Neville Goddard - Construct Mentally A Drama (How To Manifest Anything)
Written by Scott Haug on February 21st, 2022
Neville Goddard - Construct Mentally A Drama (How To Manifest Anything)

Listen in to this video to hear of an amazing technique from the great Neville Goddard on how to manifest anything!

This technique is about constructing mentally a drama! 

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Full Transcript

Constructing a mental drama with Neville Goddard. Hey Scott Haug here and in today's video, we're gonna go through a breakthrough idea in your awareness that will blow your result out of the water. We're gonna be referencing the great book if you've not heard of it before the power of awareness by the great Neville Goddard, if you grasp, but what we're gonna talk about in this video, you can manifest anything that you want to in your lifetime. It will happen with certainty and guarantee just before we jump into that extremely great content throw like on the video and subscribe to the channel. If you have not done so already. And if you're looking to get a consistent roadmap, when it comes to how to manifest anything you want in any area of life, join into my course, the manifestation accelerator, where I take you through a journey step by step every single week and getting the visual content of how all this stuff works.

Laws at universe and manifestation and mindset brings it all into one. And then I give you an exercise that is proven to work with over a thousand of our clients that have done that, improved the results of it. So go in the description below and roll right away, pause, video. And then if you're looking to start teaching and coaching this information, we have a certification that's called certified manifestation coach. That's going to allow you to start teaching it, building a coaching business, accepting your calling, helping and serving the world, forgetting about the stuff you're doing. Now, job wise, if you have one or a business, you don't even really like start doing what you feel called to do and feeling fulfilled on a daily basis. Waking up excited to do the great work you're about to do join into our certification and at least look into details and how you could get started today.

All right, let's get started here. So again, this book is Neville Godard's power of awareness. We're actually gonna be going through a second book. That's included in here, it's called awakened imagination. And if you have this book, I'm referencing page 1 44 in this book, and this paragraph really changed my life. Now, sometimes I can sound cliche, but it did. This is when I started to really grasp the ideas of what is the law of attraction? What is manifestation? How do I use it constructively? Because sometimes we'll get into hope and wish manifestation. And that's really frustrating when it's like, you really want something, you know, this stuff works, but you're not getting it. Okay. So listen to this idea here. I'm gonna say it really slowly. So you can really listen in as much as possible. We're gonna go through it a couple times, construct mentally a drama, which implies that your desire is realized and make it one which involves movement of self and mobilize your outer physicals self act.

Precisely as though you're going to take a nap and start the predetermined action in imagination, a vivid representation of the action is the beginning of that action. Then as you are falling asleep consciously, imagine yourself into the scene. The length of the sleep is not important. A short nap is sufficient, but carrying the action into sleep thickens fancy into fact. At first, your thoughts may be like rambling. They have no shepherd. Don't despair. Should your attention stray 70 times seven, bring it back. 70 times seven to its predetermined course until from sheer exhaustion, it follows the appointed path. The inner journey must never be without direction. When you take to the inner road, it is to do what you did mentally. Before you started, you go for the prize you have already seen and accepted. So what is ne talking about here? The first line here, construct mentally a drama, which implies that your desire is realized and make it one which involves movement of self.

So if we wanna manifest what he's talking about here is you had to experience what you wanna manifest on the physical plane first within now, why is this? How is this even possible? Because you and I are spiritual beings living in this physical body with a mind or an intellect to control and change our environment, our circumstances, our conditions. We also live in an energy based world. This energy based world goes well beyond this physical presence. There's a lot more going on in the invisible there's this ether, which has all this potent in different energy sources and frequencies and vibrations going on within it that allow us to communicate. And, and that's how even the cell phone that you have, you might be even watching this video from your phone, from your laptop. That's how that stuff can work because there's an invisible ether around us that can transmit signals, radiations, energies, all around us.

Okay? And again, that's how you're watching this video. That's how your wifi works. How all these things work, you can see it or it's cordless. So there must be something, there must be a signal. There must be something happening that you can't see. That's actually working there. The mind works essentially in a similar way where whatever we're thinking about and emotionalizing will drop from the conscious down to your subconscious mind. And that subconscious mind is programmed. And we have a certain paradigm within it. Okay? But whatever, you start to imagine, more and more in your conscious mind and emotionalize and you feel it to be true. Now that's going to literally drop in your subconscious mind is gonna change your programming. It's gonna change what your emotion she'll involved with, changing her vibration and what attracts to you is going to be very different. So let's bring it back to ne Godard here.

