This Is Why You Are NOT Manifesting (You Need To Do THIS Instead!)
Written by Scott Haug on February 16th, 2022
This Is Why You Are NOT Manifesting (You Need To Do THIS Instead!)

Do you want to know why you are not manifesting?

This is probably the most major block that most people go through in manifesting, in law of attraction and in personal development! 

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Full Transcript

This is why you are not manifesting what you want and what to do about it. Hey, Scott Haug here in today's video, we're gonna be going through something that is probably the most major block that most people go through and manifesting law of attraction, personal development, all that good stuff. We're gonna go through what that block is, identifying it, and then what to do about it before we jump in the video, make sure you throw on the video and also subscribe to our channel if you're not already. And also, if you're looking for a manifesting course that will really bring your results to a whole new level. And you're excited about that. You're ready to bring a lot more money, a lot more goodness into your life. A lot more results. Check out our manifestation accelerator course. It will bring your results to a whole new level.

You've never even dreamed possible because we have a series of modules and exercises every single week built 48 modules in a row that allow you every single week to know what to do the directions on how to do it. And then I actually practice it with you. So it's a tremendous opportunity to take a look at that. And if you want to teach and coach this information become of our certified manifestation coaches, where I help you step by step and mentor you every step of the way on building a coaching business. How to do that, how to enroll clients, how to master, manifesting, how to heal all of your money, wounds, all your money, traumas, all that good stuff in our certification. Take a look in the description below and get started with us. All right. So why most people don't manifest what they want is because they're sending out a consistent vibration of absence of what they actually want.

So for example, if I want the intention of $2,000 coming into my life, I want to manifest $2,000 by the end of the week, right? For example, they do the affirmation, they do the gratitude, they read the self-help books. They get involved in audio university in the car and they listen to all the audio books on audible. They do all these different things. They even visualize, okay, but it doesn't happen. And then they go next week and they want to manifest $2,000 and they visualize, and they do the gratitude and they do the affirmations and all this, but then it doesn't manifest and they get this chronic not manifesting feeling where it feels like this stuff doesn't work for me. Uh, and they have most times an awareness, like that's not true, loves the universe do work for me. They work for everybody. They can work.

I've seen things manifest in my life, but it seems like they don't have consistency. They can't predictably bring in their results and they get really frustrated. Okay. So what ultimately is happening is their momentum is more about what they don't want than what do want that's it? So their energy, their thoughts, their feelings are absorbed with their current level of results and not enough in their desired results. So they do the affirmations, but they don't really believe it. They do the visualization, but then an hour later, they're doubting, they're worrying. They're fearing. They're figuring out where's this gonna come from anyways, it's $2,000. There's no way it's gonna come in. Right? They have this block going on. That's resistance. And this resistance, what happens is if I'm thinking a certain pattern, the thought induces, the feeling and the feeling that I'm sending out is the absence of what I want.

Meaning it's not here. So I'm saying it's here in my affirmations. I'm saying it's here in my gratitude, but I'm feeling that it's not, I'm feeling it's slow. I'm feeling, it's hard. I'm feeling like things are not moving forward, right? So they get into this chronic apps sense feeling and over and over and over, it just doesn't play out. It doesn't manifest. It doesn't go through for them. And they get really frustrated. So ultimately they need to replace that with the presence feeling of what they want. They need to feel. It's already here. We live in a vibrational world. Everything around is a vibration of science and religion are coming together perfectly on this. When you really look at it, because religion has been talking about belief and faith for eternity, and also science has been talking about, prove it with evidence, right? So if you look around us, when you take a look at quantum physics and from things, it's all saying, this is energy, this stuff right here, even though it looks hard.

Okay, what it's really doing here is vibrating in a served frequency. There's a lot more going on than what you can't see. You can't see electrons. You can't see protons. You can't see these things going on and the invisible side. Okay. But there's something going on. And it's an energy emotion. Same thing goes with my mind. That is an energy in motion. This vibration, world's an energy in motion. That's why we have the ability to manifest because we can actually flip our, our bodies, our eternalness our side to a different frequency match with what we want. And it will start to come into our life. Not like, but a series of events unfold to get us there. So if we know that the feeling is the key, the feeling of you having already, what you want is the major key here. Because if I'm feeling the absence, I'm going to actually pull that towards me because absence is if feeling it's a vibration.

