10 Elements To Master Manifesting What You Desire
Written by Scott Haug on February 7th, 2022
10 Elements To Master Manifesting What You Desire

Have you watched and read so much content regarding personal development, spirituality, law of attraction etc and then wonder why your desires aren't manifested into your life yet?

In this video, Scott will share with you 10 elements to master manifesting what you desire!

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Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.
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Scott Haug
Full Transcript

10 elements to master manifesting whatever you desire. Hey Scott Haug here and in today's video, we're gonna be covering 10 elements that are gonna really be helpful in manifesting better results into your life and manifesting the things that you want. And sometimes we have so much content and videos and things out there, and it can be helpful to summarize these different things into a list, right? Because you go from one video to another video, to another video, and it's like, you have the essence of manifesting. You understand certain components, but there's something missing. So I'm gonna give you 10 ideas and 10 elements today that are gonna truly help you transform your manifesting game here in this video, before we do make sure you throw like in the video and click, subscribe and click the be icons. So you're notified when we send out other great manifestation content.

And if you're looking for a manifestation course, bringing in predictable manifestations, uh, you can go ahead, end the description below and check out our manifestation accelerator course. It'll be a very, very superb predictable system for you to bring in manifesting results. And then also if you're looking to teach and coach this content, you can definitely do so in our certified manifestation coach certification program, check that out also in a description below. All right. So as we get into this, uh, these 10 elements, remember to, to jot these down and it would be even better if you, in the comments below, keep accountable by actually taking your notes. So write element number one, put into the comment section below element number two, put into comment. Section below. First element here is end scenes end scenes. Now what are end scenes end scenes are basically what you're picturing and imagining in your imagination.

So end scenes basically are the picture of what you want solidified in imagination. So we have imagination and that's basically formless intelligence. It's something will, it's malleable. It's a plastic substance that we can use for our desires or for our detriment, the things that we don't desire. So when we actually visualize, or when we do our affirmations, what we wanna do is deliberately picture an unseen on the screen of your mind. Uh, you actually having the thing that you want. So what, whether that be a sum of money, uh, whether that be a dream home, whether it be whatever it is you want to deliberately see yourself in possession of the thing that you want. And that's what we call an end scene. An end scene is basically the scene at the very end is if your desire has been fulfilled, has been manifested into your physical reality.

So that end scene right there, what it's going to do for you is your conscious subconscious connection. You're gonna actually, once you feel it to be true, which we're gonna talk about once you feel it to be true, that desire is gonna drop from the consciousness subconscious and over a time sequence is going to come into your physical reality. If you stay in a corner of faith and you don't doubt the entire time or worry about it, okay, so end scenes or something you're gonna wanna study more about here on our channel and deliberately seeing what you want. Okay. And what that is. Uh, the second one here is this desire element. Number two is desire. You have to really want what you wanna manifest. You have to really want it because, you know, I've worked with a lot of clients and myself I've worked with of course, and mastering this process more and more.

And when you just kind of want something, it doesn't usually manifest in the way of, you know, if you just kind of want $500, but you don't feel it. Like it's not in your emotion, it's not in your actual feeling core. It's not going to manifest. So you, you can't just kind of wanna want stuff. You know, I, I kind of want this. I kind of want that. You know, if you've read Napoleon Hills, think and grow rich was the first principle burning desire right now. I don't think you have to be obsessive about it necessarily all the time. But if you start to really desire something it's easy and effortless to visualize it and imagine and feel good about it. But when you only kind of want something, it doesn't really grab you. It doesn't impel you to act on certain things you're gonna have to act on or behave on in order for, you know, the manifesting powers to run to and through you, because you might be called forth to build a business.

You might be called forth to grow on a certain subject. You may be called forth to do a specific action in action. And the imagine state are actually one in the same because the outer action is your compulsion to solidify that thing internally. So whatever internal state I'm in the external side must, must also follow through on that internal state. So that's really, really important element Number three is decision. Okay? It's so easy for us to be very indecisive about what we want, right? We might be indecisive about this. I want this, I want this, I want this, but I kind of want this, but I kind of want this right. Or indecisive about what unseen you're gonna actually choose in your mind. So you wanna work on your decision making skills, definitely, and understanding you wanna make a core decision on what it is that you want, and then paint the picture in your mind with all the qualities and all the characteristics and all the things within your decision comes from what you really want.

Not if you can attain it, or if it's possible for you, all things are possible for you, but it's what is it that you really, really want? It goes back to element number two, desire, right? Whatever you really, really want, make a commit decision that no matter, uh, you're going to do the internal work to prepare you to receive that thing. Okay. So make a core committed decision that you're gonna do, whatever it takes to get there. Element number four is feeling that is the secret to manifesting. You have to really feel what you want before it actually comes into your physical life. So for example, if I'm gonna manifest $10,000, okay, I'm gonna start with the end scene of mind. I'm gonna start seeing myself in possession of the $10,000 that I want. And as you start to paint that end scene, you start to see it.

