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Written by Scott Haug on June 2nd, 2020

The Manifestation series helping you manifest Quicker - Easier - Bigger.

This video training is all about the manifestation process to attracting more good to you.

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Scott Haug

Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.

He is an expert at helping people make permanent changes in their life and making things super simple to understand.

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Scott Haug

Hey Happy Thursday, everyone! Welcome onto our Facebook live here. I'm going to do a pretty quick one. So it will be very short, sweet and to point. I want to help you have more good attracted into your life and better, better quality of living, better results, better successes, whatever that may be. I just got off one of my coaching calls with my clients and the entire call was so enlightening for so many that were able to attend the call.

A lot of people completely are changing their life with just changing the model that's going on within their imagination. We worked on a self-talk process. Basically you select somebody in your life that you want to improve your relationship with. We do a self conversation within, and it starts to promote more wellbeing, more happiness, and more goodness around that person. Or maybe it's not even that person, but around yourself helps you heal.

It helps you be in the right zone, helps you be aligned with who you truly are. So the topic today really is how to attract more good to you in some things and tips and tricks to help you do that. So that by the end of January here, your first month in 2020, you can have a lot more good coming to you.

A lot more attraction of the things that you do desire rather than things you don't. So go ahead and throw a quick, like on here or say hello right into the comment box. So I could see who's here. That'd be real nice. And we'll go ahead and get started.

First and foremost, congrats to everybody that has joined in the manifestation accelerator membership program. Not only been blown away by the positive comments and people sending me messages and emails about the results, but also the posts in our group have been miraculous.
People are earning money and manifesting money and they haven't even started the first module. 

The one, uh, individual guides $800 within two days. Another one is, was about five, $600 as well just by joining the program. Uh, we have a real dynamic, blessed energy fields in our manifestation accelerator. Uh, I wasn't even really aware, I mean, I put good intentions into the program, but now you actually see that, uh, this program is really filled with some less of light because, uh, the amount of results people are getting in, they're not even doing anything besides joining the program is a quite super powers.

If you will, it's just a miraculous thing to be in. So thank you everyone for sharing your posts and encouragement and all those great things as well. So let's get into how to attract more good. Again, this is gonna be very simple, sweet to the points can be very effective.

A lot of you know me by now, I don't put a lot of fluff in all this stuff. I just want to give you the exact results, the exact system to help yourself really step it up. So, number one, first thing to go with is spreading more increased to everybody around, be a beacon of light, basically. So step number one is be a beacon of light to more people today, encourage more people. And today support more people today, inspire more people.

I was also mentioning on my coaching call a little bit earlier that I watch a YouTube video. The YouTube video topic was they asked people what was one stranger you remember in your life meeting?

And these individuals all thought back throughout the years of them living and thought of one occurrence that some stranger talk to them and change their life. This one lady talked about this individual. She was really down and out. She was quite depressed, was lost in life. Didn't really have a lot of direction. She was walking down the sidewalk in a small town and this guy notice that she was kind of down and out. He walks past her, but then stops and says to her, I think your eye, you kind of look like you're down or something.

I think you're always meant to do something great with your life. Something very purposeful and impactful and live in a big city, doing something amazing, smiled and walked away, just literally walked away from the conversation. She didn't even have a moment to even say anything for whatever reason.

It's like a divine moment that some of us had had before our various moments in our lives that lady's life was completely enlightened. Life came back to her. Finally, once again, eventually she mentioned that she didn't move to a big city and it's doing something really purposeful earning good money and doing something she loves now. And now she's living a fun, loving life.

That one stranger said maybe a few lines that took 15 seconds helped her see the light in life and completely change her life like night and day. Now that stranger probably doesn't have any idea that that happened. It was probably just a cool, nice thing to do in the moment for that person walking by this person. That just seems so down in life. And that person walks on.

Now, that person probably has no idea that even years later, this all happened, but certainly more blessed, like came back to that individual, that man in one sort of fashion or another, what if you were that stranger today in somebody's life, you're walking down the sidewalk and you just noticed something.

Maybe you encouraged somebody. Maybe you told somebody that you liked what they're wearing, or maybe it was a waiter at the local restaurant that you just went to. And you just mentioned him. Hey, I just appreciate how present you were when we were ordering our food.

Thank you. You do a great job. I bet you, that person is going to come for the next couple of weeks into work, fired up, ready to give better service than ever before. So how do you attract more good into your life? Give more good, try to be that encourager. Try to be the person, the light in everybody's life. And that will surely come back and come back very fast. So I hope that story starts to inspire you today to do something even bigger than what you're doing already. Number two is go ahead and increase people in your business.

Give a little extra today. Whatever that may be comes to mind if you have clients or customers, whether you're in real estate or an eCommerce business, or you're a coach and a speaker, try to find one thing today that you can increase your customers and clients by doing something. It doesn't even have to involve your time. You could give them something, you could be an encourager.

You can do a bonus thing of some sort, whatever it is. Try to think of one thing that you could do to increase the people that you serve better. It could even be your prospects. If you do some online marketing or offline marketing, think about one thing that you could do to enlighten somebody's life. Just that much more today in your prospect's world. And that will surely come back as well. And then number three, send love. You actually want to close your eyes, seeing her imagination, you sending love and light out to somebody.

You know, it could be a family member. It could be a friend, could be somebody that, you know, an acquaintance, a coworker, whatever it is that can maybe use a little bit more of some light, some encouragement, happiness, where you do it within you actually see in your mind yourself, spreading some love and light and goodness to the individual. Now you'll come to find out that that's going to start to pull right back to very quickly.

