How I Manifested $10,000 In One Week - Law of Assumption Secrets
Written by Scott Haug on January 17th, 2022
How I Manifested $10,000 In One Week - Law of Assumption Secrets

Wouldn't you like to attract more money into your life? If so, then this video is for you!

Scott shares with you a step-by-step process on how he attracted $10,000 into his life in just one week!

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Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.
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Full Transcript

How I attracted myself $10,000 in a very short amount of time. Hey Scott Haug here and in today's video, I'm gonna go through a step by step process. I used to attract and manifest $10,000 outta the blue unexpectedly into my life. And if you follow this process, you can definitely do the same. Before we jump into a video to day, make you throw a like on the video and as you do, so it's gonna send out to a lot more people and together we can raise the consciousness of this planet. Also make sure you subscribe to the channel as well. All right. Attracting money, right? It can be the funnest thing in the world. It could be the most frustrating thing in the world, depending on whether you're actually manifesting what you desire or manifesting, what you don't desire. Right? <affirmative> one day I wanted to test this just a little bit more.

I, I had been doing manifesting techniques and exercises for a very long time, and I wanted to test out if I could actually attract to myself the amount of money that I wanted, which was $10,000. Okay. At the time $10,000 was bigger than normal is you. I would manifest 500 bucks, 700 bucks, maybe $1,200. I mean, they weren't large chunks. Okay. Sometimes a little larger, but it wasn't usually $10,000. So it was a little uncomfortable. It was a little bit more of a stretch for me. And that's kind of why I wanted to manifest as well. I wanted the 10,000 for what I could use, but I also wanted to test it and say, if this universe stuff, if these laws of the universe stuff actually work, then therefore I must be able to attract any amount of money I wanted. So my first start was $10,000 on the first stretch goal for myself.

So I went through this five step process, this five step process I teach in all my courses, but a lot more debt apps. We're gonna go through some of the steps right now. And if you follow these steps, you can absolutely attract any amount of money you want, even if it's not $10,000. And it's 500 bucks, even if it's $50,000, it works for higher amounts as well. Whatever it is that you want, you will get it. But remember this is not magic. Okay. So it wasn't like I thought about $10,000 when I fell asleep, I dreamt it and I woke up and there was $10,000 outta my bank account. It didn't happen like that. And it also wasn't magic. So it wasn't like, I just thought of it. I imagine I visualized it for 10 minutes. I opened my eyes and boom, it was sitting there on my desk.

That didn't happen either. Okay. So you wanna realize this stuff isn't magic. It's not something that poops out of the thin air. It's a natural process that gets initiated. If you will, and starts to move towards you, as you move towards it. Now the dollar bills are they actually moving towards you? Actually, they might be because people are handing it off to the next person. Or if it's a digital number, like your credit card, debit card, bank statement, something like that. Is it getting closer to you? Not exactly, but energetically. It is because we're setting things in motion. Okay. So let me talk about this just a bit. So that night, when I, or that day when I manifested $10,000, so it was about a week prior, about seven days. And I had sat down and wrote down in the present tense. I just now received $10,000 unexpectedly with joy and fun because I didn't want it to come with, uh, hardship, frustration, all those things I wanted to become very easy.

So I wrote that down in present tense is if I already had it from there, I created an end scene in my mind. So I closed my eyes and my imagination. I created an end scene indicating that I had already received the money. So this time in my bank account, I actually saw my, my checking account increased by $10,000. So I created and saw that number in my mind and, and tried to feel into it. That's one of the toughest parts with manifestation as well is feeling it that it's true now. Like you've actually got it. One of the tricks that helped me do that was when I saw the image in my mind of the increase of $10,000 in my bank statement, I actually use my inner speech to match with it. So I tell myself things like, I just now received $10,000. It's amazing.