He says, again, construct mentally a drama. What's a drama. It's an end scene. It's a, it's a play. It's a movie. It's something in your mind indicating your wish is already fulfilled. The thing you want is already done and it's already here. Okay? So construct mentally a drama, go to your imagination and start seeing yourself with the thing you want. That's the drama. You see the, uh, its positive drama. Of course you see the money in your bank account. You see the person in your life. You see the house that you wanna live in, whatever that may be construct mentally, a drama, which implies that your desire is realized and make it one, which involves movement of self. So there's some sort movement in the imagination. You're moving this energy. You're starting to actually see that your desire is realized very important. Now, how does that actually happen?

Why, why do we do that? Because if you say I now have $10,000 extra on my bank account, it's not there. Why do we put in the present? Because in the, this energy based world that we live in, the energy is omnipresent. That's all here right now. Okay. So what that means is all time is right now on the unconscious level. What it means is without space. There's no time without time. There's no space. It gets deep principle from Thomas Troward. If there's no space, meaning it's invisible, it's not holding space. What we call matter. There must not be any time associated with it. And if there's no time, there's no space. Okay, we'll go into that. And maybe another video it's pretty advanced depth oriented teaching. You have to know, is that in your unconscious side of you, there's no time and there's no form.

There's no space. It's just an energy. So when we say I am blank, what we're doing is there's a higher plane, the spirit plane, the mental plane, the physical plane. What, when you say I am, what you're doing is saying, I am in the, a spiritual side, in the energy side and the divine side, the cosmic side, you are now initiating and activating that. I am statement from the spirit side down to the physical. Okay. So when you say the, I am, it may be a physical lie right now in your eyes, but it's actually in a higher plane it's truth or what we call a Fu future truth, you know, in the next day, the next week, the next month, whatever it is, let's go back to chapter here and mobilize your outer physical self. So what he is talking about here is once you start constructing this mental drama, you need to feel that your body is at peace.

It's calm, not trying to do a million things physically because then their thoughts are being entertained. Physically. You wanna just immobilize itself in what he is talking about here. Act precisely though, as you're going to take a nap and start the predetermined action in imagination. So really start focusing on your breath, start being here, being calm before you start to imagine a vivid representation of the action is the beginning of that action. So when you start seeing that drama, that unseen in mind and you start to initiate it, it's going to literally move forth your in, in imagination, which starts the action and the movement of the energy on the physical plane. So your imagine action is the first cause that means you're falling asleep consciously. Imagine yourself into that scene. So imagine yourself into the scene to you already having the thing you want.

The length of sleep is not important. Short map is sufficient, but carrying the action into sleep thickens fancy into fact. So basically your conscious mind is, are gonna argue with you. Your ego is less prone to argue back and tell you all the different ideas on why you can't have it, how it's gonna come. All those limitation of I, of thoughts and thinking, okay, that is less there. When you're about to fall asleep. When you're about to take a nap, you don't literally have to take a nap every single time you do this exercise by any means. It's more of the idea of when you're in that state, you're gonna accept ideas better and better and easier and easier. So truly important. Okay. So less what part at first, your thoughts may be like rambling. She eat, they have no shepherd. Don't despair. Should your attention stray come back to it.

So, you know, even if your thoughts, you start to imagine, and it goes elsewhere, it goes to all the problems you have today. It goes to your, the things you gotta do, uh, the, the, what are you gonna have for lunch? Uh, whatever's going on yesterday, you know, whatever it is. Okay. All of these thoughts may enter your mind when you're trying to imagine, you're trying to visualize, you're trying to bring yourself to a higher frequency. Don't despair though. Okay. It's gonna happen. You, this is all all about practice and training your mind to make sure you're going down that path. So it's a lot of practice. And as you practice, your mind's gonna get stronger. Your willpower's gonna get stronger. Keep that picture on the screen of your imagination and things are gonna move a lot faster and a lot better. So take N's exercise here.

I encourage you to listen into this YouTube video every single day, over and over and over and over for the next 30 days. That's the only way to have ideas, influence your belief and influence your faith. I do the same thing. I listen to an idea over and over and over and over. And as you do, so you're just gonna start to move your body and feeling center and thought center into a solid form of belief and faith, moving things forward. And then I would do the exercise every day for the next five days. Just try for five days going into that space, where you're getting a little bit of, you know, calm down. You have peace starting to construct a mental drama as if your, your thing that you want is already here and allowing yourself to get emotionally involved feeling as if it's already here. Okay. It won't make an outstanding difference. And this book right here in this chapter, these paragraphs, it really influenced my life. And in such a dramatic way in the comment section below, if this video is helpful, you'll like, NE's work. You like this. I'll do more of these ideas and on how to relate this body of work into your physical life to get results. And that will make all the difference. So let me know in the comments below, if we find these ideas helpful, we'll make more videos like this one.

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