You might receive a text of the blue. You might receive whatever it is out of the blue, but you're actually able to touch into their energy field a little bit and send some love and some light into the world. And as soon as that happens, you as a being will start to be increased tenfold tonight, tomorrow, next week, next month in 2020, you'll start to have a lot more good attracted into your life.

It doesn't mean you're just this nice person all the time. What it does mean though, is you're very encouraging. You're increasing is a great word to say, if you're increasing to all, including yourself, that increase will come right back to you and you'll get better results. I'm all my clients are practicing this and all of them, you can test this yourself, experiment with it. You will see something better come in.

It could just be even a feeling change. It's like, how good does good giving feel when you're at like some homeless shelter or you give somebody five bucks that really needed the money, it just makes you feel so good. It's a warming feeling within. So imagine all this good that you're doing to the world. You're just, even if nothing happens, results wise, you're just going to feel that much better. If you feel that much better, your thoughts are much better.

Interactions and behaviors are much better in your personal life in business as well. So instead of lashing out, try to provide more love. And that will certainly come right back to you as well. So I hope these tips and tricks helped you today just to pull that much more towards you and good to see all of you.

They're still here on the Facebook live again, sale low. If you are here and now as well. And then I can know who's here. Okay? So if you haven't gotten enjoined into our Manifestation Accelerator, I would do it right away. Uh, again, the worst case scenario is you learn some personal development information, some things you already knew about, um, and then you just unsubscribe a month later or whatever it is. So it's 50 bucks only to join. It's very small. It's a very easy investment, not a lot of risk involved, best case scenario.

You're one of my fellow members and clients that you see posting every day, we've had three or four posts about somebody getting new clients, new customers, a certain amount of money, like the 800 bucks. One of my other clients manifested 6,000 bucks from doing one exercise and they didn't work. They didn't do anything.

Now. It sounds like magic. It sounds like kind of ridiculous sometimes, but it's not. When you're enlightened with these ideas to the unenlightened that think you're crazy for doing what you're doing. Setting all this mindset material and talking about the invisible side. Yeah. They, they're going to think it's crazy. It's not going to make any sense. It's going to be like BS to who cares. Let them think it's BS. They can keep their life the way it is. But to the enlightened, to all of you in this personal development group that we have this mindset community.

What you're going to start to see is using these principles more and more. We'll start to bring more and more goodness, especially monetarily goodness towards you. It's not about just selling things in a business. It's also about being aligned with your purpose, who you are and the ideal prospects and customers you're looking for as well. So in that manifestation accelerator, it's all broken down to a simple, easy step-by-step pattern to why to receive one extra.

I am one content video right away, and everyone's been blown away by the content. It's not like five minute video. These are long 50, sometimes 35 minutes, sometimes 15 minutes, sometimes an hour long videos. It's not overloading you. It's only one video a week, but what's going to help you to do is to take all this knowledge, all this personal development ideas, and actually take into a step by step apply, effective process.

And your life can get that much better just by applying some of the principles and the easy action steps. So I'd say, go for it. If you don't want to no big deal at all. But if you feel like, wow, this would be kind of cool. Let's check it out. Let's see if this does work for me. I would say, go for it right away. Don't fall behind. It's already been two weeks.

This program has been out and you're seeing a flood of people getting results from it. You don't want to be that person that gets to March 20, 20, hasn't manifested anything. You want it to be like, damn, I should've done that a long time ago. Why am I doing now? Actually had somebody reach out to me the other day, man. It was, it was hard to even read the message. If you're listening into us, I won't mention your name.

You're going to know who you were. You message me that we talked. We probably first initially talked about a year and half ago about the coaching program. You didn't get involved. You were messaging me, right? You didn't get involved. We were trying to look at financial side of things and trying to get things moving, but there was always the excuses that came up to not get involved. And within a year and a half results have been depleted.

Money's less than ever before. And the health thing that you just mentioned to me in messenger, I don't even want to mention it here because it's so drastic of what happened. And you said the last line I wish I would have got involved with you sooner. So that message was, I hear it all the time because I've been doing this for so many years now. Sometimes we, we wait and we wait and we wait and we give ourselves excuses or alibis to not do something today, but all the time that we have it's now, and we're never promised tomorrow, there's a great video by, um, uh, Billy Graham that says life is short.

We get all the time. There is, but so many people waste that away, right? So do the best you can today go for the program. Um, what you have here is something that can really drive your results forward better and easier and more effective than ever. And we got a live coaching call bonus next Tuesday, this upcoming Tuesday, I believe that's the 28th. Let me just look.

So you have the correct date yet. It's next Tuesday, 20th. I'm going to do a live coaching call as well. It's a bonus being in the membership site as well. So if you get started in that, I'll be able to send you the link. You'll be able to submit questions, talk to me alive, and we'll make sure you got some personal guidance as well. It's a special bonus I'm doing next week, only in next Tuesday. So definitely get involved before then.

So you can go through the first couple of modules, go through the welcome videos and then on Tuesday are set up for success as well with that coaching call. All right, sending a lot of blessings and light to all of you, keep going. You're doing really well with your life. A lot of you have just completely jumped from your full time jobs.

You're in business. You're trying it out. I know I've been there. It's not an easy road, but these are the hardest, most difficult road at the star provides the most reward after everything is said and done anyways as well. So keep going forward, keep studying, keep doing your best today. Keep growing your business, keep moving things forward. And eventually if they haven't already, things will start to be in the clear it.

Start to really earn what you want to earn. You'll start to be in this place where you just have a fabulous life and the quality of living is up there. So keep rocking, keep going. And I look forward to seeing you also in the manifestation accelerator coaching call. Next Tuesday, got to get enrolled though. It's not open to just anybody, only two students in the program. All right. Sending light and beestings again to all of you. We'll see you soon. Have grace here Thursday and take care. Bye bye.
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