So if I'm tapped into the absence vibration, I'm going to attract things into my life. That is absence. And showing me the evidence that it's not work. Now, if I start feeling the presence, I'm going to shift into that frequency. And I'm going to pull towards me like circle. I'm saying this show me, that's true. It's becoming more present and prevalent in my life. Okay. So how do you get into the presences feeling? What you do is when you close your eyes and visualize, when you do your affirmations, when you do your gratitude, you need to really feel it now, how do you really feel it? How you really feel it is by matching your inner speech, your inner thought patterns with the feeling. So if you are wanting $2,000, what would you feel is if you already had that, you would be excited. You would be feeling good.

You'd be feeling happy, whatever it is that you think you'd feel, I need to pick that word, happy, excited, whatever it is. And I need to match my inner thoughts to match that feeling. So I might have inner thoughts of, wow. I'm really excited now that I have $2,000 to manifest in. Wow, this is so magical and feels so good that I had $2,000 manifested. Do you see what I'm doing? I'm matching my thoughts with the feeling as if I have the $2,000. What that's going to do is start inducing more of that feeling. It's gonna start inducing more of the vibration and that vibration's going to link you into retracting more and more like circumstances. Okay? So you wanna get more into the presence. You wanna get more into that feeling of what it is. Another thing I tell my clients and suggest all the time is using music, instrumental music, uh, movie theme songs that you really like, positive ideas, positive music, whatever it is that allows you to stimulate emotion.

Think about a movie that you saw an action film, a romance, a sci sci-fi, whatever it is. Okay. A comedy you think about all these different movies. They have music at certain points in the movie, why to stimulate your emotion to, for you to be in the movie. So in your thought, in your imagination, you need to be in the scene. Using music is a great way of stimulating that feeling. The other way you can, there's many ways, but another way that you can start to feel into what you want is actually seeing what you'll do with the money. So the $2,000 you might save it. You might invest in, you might buy something, you might pay off debt, whatever it is, see yourself in the act of actually doing that thing. And that should stimulate some excitement. Wow. I just paid this off. Wow.

I just bought this. Wow. Whatever it is. And that will allow you to start being in that feeling a lot better and a lot easier moving forward. Right? So this is why most people aren't manifesting. They're feeling the absence or doubting. They're thinking about where's it gonna come? When's it gonna come? How's it gonna come? They're in this chronic stay over and over and over, which is allowing them to attract in what they don't want. So you use your imagination correctly, feel into what you want, allow yourself to align with it. And that's gonna make all the difference. Okay? You can manifest anything you including, you know, I'm gonna go over here on the side, but you can take a look here. Okay? And just showing that, you know, even these things that you can manifest, so you can manifest the right home. You can manifest the dream home.

You can manifest the dream car. You can manifest these things that you want because you're in a place where you know, what's possible and you're allowing yourself to believe in it and not doubt. And once you feel the presence live in the home first, live in or live by driving the car, feel that you already have the money. Once you start feeling the presence of the thing you want, these things are going to manifest. Allow easier into your life. You're gonna have a lot less resistance. You're gonna have a lot less doubt. You're gonna have a lot less worry moving forward. And that's going to mean everything for you in terms of increasing your faith and increasing your belief. Now, the laws of the universe work for everybody, okay? The love gravity works for you works for me. So if I threw something up in the air right now and I dropped it, it's gonna fall down.

Right? It's gonna come right back down to the ground. So law of attraction is always working. It works for you. 24 7 works for me, 24 7, and every other human being. But it's a matter of, am I using the law to bring me in more of what I want, or am I using the law to bring in more of what I don't want. Right. And that's very, very important. So you get into this presence feeling more and more, tell yourself the right inner speech, tell yourself the right thinking. And then if your mind's getting into all this, do all this, worry how it's gonna come. All this stuff, just entertain your mind to a service. How can I help somebody today? What can I do to move a step forward? What if I could do you this? Right? So you start entertaining more of positive thinking. Start entertaining more about belief, more about faith, more about how can I, rather than how I can't. And that will start to stimulate more and more the presences feeling, you know, start to manifest, try it out. Let me know in the comments below, if this helps you. And if there's anything else I can help you with, let me know topics wise below, I'll see you over in the next video.

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