A MAGIC Exercise To Manifest Anything You Want
Written by Scott Haug on February 14th, 2022
A MAGIC Exercise To Manifest Anything You Want

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Full Transcript

A magic to exercise, to manifest anything you want. Hey Scott Haug here in today's video, we're gonna be going through an exercise that manifested so much, including this place that you see behind me as a magical place. I live right on the ocean here in Miami, Florida. Before we jump into a video, make sure you throw a light on the video and subscribe to the channel if you're not already. And if you're looking for two things, number one, a manifestation course, that's proven and consistent to bring in anything you want and manifest the greatest financial wins of your life. The greatest results in your life. Try our manifestation accelerator course out. It's in the description below. And that if you wanna start teaching this material, you want to coach others in this material. We happy certification on helping you build a business to do so.

And having 10, 20, 30, $50,000 months coming in income wise, it's called certified manifestation coach. And the description below, go ahead and check that out and take a look at the details as well. So this magical exercise, this exercise that really has helped so many of my students, so many of my clients, myself, manifest so many things into our lives is this visualization exercise, where we accept the idea into our subconscious faster. Now, many of us do affirmations. We'll do gratitude. We'll read the books like think and go rich and whatnot, but that's not where results come into play. When you use the actual information and implement the information. That's when the results come into play, it's called a shift in consciousness. Most of us don't focus on that enough. We focus on YouTube video after YouTube video book, after book, after book, audio book, after audio book in the car, right?

And those things do help develop our consciousness, but it doesn't necessarily shift into a higher plane. Okay? So what we wanna do is start visualizing on a daily basis. And when we're visualizing this ends scene, this thing that we want is if we already have it, when we're closing our eyes, we want to actually tell ourselves like our inner speech. We'll say, I accept this. Now, here it is. I accept this. Now, here it is. And as you do that, you're actually going to accept the idea that you're thinking about that you're imagining that you're visualizing and want into your life. Now, the biggest reason why many people don't actually manifest what they want is because they have conflicting ideas in their mind. They have doubts. They have worries. They have fears so basic, they are rejecting the idea they're rejecting the sale. They want they're rejecting the money they want.

They're rejecting the client. They want whatever it is. Okay. And when they're rejecting, what that really means is they're visualizing, they're doing the affirmations, they're doing the gratitude, but they don't actually feel what they're saying. And their mind is actually outing that it's actually going to happen. So since they're doubting so much often, what it does is creates this energy that actually rep propels what you want and attracts in what you, don't the absence of your results because you're in that energy field. You're in that frequency or in that vibration. Ultimately. So what we wanna be doing here is allowing yourself to accept the idea faster, stronger, and easier from our conscious to our subconscious. And once it's there, subconscious mind is connected to all things, all people, and it will begin to move into motion through the of events, unfolding, what we call the bridge of incidents, things serendipitously, coincidentally, happening to actually get you the thing you want.

So for example, if you want a place like this, the, you know, wonderful place that I'm living right now, you're on the ocean. You have a beautiful condo dream home, okay? For something like that, what you wanna do is visualize yourself in. As if you're already there, you wanna close your eyes. You wanna be there in energy, be there in your imagination and know that it's already done deal. It's already created. It just has yet to be manifested into your world. As you start visualizing, and you start seeing the characteristics as if you're living there, see your partner. If you have one there, see your spouse, uh, see your family there. See your friends there, whatever it is, start living in the bedroom. Start living in the living room, uh, cook in the kitchen. If you cook my wait for this helicopter, go by me,

Start living there in your imagination now and matching your inner thoughts. It is done. This is accepted. I, now this idea, this is now my world. This is now my reality. This is now my lifestyle. Any of these phrases will allow you to start accepting this as the real truth of where we're going in life. And what's becoming, it's what we call a future truth or a spiritual truth. It's what's becoming in my life. Now, you know, this magical size really helps so much in terms of increasing your faith, increasing your belief and really being there in the energy. Okay? So try it out. The comments below, let me know and try this out for 10 days. You need to have your momentum shift from where it is now to where you ultimately wanna go your desired momentum moving forward. Okay. So absolutely try this out for 10 days straight.

I would encourage you do it for 15 minutes a day. Visualizing seeing the end scenes, matching your speech, accepting the idea to us every day for 10 days, straight in the comment section below. Let us know when you say day, number one, complete day, number two, complete. So you have some accountability for the next 10 days. As you're starting to get into the energy, starting to get into the vibration, the frequency of what you ultimately want. This will help. It will be the biggest thing in your world to really take off. Alright, Scott Haug signing off here I'll see you over the next video. When we talk about love assumption, we talk about other things that are essential for you to manifesting what you want.

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