How To Handle 3D Reality While Manifesting
Written by Scott Haug on February 9th, 2022
How To Handle 3D Reality While Manifesting

Most of us get stuck in this part of your manifestation journey which causes your desires to prolong the process.

If you want to know how to handle 3D reality while manifesting anything you want then listen to this now!

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Full Transcript

How to handle 3d reality while manifesting, Hey Scott Haug here And in today's video, we're gonna be covering a challenge that most people face. And that's like, what do you do in the waiting time between now and your manifested result? Well, how do you handle the 3d reality? When evidence and things around you are showing you that you're not gaining ground, it's not progressed thing. Right? What does that look like? So let's go through a couple elements right away here. Number one is understanding, stay more in the present when your mind is in chaos, your mind's gonna say, when's it gonna come? When's it gonna come? When's it gonna come? Right? And in the 3d reality, you might be thinking I wanna manifest actually $10,000, but you're not seeing it getting closer, right? You're not seeing the evidence of it moving forward. Okay? So what you wanna do is become more present.

When these thoughts, your, your mind is going in ego, chaos, and trying to say, when's it gonna come once gonna come once it gonna come, it just keeps going. You wanna get just your present, focus on your breath, focus on you, focus on centering yourself, and that will help you alleviate a lot of those thoughts from being all chaotic. Second is increase your belief in faith by visualizing more. Okay, but from an expectation standpoint. So when you're visualizing, you want to match your inner speech. You wanna start telling yourself things like I am confident. This is moving into fruition. I now know this is happening. Things are getting better and better for me as I'm visualizing this, I know it's activated into physical reality. So you actually kind of guide yourself while you're visualizing increase your belief in faith as you're moving forward. Okay. Number three, here is have more self recognition of who you are.

Okay? Your spiritual of being, living this physical body with a mind. Okay? So throughout your day, you want to say that maybe 10, 20, a hundred times, just over and over and over on my spiritual being, living this physical body with a mind, and you keep saying it, it's gonna induce more faith, cuz you're gonna center more and more with who you really are within and that's gonna help tremendously. Okay. The next element here is remembering the bridge of events is going to unfold. You're gonna see coincidences. You're gonna see positive things happening to you and that's good. Okay. Keep aligning more and more with that. Keep accepting that things are moving into fruition. One thing at a time and allowing yourself to get more emotionally involved with these ideas, which will really transform everything you're feeling as you move forward. Okay. So handling 3d reality is really the understanding that this isn't a magic pill manifesting is not throwing fairy dust in the air and having something appear on your office desk, you know, $20,000 in cash thing in your office desk doesn't happen like that.

But what does happen is a series of things is about to unfold for you. That's called devine timing. So keeping the thought in mind that everything is divine, it's unfolding, perfectly things are happening for good reason for good measure. As I'm feeling these ideas, I'm visualized and I'm doing my affirmations, I'm doing my gratitude. All things are unfolding. They are progressing. Okay. See what you do. You steadily focus your mind on the word, progress, progress, progress, progress, right? Instead of thinking it's not happening, it's not happening. Right. Keep your mind focused on the one word of progress. Right? So handling 3d before anything's manifested is really all about letting and allowing it's all about faith control, belief control and thought control. In this reality, I hope this short video helped you tremendously take these ideas, listen to it every single day, over and over and over and over and over cuz that's the only way it's going to get ingrained and you're gonna become the as ideas you're gonna become the manifesting power. You're gonna become the mental side of who you really are. Okay. So that's the way increased belief, increased faith by increasing your ideas of awareness and expanding your consciousness. Okay. I'll see. Over in the next video, all.

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