Increasing Your Focus In 2022 - Manifest Faster Results!
Written by Scott Haug on January 19th, 2022
Increasing Your Focus In 2022 - Manifest Faster Results!

Do you want to be more productive & efficient in your business and your life but you just don't know why focusing is challenging for you?

In this video, you'll learn some tips and exercises on how increasing your focus will manifest faster results!

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Full Transcript

Increasing your focus. Hey Scott Haug here in today's video, we're going to be increasing your focus so you can be more productive, more efficient, but also really manifests a lot better results into your life and not having so much chaos and stuff going around and, you know, having some focus for an hour and then not having a focus and everything else, you know, there's a point in my life. When I number I was trying to sit down, I was trying to write my first paid ad. I was trying to write down a blog. I was trying to, you know, really stay focused in some of the work I was doing many years ago. And my focus was about for five minutes. Okay. I was literally sitting down trying, and then I had the urge to get up. I just get up, I'd say, oh, I need a snack.

So I'd go eat a snack. It's sit back down. I'd try and focus right. About two words. I'd have the, uh, writer's block. If you will. I couldn't actually focus on anything. Then I'd get up and say, oh, I should probably do the laundry. So I'd do the laundry. Sit back down, try for five, 10 more minutes on focusing. And I'd sit there. Kind of just not really knowing what to do. Right? And then I would go and say, oh, I need a drink of water. You could see the endless train that was on this endless cycle of not having focus and not getting things done the way I wanted to and not really being my best self. Right. Couple of things that helped me. And that'll definitely help you. And by the way, make sure you subscribe to the channel if you haven't do done.

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So increasing your focus. A couple of the things that really helped me was number one, clear out your distractions, clear them out, okay. Your cell phone and mine at the time is the biggest blocker to your focus. Okay. Very, very important. I would take an entire day. That's a long time. It's a big chunk of your life. I get it it, but I've done it myself. And I've helped all my clients through it as well. It's very important. Take a day and clear out your phone, turn off all notifications besides, you know, the ones that might be urgent, your, your ringer for your phone calls and text messages or whatever that might look like, but make sure all those notifications for anything else or completely off turn off and delete all the apps that you don't use and actually clean out anything else on your phone.

Now this may sound preposterous. How's this gonna have actually manifest things faster in my life, right? Well, the big idea here is you only have a certain amount of mental space available to you on a daily and hourly basis. If your mind space is constantly drawn somewhere else, it's constantly drawn to social media. Oh, there's a ding because there's a Facebook notification. Oh, there's a ding. Because the game that I have on my phone that I never play, I got 10 coins or whatever the games are nowadays. Right? So you have these things that are pulling you away from the thing that you want. Okay. It's very important that you get rid of all those distractions. Okay. That's step number one. It will improve. And when you're working as well, go with 30 minute increments to start. If you need to turn off the and notifications in your phone, put it on silent.

Okay. Very, very important. So your main notifications that you're keeping on there important put in on silent during that work time that you're gonna do number two, start with small increments and keep yourself seated in your chair, doing something focus wise for 10 to 15 minute intervals. Okay? So literally force yourself basically to sit down and train your mind and train your body to actually be in front of your work for 10 minutes, you put a time around 10 minutes. The next day you do 11 minutes. Next day, you do 12 minutes. Focus is a muscle. And for those people that are feeling really unfocused, like I was years ago, my mind was weak in that department, in that area, my willpower to stay there and keep my mind focused on the thing that I wanted. Okay. It was very, very weak and I needed to size and muscle.

So every day I tried it out 10 minutes, I got outta the way up to 20, 25, 30 minutes after a couple of weeks doing this exercise. And it started to become easier and easier to stay focused. Okay. So really important start with small increments. And then don't, don't put yourself down. Don't tell yourself the story. Like I suck at this. I don't need 10 minutes of focus time. No, give yourself the credit and increase of saying, I focus for 10 minutes straight today. That's awesome. That's way better than I did yesterday. Couldn't even focus for 30 seconds, right? So you gave yourself a pat on the back saying I'm working it, I'm practicing it. Things are improving. So that's super important there. And number three, write down everything that's going on in your mind. A lot of us have a billion to dos to do in the health and fitness area.

What you're gonna do, what you're gonna have for dinner tonight, what actions you need to do in your business or job or whatever it is, the friend or family member you gotta call. And it's all going on here. And you're trying to remember thing. And some people will say, well, I'm just really great at memory. It's fine. They'll come back to me when I needs to. No, no, it's, that's the worst way of doing it because your mind is so clouded and so chaotic with a million ideas happening one time. That's why you can't stay focused. So instead take a piece of paper out notepad, or just on your laptop or phone notes or whatever it is and write down all of the, to-dos, all the things that you wanna do. All the priorities, all the commitments, all that stuff, write it down and get it out of your head.

Get it outta your head on, on, on your paper or on your, your actual electronic, your notepad, your laptop, whatever, then focus into your projects. From there. You're gonna clean up that mental space and you're gonna be able to allow yourself to focus a lot more. And I'm telling you this helped me manifest tenfold because I could keep my images on the, on the screen of my mind. A lot more. I could actually fee feel what I wanted to feel a lot more of the time. It's because I wasn't so chaotic. And our world right now is a very distraction based world, right? Ads, everywhere, social media, everywhere, things everywhere. And it's, it's extremely fast. Especially if you live in a city like, uh, when I lived in Los Angeles or Miami or any of the areas, right? Or New York city, I mean, it is busy.

And that's how it trains you to be just busy. Go, go, go. And your mind is all over the place. There's no presence. There's no really key focus in what you're doing. Right? So especially live in those areas, get rid of all the distractions that you can get rid of the chaos and focus, stay calm. <affirmative> follow the three principles we just covered here. And this will help you immensely. Whether it comes to manifesting new results, manifesting the upgraded results, or just increasing your focus overall for the projects that you're venturing into in your job or business moving forward. Right? Let me know if this helps in the comments below, let me know with a yes. In the comments, if this is helpful and we might do a part, two of being able to focus with three more different exercises and things you can work on to increase your focus, let us know in the comments below, we'll make sure we're creating videos that are really enjoyable and helpful to you.

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