have the house, whatever it is,

Then close your eye is a drop. Your thoughts inward, centering your imagination all the while in the predetermined action, seeing yourself in action behavior with the thing you want and partake in that action, you'll become a self-determined being okay. So you're gonna start to self-determined your destiny, your next step, your next day, next result. Your next sale, your next bunch of money. Okay. So really a huge paragraph here, your highways of the inner world, allowing yourself to entertain more and more, better thoughts, more and more ideas of you and possession of better things in your life. Okay? So this is really important. This is crucial because if you want something better in your life, you want that next level start entertaining, more thoughts of next level, start entertaining, more feelings of next level, start entertaining, more actions. Next level. Start to be in the side of, I can do it.

What if I could, what if things do work out for me, anything in my life right now, what is the universe trying to speak to me? You start getting in this lively, vivid zone of you moving forward. It all starts within, it all starts with your energy moving forward. All right. So really, really good. Uh, make sure you're subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already, because we're doing a lot more work from Neville and different other master teachers out there as well. Along with my teachings, really combining into your go-to spot for manifestation mindset, personal development, all that good stuff. And also if you're interested in getting a course, like a step by step system, we have the manifestation accelerator that I created. It's 48 modules long. It's very in apps, very, very in depth. It will blow you away. The content we have in that you will, you've never seen anything like that.

I guarantee it. It's gonna involve all the master teachings and putting everything, all these different ideas and putting 'em into one for you, where you get a visual idea. Sometimes it's 10 minutes. Sometimes it's an hour long. And then you get an exercise that follows. I promise you blow your results outta the water we've had over a thousand members. I'll go through that and their results are so spectacular. Blows me away just to view them and see the posts that we send out on a weekly basis and our email list and everything else. It's amazing when people are manifesting through the system. And if you're also looking at coaching, teach the information that we're talking about here, we have a certification it's going to be just the best thing in your world. It's gonna, you're gonna be able to answer your calling. If you have a calling to help and serve the world in some sort of capacity, or you wanna get mentorship for myself and some coaching join into our certification, it's called certified manifestation coach, and you'll be one of the elite of the world teaching and this information, bringing the light to the world more and more.

If you feel like you have that calling, this is for you. That's why you hear this right now. Okay. Description below. We have both of those. We have the manifestation accelerator course. We got our certification details as well. Go ahead and check it out. Make that your next step. As you follow through on the prints we talk about here on the channel, I'll see you over in the next video.

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