5 Elements To The Law of Assumption
Written by Scott Haug on February 18th, 2022
5 Elements To The Law of Assumption

Have you ever used the Law of Assumption before to better your manifestation results?

In this video, Scott shares with you 5 key elements to the law of assumption that is surely going to help you manifest your desires! 

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Full Transcript

Five key elements to the law of assumption. Hey Scott Haug here and in today's video, we're gonna be going through some key elements to you use utilizing the law of assumption in a greater way than ever before, to manifest what you really want and to your life just before jump in the video, make sure you throw a like on the video and also subscribe to panel. If you have not done so already, if you're interested in really getting into a manifestation course, that will help you predictably and consistently bring in the greatest results you've ever imagined. Go ahead into the description below and get some more information about our manifestation accelerator course. And if you're also looking to teach and coach this information, you can become one of certified manifestation coaches bringing this information out to the world, living your purpose, aligning with your dreams, and ultimately creating a lot of time, money and mental freedom for yourself and your family.

All right, let's get into these five key elements as we move forward. Number one is acceptance. That is the first key elements to, with the law of assumption. I'm gonna read you a definition of assumption, okay? This is just right on Google. Okay. A thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen without proof. So when you're utilizing the love assumption, you wanna realize, I want to actually be in the desire of what I want while it's manifesting a chunk of my manifesting something into my life, a desire, a dream home, whatever it is, I need to be totally certain about it, which is I need to assume that it's already in my life. Okay? So as we're talking about here, element number one is acceptance. I need to accept this desire as if it's already done deal in my life. I need to accept it right now.

Now, how do you do that? When physical reality is not real, right? Physical reality is not actually the real result of what you want. Okay? So for example, I got brown bookshelves here. What if in my mind, I really wanted to manifest black bookshelves right now. If I'm telling myself, I now manifested a black bookshelf and I open it on my eyes and I see brown, I'm seeing the opposite result. So I'm gonna reject the idea. No, it's not even true. I don't even have a black bookshelf though. I want one, a dumb example. Right? But you see what I'm getting at here is same thing goes with money. If I wanted $20,000 in my checking account, but only $3,000 is there. Right? And I'm starting to see in my checking account, $20,000 open up my eyes on me, be like, that's, that's ridiculous. It's BS.

It's not even true. My mind wants to reject the idea because it's showing me evidence in the physical world. That's not true. Right? So number one is acceptance. You wanna start accepting idea. Now, how do you do that? We understand that anything that you desire is a spiritual truth, a future truth, but a physical lie. It's a physical lie. What you want. Okay. This is physical truth around me. This is the way things are, but it's a physical lie about what is coming into my life. Okay? So it's a spiritual truth. Your, your idea, your affirmation, your visualization, your gratitude, it's all a spiritual truth. It's true in the energetic sense it's already done, but a physical lie. It's a becoming physical truth. And just by knowing that will to, you will help you to accept the idea a lot better. Number two is invisible vibrational universe, invisible vibrational universe element number two.

Okay. You wanna understand what the law of assumption? How does that actually work? It means all around us right now is vibration. We're living in a vibrational world. I'm a vibrational being. So are you. So we're starting to understand that if I live in a vibrational world and I'm a vibrational being, I can link up and use my mind to actually get into the vibration of what I want and allow that to move forward. Okay. So element number two is really understanding what world I live in. What will world do you live in? What world do we all live in a vibrational world? I'm a vibrational being. And I can actually manifest through the proper use of my mind, allowing things to come forth. Hopefully that makes sense. There. Number three, element is faith and belief and the law of assumption. You need to actually believe.

You need to believe in a result. You need to have the faith that it's coming into fruition. So the law of assumption, what I'm doing is assuming something that's not physically true. So I need to have the faith. Remember the definition we said about an assumption, a thing that is accepted is true, or as certain to happen without you don't have any proof that this thing is going to happen, but you have the faith that's going to happen. Cuz you understand the laws of the universe. You understand manifesting, you understand the law of attraction. You understand energy in some sort of way, right? You understand it. Therefore, I can have faith that this thing is going to happen. I can have faith knowing that these things are gonna move into fruition. So you wanna constantly increase your faith, constantly increase your belief. And that will allow the love assumption to work more properly for your desires than your, not the things that you don't desire.

Okay? Element number four is no searching. Don't search. Okay. So when I'm using the law of assumption, I'm a assuming things to be true in my life before they've happened. I'm assuming things to actually be solidified in my life before they've come to pass. But if my mind is searching for evidence showing me that, like I need something to show me that this is actually true, that things are move, working out. Things are moving forward, all this good stuff. If I'm constantly there trying to look for evidence and searching for where it's gonna come from, I'm gonna be the absence and assume it's not here. I'm going to literally assume well of assumption. I'm going to assume that the thing I want is not going to come. It's not here. It's nowhere in sight. It's not coming. You see what I'm doing there. So you don't wanna search for it.

You don't wanna look around for it instead. Continue with your faith and belief. I, number five is feeling that is the key to all manifesting. Okay? So of assumption, what it does is you're gonna assume the thing that you want is already here and you need to feel it as if it's already here. So I need to feel the excitement. If I would feel excitement, when it came, I need to feel good. I need to feel better and better about myself and my world. All these different things lining up. Okay? So you need to feel as if it's here and done. What that's going to allow you to do is once you start feeling it to be true, now you're gonna start convincing your mind that it's a spiritual truth. That it's a becoming thing into your life and allowing yourself to actually experience that feeling before it actually happens.

So choose a feeling that you would has have as if this thing came into your life, focus on that, feeling align with that feeling. I have many different videos explaining how to feel things. So just go to the videos, playlist on techniques, on feeling and methods on manifesting. I teach you how to feel into your, your desires before they've come into pass, but feel into what you want to vibration of what you want. All right, these five key elements are super, super important. And if this was a helpful video for you, just put a number 10 into the CA on the, uh, comment box below the chat box there, the comments go and put a number 10. If this was helpful for you, and we're gonna be making more videos like this, I'll do or five elements of any of the laws of the universe that will really help you understand and study them better and ultimately utilize them for greater results. So let me know in the comments below, we'll be able to create more videos like this one, allowing you to really get all the key elements to manifesting all the key elements to living your greatest life, your happiest life. All of that could step. All right, Scott Haug signing off here, I'll see you over in the next video.

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