How To Increase Results By Changing Your Core Beliefs Using Law Of Attraction
Written by Scott Haug on January 3rd, 2022
How To Increase Results By Changing Your Core Beliefs Using Law Of Attraction

What is your belief system? Is it healthy and positive? If not, would you like to increase it?

In this video, Scott shares with you how to increase results by changing your core beliefs using the Law Of Attraction!

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Full Transcript

I'm a spiritual being in the physical body. I am not taking on any negative energy, but only positive, empowering energy.

Hello, our family. Welcome on our Q and a and this beautiful Monday evening. Uh, we're now recording today's Monday, January 13th, 2020. So here's a process that I've covered, uh, for myself that will certainly help. Number one, really be observant. And in the moment, learn from what people are saying. If it's a family member, an old friend, how are they speaking? What are they saying? What do they believe? So just be very observant. Number two is doing a, uh, reset at any part of the day is awesome. Okay. You're hanging out with a friend and do you need to go to the bathroom? You go to the bathroom, wash your hands, and then you take 10 extra seconds and do a mental reset, close your eyes and say, I am one with source. I'm a spiritual being in the physical body. I am not taking on any negative energy, but only pause with the powering energy.

Go several times while you're know family celebration morning until night you do that several times. You'll be in that centered stage, you know, centered internally by spending time with family for one day, you're not gonna absorb all of the old beliefs or anything else that's coming up, but rather have fun. Be there with family because it loving it's joyful and it's fun to do. And that's a process that's helped me a lot. So let's draw a little diagram visually so we can really see how this is going here. Maybe we have a core belief here, the core belief. How do you know what you believe? You look at your results. That's basically it. Okay. So if I'm only earning 10 grand a month or whatever, it doesn't matter. I'm just picking a number outta the blue. If you're earning 10 grand a month, that means you have a belief.

That's a core belief around this. It's really a result that you're looking at a core thought that's lodged in your conscious and subconscious mind within this 10, 10 K per month. Maybe you wanna get to, let's put a little circle off here. Maybe you want to get to 30 K, but the core belief hasn't matched yet intellectually. You could be there and belief all, but it's completely all at a feeling level. That's dictating everyone's results. So you could believe you can. That's first stage. That's very important. You had to believe you, or at least hope you can, or you would never even go the on that direction. You're trying to sail from New York city to someplace in Europe and you don't even believe you're gonna make it. You probably wanna get on the. So first and foremost, you have to consciously hope and wish and believe something.

But the real work comes in mental efforts around the feeling of belief, right? And these supplemental beliefs will, will put up a barrier or limit us from actually experiencing the thing that we do want. And we'll call these supplemental. These are actually all kind of connected. So I'll make a little squiggles here, cause they're not really separate, but we may say, uh, 30 grand per per month is so hard or 30 grand per month. If I was making that with my current business strong, sure. I'd have no time, 30 K months. So these, these thoughts, and remember every belief is just a thought. You continue to think it's something that's ingrained in your mind. And that's what these things are right there. The beliefs are like the invisible wall. We've all felt before. If we ever feel like there's a glass and on top of our head, if we feel there's an invisible wall, keeping us back from our success.

It's nothing but a belief with them. That's it. That's where that's coming from. That feeling first and foremost, focused on the core belief. And it's a very good practice every day to work on one supplemental belief or changing that around your submit. You don't have to actually change all these beliefs to manifest what you want. Cuz if you change one, you change. 'em all. If you start believing 30 K per month is easy. Guess what? You have a lot of attraction going on. You attract similar thoughts. You'll probably start thinking, oh, it is easy and I can figure out how to do it. And I'm getting better at what I'm doing. And even if it is in my current business model, I'm sure I'll change it to add more time on my schedule. Right? So by changing one belief, remember a belief is a thought, you keep thinking and by the law of attraction, you'll start to attract similar thoughts and you just start the movement forward.

It's pretty nice. That's really how you know, what, what am I leaving at a deep down level? You look at your results. And then at a supplemental belief, if you wanna know what those are, listen into your thoughts. You can manifest this. Our objective is that accepting of an idea. So that goes into your subconscious universal mind. That's it. So if you ex accept a reality about yourself, how do you do that? You see it as real in mind and feel it as real in mind. That's how you accept an idea. You accepted the idea, you see it as real in your mind. There's no arguing. You wouldn't tell me all the reasons why it can't be done or it, we start to overthink. We start to doubt, which is the opposite of accepting an idea. The more that we find ideas on, why it can't happen, essentially we're rejecting an idea. If we reject the idea, the idea is not going into a subconscious universal mind. It can't happen.

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