I would say this in my thought, not out loud, I would say thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So basically speech that would indicate I already had it in my possession. Okay. In that of helped increase the joy. And I also use music. That's a great tip as well. Uh, any instrumental music, whether it's a movie soundtrack or anything else that you find, um, with my coaching clients, we have a vast playlist of tons of different tracks we use from manifesting. You can find 'em anywhere online, but I close my eyes and start it to feel it right. And as I felt it, something kind of felt like I clicked a little bit. Like it was mine. I felt a presence. Like I can have this. And as soon as I felt that I knew that something had happened from my consciousness, subconscious, something like you, it dropped in there.

If you will. It kind of solidified in conscious. And I knew from learning all this manifestation secrets and ideas, right? I knew that once you get into your subconscious, there's nothing more that you must do to fuse with it. You don't need visualize it. You don't need to affirm it. You don't need to repeat it. It's basically a done deal. As long as you stay studying your faith and belief. So you, you can't doubt, you know, every single day nonstop over and over and over because it won't come or you're over overthinking it. So I did this and then I went into step four and step four, step three was feeling it by the way, I didn't specify that step two is unseen. Step one is the present tense statement. Step four is the bridge of happenings or bridge of events happening between now in you re me receiving the $10,000, that, that week's time.

There was a series of events that unfolded it's called the bridge of incidents or bridge of events. And these parts of events help guide you to the realization and the receiving of what it is that you want. So during those seven days, I tried to increase my service in my business. That was a channel where I knew sales could come. Money could come. Clients could come, even though I was not used to bringing in a $10,000 sale and all on one go, or a bunch of money that added up to $10,000 on one day, I still knew that I needed to increase people. If I focused on me during the bridge of events, I would focus on doubt, worry, when's the money gonna come? Where's the $10,000 gonna come from. This is impossible, and this is never gonna happen. Right? All those chaotic thoughts would happen.

So I didn't wanna go there. So what I did was distract myself with actually going out there and serving people. So during that week in my business every day, and by the way, I remember, I didn't know it was gonna come in a week. So I just focused every day on increasing my service to my prospects and customers, which meant like I just created a little bit more value and gave it to them. I created a little bit more value to my prospects and gave it to them. I also found a way to increase like everyday people. Like when I went to a grocery store, I would give a really nice thank you when I would go to a restaurant or if I was going in Uber that week or whatever, I'd increase the tip that I gave. So I was just trying to do some increase, increasing the pay people I came in contact with, and that did twofold.

Number one, it kept my thoughts off those overthinking thoughts and actually kept my thoughts steadily on how I could help. So I wasn't overthinking. This is what we call letting and allowing and manifestation. And the second part of it was I was mastering that letting along process. So my energy was free flowing. So I could tracked in at $10,000, uh, idea after ideas started to happen within that week. Like I remember doing a couple of things in my business that I had ideas for. I intuitively thought I'm gonna post on social media, this exact thing. I'm going to go live this day. I'm going to go do this. So I was following intuition at the same time. During those seven days, every single day, I'd follow some sort of intuitive pull, but again, every single time the $10,000 came back to mind of like, is it happening?

Is it happening? I went back to service. I went back to thinking not about the $10,000. Basically. I tried to forget it. I tried to let it go. I didn't, I didn't have it on a note card or a go card. I didn't try to keep repeating it. I just let it go and forgot about it. Complete. Cuz remember I did that click, that click happened with my subconscious, with that feeling of this is already mine. So what had happened is it was about seven days. It wasn't exactly seven days on the dial. It was like six days and probably like eight hours and 32 minutes. I don't know what the exact amount of time was. I didn't document minute by minute. But it was about that timeframe where I had a prospect that was actually ready to go, but they wanted extra coaching package.

I never had before they wanted extras. At the same time, they were ready to go like literally from call number one. They just they've heard my stuff before. And they saw some of my stuff before and they really liked it. They were in harmony with it. They knew that they, they could find great guidance and soul tribe and everything else where I, in my courses and programs and bolt, they signed up paying in full and then a large chunk within that same day, paying in full for extra, uh, program and mentorship that I wasn't offering at the time, but they needed it. So I offered down that call and literally the exact sum of $10,000 came in that one day. It was amazing. So then I was like, well, am I excited about this? Once I received it and I wasn't actually excited, I was just thankful.

