Manifesting: Stepping Into More Flow (Giving CREDIT To The Universe)
Written by Scott Haug on December 31st, 2021
Manifesting: Stepping Into More Flow (Giving CREDIT To The Universe)

Scott shares an exercise with you in this video that will help you get out of doubt and worry!

This manifesting technique by giving credit to the universe will help you stay in more flow!

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Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.
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Full Transcript

Stepping into more flow, we're gonna be covering an exercise in this video that will help you get out of that doubt and worry between when you're gonna actually get your manifestation. And when you think about it and intend it, right, that gap, that timeline between now and when you actually receive it, we're gonna go through a technique that will blow you away on staying in more flow. Because somehow of when we're trying to manifest, we are putting out great intentions. We're putting out great goals, but between now and actually receiving it, we're guessing so much on how it's gonna come. Where's it gonna come from? When's it gonna come? How are things gonna play out? There's no way I'm gonna get this right. The monkey mind goes crazy. So one of the techniques today that we cover in this video will really have help you stay in that flow.

It's Scott Haug here and just before we jump into our flow video, make sure you throw a like on this video because as you do so the YouTube algorithm starts to get that out to more people. And we're just trying to help more and more people think more positively and change their life. And I know that you're on that same page, so let's support more and more people together. We can raise the consciousness of this planet, make sure I also subscribe to the channel because we send out a lot of manifestation, how to content. And if you want to look into coaching, teaching this material, you love a personal development. Self-help material, life coaching. You, you really feel possibly a calling to help people to serve people. You wanna build a freedom lifestyle where you're maybe a laptop, uh, entrepreneur, and you can work from anywhere in the world.

You can create unlimited freedom. You can create unlimited wealth with the possibilities that we have now with an online capability of online business, you wanna do something like that, helping and serving and loving what you do. Maybe think about getting into our certified manifestation coach certification program. Okay? So in the description below, go ahead and fill in an application and also book a call with my team and see if this is a good fit for you. All right? So what's this technique that we're talking about, inducing more flow, it's called giving credit to the universe. So what tends to happen is I'm trying to manifest something into my life, a chunk of money, a sale, a client, a thing, whatever it is, right. And I write it down in the present tense. I might even use some scripting on it. I might even use some journaling on it where I write it down, or I'm just thinking about it, or I've heard before, right?

You have the goal card and you read it out, allowed over and over and over again. Right. You might have heard that kind of thing. So you have the idea in mind, but if the intention and desire that you want, doesn't feel fun. Doesn't feel great to think about. Doesn't feel like a positive energy when you're thinking about it. You're at actually repelling the thing from you, cuz it's all about your feeling and the feeling. If you're feeling excited about it, you're gonna have the presence feeling that it's almost here or a tear. If you don't, you're gonna feel the absence feeling. You're gonna feel like it's frustrating and irritating because it's not here yet. Right? And when we're in there, we're repelling. We're literally putting out a force if you will, where I am, keeping it away from me. And instead I'm attracting in circumstances showing me that I'm close, but not close enough.

I'm almost there, but I'm not there yet. Right? So I wanna get into this more presence feeling. So what do you do in this timeframe between when you intend it and when you actually receive it physically, you wanna step into more flow by giving credit to the universe. What you do is actually start going around your home, your office, your car, when you're driving and you're around your city, your local town or whatever it is you wanna give credit to the universe. Okay? I give credit to you universe for creating this beautiful system of human beings that have created all these roadways and homes and, and commerce and business and all this stuff. I give credit to uni universe for the level of success in my life. So far, I give credit to you universe for bringing all this beautiful food in and clean water into my home so that I may enjoy it, nourish my body and nourish my family's bodies as well.

Right? So what am I doing? It's it's like an art of gratitude if you owe, but a little bit different. I'm giving credit to the universe, credit energy. That that is actually what helped aid me to get the thing. So you're really getting your ego aside because you know, a lot of people with a larger amount of ego say, heck no, it wasn't the universe. It was me. I worked my butt off for that. I worked 20 hour days for the last 20 years in order to get that I did it right. And that's a very ego place. And that's what keeps them out of the alignment with the universe because they feel it's just them. They're a human being. They're living in this physical body. They're only here, but this physical, you know, stuff around me, but there's no energy stuff around me, universe.

Isn't, isn't real. It's not helping anybody. In fact, I ask for my manifestation a week ago and as it came, so universe is actually trying to deliberately withhold it from me, right? So this is the thinking that allows us to get out of flow. It's called resistance. We're in resistance and we're not actually having things moved the way we want to. Right. So what we wanna do is get that ego outta the way ego is there, not in a bad way, ego's just there to protect us. Okay? So it's actually a good thing to have some ego. It's a good thing to balance that in with this world. It's not, we're not trying to get rid of ego forever. It's there to help protect us. Right. But we don't want it to control how we're thinking. We don't want it to control how we're doing things.

We don't want it to control our behavior. Okay. It's just and awareness thing, right? So we put that aside a little bit more. We become hyper aware. And what we wanna do is start saying, and understanding universe is in me, I am the universe and all the other people out here, they're all part of the universe as well. If we're all one energy and we're one being and we're all one, then I can surely give credit for all the things around me cuz what am I doing? I'm increasing me. I'm increasing my energy. I'm increasing my appreciation for who I am when I'm giving credit to the universe. So you don't see the universe as like a separate entity it's out there. And you know, some God on a cloud, that's victimizing people and starting wars and doing all these things. That's not what's going on.

That's a human condition. That's human belief. Right? But what we do is we go within and we say, I am the universe. So why not give credit to the universe? Because we are one. And if we are one, you will allow us to stay in that appreciation, which allows us to align more at the universe, which will speed up my manifestation from coming in because the universe is the source of where it's gonna come from in the first place. Right? So if I'm more in harmony with that, I'm in tune with the infinite. As I'm in tune with the infinite, I will allow me myself to actually explore more and more, better results in my life. Okay. Try this exercise out. You'll see a marked improvement marked difference. In seven days alone, you'll feel better. You'll feel more in flow. And I promise you you'll have something happen.

A serendipitous thing. Um, coincidental thing, you know, a divine timing thing happen in your life in seven days, like on all my video, I always say, keep accountability in the comment section below, do this for seven days. Once you've done it for maybe five, 10 minutes, three different times throughout the day, giving credit to universe. Ultimately you want this to be a practice, but just try it out for about five to 10 minutes, really? Uh, three times a day. Okay. And once you've done that say day one complete in the comments below day two complete in the comments below, keep accountability. Accountability is gonna be everything to keeping you consistent and bringing those predictable results in. So in the comment section below, I'd love to see those seven days and you'll see improvement happening right away.

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