Manifesting: Shifting Your Self-Image In Your Subconscious Mind
Written by Scott Haug on January 5th, 2022
Manifesting: Shifting Your Self-Image In Your Subconscious Mind

Do you have a self-image that is not serving you? Do you want to create a new self-image that will manifest more of your desires?

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Full Transcript

My new self image is the self image that I want to become and my world to become

How often we see it as real in the mind and feel it real in the mind. You wanna see that's in your mind and feel it is real every day, but it doesn't have to be the same thing. You can view multiple scenes as long as they're all in the same direction that will nurture your mind in the frequency you're in consistently the supplemental beliefs I was talking over here is self-image self-image, that's all it is, is a set of beliefs on what I believe to be myself and my world. My new self-image is the self-image that I want to become. And my world to become all of the conversations in your world are a reflection of the self-image that we carry. You can manifest. I am strong, confident, and better than ever with money. The self-image script, you can actually pick out beliefs. It's very vital to realize the result and the changes in our life only come through application of this.

Number one is that visualization. Um, let's do like a little pre first, cuz you have to first decide on and write out the new self image. You see the unseen mental conversations and harmony with that thing. Feel it to be true, then let it go. Number two, mental conversations before bed. We don't talk about this one a lot. There's just so many everything. All these exercises work, we're just kind of going through some, pick a person and some talk to 'em and be for Ben. Tell them about your massive success and accomplishments. Okay. What we're doing instead is sending out energy that has to respond has to start a process of even having the conversation on that person or another being. And number three is consistent. Repeat. So that could be every, you just say it out loud. You could do mirror work with it as well.

You could say it in your eyes, take a line. Remember what it says, look up, say it in the mirror, look down, look at the line. But often repeating these things will help you just keep thinking about it, reminding yourself of the full script as well. Those three, I would say are the big three for this exercise self image. There are hundreds of different things that are possible. I've found that these three are, are just mega when it comes to accepting ideas as fast as possible. And actually seeing that self-image replicate itself on the outside post is forget about it is now unfolding. That's really key. Don't search for your manifestation. Let it go. Let it come to you by not focusing on the idea, let it go, build the business, do your thing. Increase people, live your life. So basically we put it out there and then we think about something else.

Bridge of incidents is not, that's a phrase you could think about every day forever, cuz it reminds you, okay, things are being set up for me. And then one day you're having dinner and you have a conversation in harmony with your self image. You say, we, whoa, why am I feeling this way? Why am I acting this way? Why am I different? Yeah. So basically when we're trying to accept an idea and we're trying to put an idea in the subconscious mind, the conscious mind, often the ego part of the conscious mind wants to reject the idea. It's like when you're really tired, get on these calls because ideas and things are just being lodged in your mind on that because you're in a state where you're just receptive to allowing things in.

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