So I already had lived it within and I kind of expected it. I expected it to actually happen. Therefore, when I got it, I wasn't over the top about it. I wasn't like, you know, I just drank a red bull and I was going nuts with excitement. It wasn't like that. It was just a calm assurance like yeah, of course, of course I just manifested as $10,000. Right. So that's the process that I did. And I've been able to predictively and consistently repeat this process, proving that works over and over again. And then I built an entire course on it's called the manifestation accelerator. Literally the whole course is based on these five steps, these five principles, by the way, we didn't go over through step over five step number five, zero P for every desire you have, that's it. Okay. So you do do the four steps and number fifth, the fifth one here is make sure you repeat with every intention, everything you want, material or non-material, you can manifest beliefs, you can manifest happiness, you can manifest confidence, all those things as well.

Okay. So I did this process and I proved it so many, so many different things that, like I said it and then forgot about it and it would happen. Now it gets into the O question. Do I need to do repetition to actually get my goals? And it's a different question for a different video and that, that does work as well. You just wanna make sure the number one thing that happens for you is the feeling is natural. That you already have the, and once you get there, then it will come and making sure you're really letting and allowing. That's probably about if I were to make a percentage 80 to 90% of individual's problems, people's problems and manifesting is they're they're not letting and allowing. They're just constantly thinking constantly, constantly thinking, where is it gonna be? How when's are gonna come? How's it gonna come all these different ideas, right?

And it keeps 'em in chronic absence feeling, which actually manifests the absence of the thing. So hopefully that makes sense. Let me know in the comments below, if that makes sense, uh, throw a yes into comments. If it does, I'd like to check in with you to make sure this is making sense. As you are on my channel here, provide getting value of things that have worked in my experience and my client's experience. If I've worked with over a thousand people on manifesting and helping them master this process, it's been unbelievable on how many people can use the same process and they get the results from it. And that's why we can say it's a proven process because you say it's gonna work. And then, you know, every process, it's not always gonna work the first time where you gotta tweak it. You gotta understand it.

You gotta get better at it. And manifesting is a skill. And that's really important for you to know it's a skill. It's not something that it does come naturally because we all can manifest it though. It's like riding a bicycle. If you don't practice that muscle, you don't practice that, that balance and everything. It's not gonna come so easy anymore. Even though we're given that birthright of being able to manifest that doesn't mean we're all masters right now. We are internally in the perfection within us, but it, we have to practice it in the physical world in order to actually make it work and have it be a mass through skill of ours. So practice this, try it out. Don't get frustrated. Uh, let's rephrase that because if you feel frustrated, that's okay and that's acceptable rather. Let's say don't create the story that if you don't get it the first time that you're broken, it doesn't work for you.

That's a story you're saying in your mind and that story isn't true. Okay. So we wanna refrain from telling ourselves a story of why it's not working. If you wanna feel frustrated, that's okay. That's perfectly normal. Okay. But go into a zone of I'm getting better. I'm practicing this skill. It's a new skill for me and you'll eventually get it. All right. If you're interested in becoming one of our certified math station coaches and helping people teach, helping teach us to people and helping people with the manifestation process. You really like what we do here on the channel. You love, love attraction. You love personal development, manifesting. You love helping people and serving people, check out our manifesting cert uh, certification. There it's a program where you get mentorship, building a coaching business, helping get client enrolled and knowing how to do that. In the description below, we have a bunch of information on two of our courses, manifestation accelerator, which gives you a full system of what to do every single week step by step.

There's a $1 trial right now as a special offer, go ahead and click the link below. And then we also have our certification interest in that. Just go ahead and click below, fill out an application, book a call with my team and then get some more details on what the certification looks like and see if it's a great fit for you. One of the greatest opportunities you're going to find with, you know, living your passion, living your purpose, and living the ultimate dream life that you're looking for, helping people, serving people and making a greater impact on your legacy and purpose. Scott signing up here. I hope this video is immensely helpful. I look at forward to your comments and you mentioning yes that this was helpful and any results that come from a check back to our YouTube channel here for everything, go to manifesting meditations, ideas, exercises, and everything else. I'll see you over in the next video.

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