SCRIPTING Manifestation - Activating The Law of Attraction With Writing
Written by Scott Haug on December 29th, 2021
SCRIPTING Manifestation - Activating The Law of Attraction With Writing

This SCRIPTING Manifestation Technique helps combat the number one thing that stops manifestation. By listening in to this video, you'll find out exactly what that is!

Scott will teach you how to activate the law of attraction with writing right now!

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Full Transcript

Scripting manifestation. Hey Scott Haug here And in today's video, we're gonna be going through a manifestation technique. You've probably heard before. It's going to really set in motion. A lot of your intentions desires and things to be manifested into your life a lot faster, more precisely, and more consistently using this exercise with before we do, uh, jump into the content here, go ahead and throw a like on the video and as you do, so it's gonna send out to a lot more people and together we can raise the consciousness of the planet, make sure subscribe to the channel and click the bell icon to be notified. We send out other great manifestation how to content. And also if you're interested in teaching or coaching, this material get started in our certified manifestation coach certification, get the details and book a call with our team in the description below.

All right. So scripting, okay. Scripting basically means writing out your intentions with detail, with vivid image, with your senses to allow it to generate and grow energy and emotion in your imagination. Okay. So a lot of people throughout their day, their imagination is going all over the place. They're thinking about what they don't want. They're doubting, they're worrying. Maybe they have fears and things that are camouflaging and really making sure they can't see. It's like seeing it, the world with sunglasses on, you're not really seeing it clearly. You're seeing an attempted viewpoint, right? That's what we call perspective. So a lot of people are just really not in their flow of what they desire and what they want, but more so in what their results were yesterday and what their results were a month ago or even last year. Right? So what we wanna do is be able to change and shift where the energy is moving to where our energy is ultimately going and where it's heading.

One of the greatest things that we can do is use the language of English or any of your, any of the languages around the world that will help us to clarify the images that we do in our imagination and how we do that is scripting. So what we do is we take out a journal and we go ahead and write down the life that we imagine in every single area, you wanna write down all the qualities and all the characteristics, anything that comes to your mind when it comes to that specific area. So it's as, as if you know, one of the easiest examples would be your dream home. What kind of color is it? What kind of neighborhood is it in? Do you have nature or is it in the city? How many bedrooms, how many bathrooms living room area? What does that look like?

Is it close to your family and friends or not close to your family and friends, you know, what's nearby as in gym to of minutes? Or is it gonna take 45 minutes to get to the gym? You want to think through all these little things, the qualities, the characteristics of that home, right? Is it brand new or is it a little bit older and been renovated? For example, when you start writing down these qualities and characteristics, what it does for you, it starts to get that energy very specific in your imagination. Because sometimes we say, I want, I want a bunch of money. Well, how much is a bunch of money? And do you want it to come through a hard or easy pass? Right? So when somebody says, I just wanna lot more money. Well, they an opportunity. That's the most, that's the most difficult scenario in the planet offering.

'em a way to get that money, right. But then they say, oh, universe, I wasn't looking for a difficult scenario. Of course I wanted it easy. Right. I wanted to earn money with my passion and with the gifts I have and with the things I love. Right. But if we're not clear on that, oftentimes we're receiving something that we actually didn't intend and didn't want. Right. And that's not a fun scenario to be in you're, you're starting to get some of your desires and subtraction, but it's difficult, right? So you're 50 50 in you, well equals coming in, but you don't like how it's coming. Right. So we need to be specific, but don't be overly specific on how it's gonna come when it's gonna come and where it's gonna come from. Right. So, you know, with that dream home example, you don't have to say, it's gonna come precisely on this day.

You don't have to say precisely how I'm going to get the money for the down payment and the mortgage and this and that. Right? You don't have to actually really think of how it's going to come or where it's gonna come from or when it's gonna come. What you wanna do is just get in the essence of why you want it and what you want. That's it. And when you're starting to focus on that, you're starting to free your mind from limitations because when we're stuck in, when it's gonna come, how's it gonna come? You are thinking from purely the logical side. And when you're thinking purely from the logical side, it is very hard to guess how this stuff's gonna come. It's near impossible. How you're gonna guess where the person's gonna come from for your next sale for your next client, for the next thing, whatever it is.

It's so you can even guess because there's a million different possibilities, right? You need like a computer algorithm to actually go and funnel through. Are all those possibilities right? In our human minds, we don't do that. So what we wanna do again, is focus on what it is that we want and why we want it. Why do I want the house? Well, maybe I wanna raise a family in that house. Maybe I want to create stability for next 30 years and living in one location rather than 30 locations. Maybe I want that house because it's in a better neighborhood compared to what I'm at now. Maybe I want that house because it provides more peace and calmness rather than we're at right now. Right? So you wanna go into this house idea of like, why do I want it? Same thing goes with anything. That's part of the scripting process.

So once you write down the qualities and characteristics of what you want, write down why you want it. And ultimately, why do we want anything? It's because the feeling that we're gonna get with it as well. So maybe the house also provides me a feeling of freedom. It provides me a feeling of calmness. It provides me a feeling of family love, right? Having over everyone over for the holidays, having everyone over for this or whatever it is, right? So this dream home it's providing me maybe even fun, right? Maybe I really want one of those crazy dream homes where I got a bowling alley also in the basement, right? So you wanna play around with this idea of what's the feeling you would have as if this thing were in your life as well. When you start to get very accurate on this, you're gonna start to see things move into your life.

Little by little, little chunks, little coincidences, what we call divine, timings, little things, moving into play to allow you to actually get the thing you want. But again, it's just about your objective is align with the energy. Don't figure out how it's gonna come now is the, is the planning and how part of it. Absolutely. So if you have a business, you might have a goal to achieve a certain revenue number in your business, right? Within that certain capability, you're gonna have a plan. You're gonna have a game plan to create a team, gonna have a game, to get into paid advertising, to scale where you're currently doing your services and products, you're selling, whatever it is, right? So there's absolutely like a game plan that you can attach with it, but you don't have to figure out how, how all the little things are gonna play out in order to get you what you want.

Hopefully that makes sense. So it's a balance. It's a balance of you being smart and saying, what can I do today? What can I do today to allow myself to get closer? That's a great question. Absolutely. But you don't wanna go into how's this actually gonna come because you're gonna limit yourself once again. Right? Try scripting out. Let me know if this helps you out and keep accountability, do this scripting process and get, and refine your image for the next seven days. And in the comments below mark your accountability day, one complete day, two complete. You don't have to recreate your list. Just create it one time on day one, and then revise it, add to it. Change things, modify things over the coming. Six days thereafter. So seven total days for accountability in the comments below, go ahead and say, number one, complete date, number two, complete. It'll be well on your way to really creating a, a better lifestyle. It bring in more things you want with a lot more ease because you're focused on the why and the what, not on the how, where, and when.

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