You start to smell it. You start to use your cell senses a little bit. You wanna match your inner speech in order to start feeling it and use music as well. I encourage all my members. We have over a thousand members in our manifestation accelerator that have been through that. And we encourage all of them to use music, to stimulate their emotions. That could be instrumental music. That could be a movie soundtrack. That could be any of that. But the music really helps to stimulate, you know, your mind to stimulate the feeling, to stimulate who you're and think about a movie. You know, when you see an action movie, what if it had no sound effects and no music, right? You wouldn't be, you wouldn't be so jazzed up by that movie. You wouldn't be in it. Right. And what do producers and creators of storylines, what do they want you to do?

Getting emotionally involved with the story, with the plot, with the characters, right? So you wanna do that same thing in your imagination. You want to be emotionally involved with you having the thing that you want. And that's really, really important. So feeling is the key here. Element number five is the subconscious understanding. The, if there's a bigger power than you and I, there's a bigger power than your conscious mind than your logical side. And that's a subconscious programming. Now, subconscious has so many different things associated with it all the way from your body, body functions, right? The blood going throughout your entire body to you breathing when you're not actually paying attention to it, to your heart beating, right. All subconscious, but also the subconscious is connected to all people, all places and all things. If you wanna say in a different way, you could say that's a super conscious, you could say, that's the divine mind.

However, you wanna see this in your mind is okay. And you decide on the vocabulary they, you wanna use and describe these things. But the unconscious side of us connected to all people, it's connected to all things. It's like this fabric of, of people and energy that are all around us and whatever we're emotionally involved with. We're going to draw towards us. That's the essence of course, of what you've heard before. Love attraction, but love attraction goes, I think a lot further than like attracts. Like that's the basis maybe by it really goes to a deeper level of you are going to really be in harmony with what you are in harmony with internally. Meaning the physical results are gonna be in harmony with whatever you have within your state internally. So if you're in a feeling state, you're going to pull towards you more and more of those similar type of events unfolding in your life, and that's gonna really make all a difference.

So the subconscious you wanna know is your powerhouse. You wanna put that idea from the consciousness subconscious, and it will find a way to manifest itself into physical reality. So it's kind of like the universe in you partnering in. Co-creating what you want. And it's very important. Element number six is called the bridge of incidents or a bridge of events or a bridge of happenings and borrowing this term from the great neville Godard, uh, the bridge of events and bridge of incidents shocked me when I first lit heard it, cuz I used to be very impatient around manifesting and impatient is something you really want. So the bridge of events, what it really means is there's gonna be a series of events that unfolds between now and the unfoldment of your desire physically. So it's not supposed to be magic. It's not supposed to be like whenever I think about something in my mind, if I think about it long enough and I repeat it for so many times, it's just gonna magically poof out of thin air and happen.

Doesn't happen like that. There's a series of events that's going to unfold to allow you to attain and receive the thing that you want. So very important that you become aware more and more that when you visualize no magic's supposed to happen, you're just getting in preparation to receive that thing. And then it's happen. At some point, there's gonna be a timeline. There's gonna be a physical timeline that happens. There's a lag, if you will, between these two, uh, happenings between when you visualize it and when you actually receive it, there's going to be an unfoldment of incidences events, positive incidences that as many times challenges, different things that you're going to grow through to see this thing. Okay. And that could be something very small. It could be something even larger. Okay. So there's gonna be a series of events that unfold element number eight is letting and allowing this usually is the biggest difficulty and issue for most people when they manifest is not understanding how to Latin allow, right?

How do you actually even do it? I try videos, uh, on that, just go ahead and the channel and look for the playlists on manifesting exercise and methods. And you can find your fair share of letting and allowing constantly or type in Scott Haug let and allow in the search bar on YouTube. And it'll come up with a lot of different videos on techniques and exercise on letting and allowing in this video here, we just wanna cover the element of letting and allowing really means being in less resistance around what you desire. And the resistance often comes from doubtful worries and overthinking about how, when and where something's gonna come from. So if I say, I wanna manifest $10,000, my ego side will say, when's it gonna come? How the heck is $10,000 gonna come into my life? Is it gonna come from when's it gonna come?

