Manifestation Exercises To Create New Self-Image [Law Of Attraction]
Written by Scott Haug on January 7th, 2022
Manifestation Exercises To Create New Self-Image [Law Of Attraction]

By using these important law of attraction manifestation exercises, you will create your new self-image.

Do these exercises 3-4 times daily and you'll start to feel and believe into your self-image more than ever to start manifesting your desires FASTER!

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Full Transcript

You remind yourself, it doesn't come through. Hard work comes through activation of the mind. And my external action when inspired,

Just having an important reminder that there's things unfolding bridge of events, bridge of happenings, whatever you call that thing that helps you be patient. It helps you realize that everything's gonna come into play and things are moving in that right direction. Things are aligning as we send out this stuff. Along with that number one core aspect is do your manifestation exercise three to four times every three day. Second thing is follow your intuitive inspired action. If you feel like you should be doing more, do more, you remind yourself it doesn't come through. Hard work comes through activation of the mind and my external action. When inspired you remind yourself, and then you go do something that's fun and rewarding. Those two opponents have helped and that will drastically show more peace and patience. Uh, I know exactly what you mean. I'm the same way in my personality.

I want things today. I want 'em. Now that's just part of the personality that I have. It's very go, go, go, go, go. Um, in a good way. It's a very, very reinforcing, positive, supportive thing. Time is an illusion. If there are, um, 18 days left this month or 17 days, and it doesn't seem like we're actually getting what we want, cuz oh my God, there's 17 days. How am I gonna have enough time? That's BS. You could earn 20 grand in a day this month by all the serendipitous things happening. So we always wanna remember as well, time is an illusion. It, the time is associated with anything, doing visualizations really well in the morning, affirmations, money, audio, et cetera, for 45 minutes. Plus all the worksheets out loud music has been really helping you mention epic music and I'm listening to, but then family gets up mood changes and feeling isn't there.

And I blocking my manifestations by not feeling it all day. I feel like I'm doing all this work, but then allow myself to get caught up in tough frustrated feelings throughout the day. Absolutely probably are blocking something. Uh, the scales are most likely tipped towards more frustration and irritation. Uh, it it's corresponds to seeds that we grow on the ground. If it's like a corn stock and we put the seed into the soil, then we dig it back up or we take a little shovel and we kind of dig around it and mess up the soil and the, and the seed. Uh, that's probably gonna prolong its growth. And then we do that every single day. And then one day we get really frustrated and we jab the shovel into the ground and throw the seed. We can't expect the corn stock to actually ever grow.

Uh, it's gotta be properly maintained in the right location, right? So there's nutrients and things that we got to water this beautiful plant to allow it to sprout. Same thing goes with the seed in the mind is basically we have to water it. We have to nurture it. We have to protect our doubts and worries away from what we want. Don't, uh, get more scared, realizing you're you're being doubtful, worried, or a different, uh, mood. I would rather, um, try to get in a serenity feeling throughout the day, take a little checks throughout the day and get into serenity. Every time you go to the bathroom, every time you eat, uh, resetting yourself that will help. And the other thing is Emma. So number one, number two, I wanna do as much work in the morning. Sounds like you have the time to do it.

Uh, but if you can squeak in five minutes at 10:00 AM, I'd do that. I'd visualize into your manifestation exercise. More consistently spreading it to throughout the day will get better results than doing 45 minutes in the morning. My belief is that better. The diversity, the better everyone will be, which is often key to a, a very expensive growth. So in, you have say three to five clients coming in in a good scale, uh, maybe do one group call a week with the individual coaching as well. I would combine both and to go with your intuition on whether it's gonna be Q and a, or you're gonna talk about topic. Um, but you have to first believe that it's okay, that everyone's gonna be different. Visualize the unseen, activate with strong emotion. Let it go. That will do more justice than any study in the world. Actually being there, infusing with that in imaginations

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