Yeah, I just, these series of questions that place over and over and over in the mind. So letting it allowing is starting to free yourself from those questions and focusing on the, what, what you want and why you want it, which is really where the emotional cycle comes in. You want stuff because it's gonna make you feel better in the having of it, right? It's going to provide freedom. It's gonna provide this. It's gonna provide this, whatever it is. So you wanna really learn the skill of letting and allowing and mastering that skill, which is super important. Element. Number eight, here is energy world energy world. You live in an energy based world. This, this, all this around me is energy. Even all the books behind me, all this stuff. You know, even if I just grab something here, we got a okay, low figurine here.

And this low figurine is made out of an energy. We already know this in chemistry and the periodic table of elements shows us and teaches us that there's a certain amount of elements that everything is made up of. Every physical object is made up of a certain amount of elements. And that's it. There's nothing beyond that. So far as we know, they may discover more elements in the future, but we as understand that there's only a certain amount of elements Everything is made out of at the core fundamental level. We also know in science that everything from the electron to understanding the free space around us, this is all really energy patterns around us. Everything that we see, even though we live in this mechanical physical style world is Newtonian physical world. You know, there's much more going on in the invisible side of us. There's much more going on in the energy side of us, right?

And just because science can't prove everything, it doesn't mean things don't exist. Okay? So we wanna understand, we live in an energy based universe. Everything is vibrating. Everything's at a different level than other things. And this energy based world. That's how we discovered is a human species, wireless communication through cell phones, in wifi and internet and all these different, you know, wireless ideas. It's all because we understood energy and frequencies and how these energies relate to one another. So understand that you live in an you world and that's how you're manifesting because your mind is a form of energy and you're connected to everything at all places at all times, which will be very helpful for you. Element number nine is recognizing who you are. It's a spiritual being, okay. You're much bigger than the physical body that you're with. So if you're manifesting from physical, it's gonna seem very difficult, right?

I'm saying I have to attain $10,000 just from my physical standpoint. Then you're coming from a place of the paradigm of just hard work, right? And we wanna go well beyond that. So understanding that we live in a physical reality, uh, at the same time we live in an energy world. We wanna understand who we truly are. We're as spiritual being live thing in this physical body. And we have a mind that helps us adapt and relate to this physical world. It's like that connecting link between spirit and physical as thought. Okay. So recognizing who you are is the basis of how you even know you have manifesting powers, which is really important. And last but not least element number 10 is practice slash skill. You need to practice this stuff. You know, manifesting is our natural inherent gift, but it needs to be practiced.

It's very important. It's just like riding a bike. It's our inherent gift to have balance capabilities and muscles that will allow us to ride on the bicycle, but you have to practice it and you wanna get a good teacher that can help you understand these principles and practice more and more. I'm a firm believer. I only got to where I got to today and that's manifesting, you know, my, my yearly income that I used to have is, uh, in the career and engineering and everything I was in before turning that into a monthly, I'm literally earning that every single month and allowing myself to have a lot of freedom. Having multiple places I live in having different places around the world, on the beach and different things. I've attracted into my life. Having a, a six figure day, uh, manifested in I'm a, all these things don't happen by coincidence.

Okay. They happen by practice and skill of doing this. Now this takes years to master, you know, I don't think I've ever heard of a person mastering manifestation in a year. And what does really mastering mean? It means a constant practice of moving forward. And there's never really an end to mastering. You never just mastering. You're done always getting better and better. And that's why you have people. I have a big martial arts background. That's why you see masters still training. And they're 85 years old, right? Because why? I mean, because you're always practicing. You can never really master anything. You can become more and more of a master. Definitely. You can become a manifesting master if you will. Absolutely. But you always wanna keep practicing and always getting better at your skill level. Okay. So element number 10 here is really practicing more and more of this manifesting, trying it experimenting it.

You only really know manifestation until you actually do it until you unleash it. And remember, don't look for a magic trick. Okay? This bonus is number 11 and element number here. Don't look for a magic trick. Don't look for something that's gonna give you instant results. Look for something that's gonna give you consistent, predictable unleashing of your powers. Consistency and predictability are way better than some magic thing that happens tomorrow, right? You wanna be able to have these results coming in consistently over and a over and over to what a joyful life to live. So at these 10 elements here, I want you to focus on them. Do do some really deep research on these elements, go right on our YouTube channel. We have all 10 of these elements scattered throughout our channel here. Dig deep, take notes, you know, every day, take an hour and sit on our YouTube channel and take notes on all the techniques, all the methods, all the exercises, because that's what gains more faith and more belief is you actually becoming more and more aware and ingraining these ideas into your mind. Okay. Scott Haug signing off here. I look forward to your comments below and all the 10 elements that you see in this video here, having those into the comments is your electronic notes. And then I would copies notes and paste them onto a word document, a Google document, something, or you can keep these notes and keep your mind active in creating more and more awareness and consciousness shift. All right. Really good. Thank you for being here and I'll see you over in the next video. All.

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