The Mindset Shift That Changed My Life (IMPORTANT!)
Written by Scott Haug on December 24th, 2021
The Mindset Shift That Changed My Life (IMPORTANT!)

In today's video, Scott shares with you the mindset shift that changed his life!

You will want to know what it is for yourself too because it is really important and it will change your life too!

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Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.
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Full Transcript

The mindset shift that changed my life. And I'll do the same for you. Hey Scott Haug here and in today's video. We're gonna be covering one of the number one things. It's gonna be a shorter video. One of the number one things that will allow you to change your energy, to change your mindset, to change everything about you and increase your manifested results into your life before what we do make, make sure you throw a like on the video and as you do so together, we can increase the positivity in this world because it's actually gonna send out to a lot more people in this world. When you throw a like on the video, also click, subscribe, and click the bell icon. So you're notified when we send out other great manifestation, how to content exercises and everything you could ever need around manifest and mindset. So this mindset shift that really happened for me was getting uncomfortable.

Now that could be something you've been so familiar with. And you've heard that before in a personal development video, but it's gonna be very different. Knowing what I'm about to tell you your feeling is your conscious awareness as a vibration you're in. So basically how you feel equals vibration and vibration precedes manifestation. Meaning your feeling must come first before you can manifest anything. Okay? So again, your feeling and your vibration are one in the same and have vibration and has to become, has to come before or precede, the actual manifested intention desire that you want. What does feeling comfortable mean? Feeling comfortable means I'm familiar with this vibration. I'm here. Most of my day, I'm familiar with that level of, uh, vibration or frequency as we call it. I familiar. I feel comfortable. I feel familiar. That's why the vibration in my life is about the same on a daily basis.

It's gonna fluctuate. Sometimes you're gonna do formations. You might be a little higher than you might see something in your life. You don't like. So it goes a little bit lower. So it's gonna be a little fluctuation if you will, but your life is about the same. Okay? Just a little bit of different. Now, when I shift to doing something uncomfortable, what is it doing uncomfortable is a feeling. It means I'm shifting to a higher frequency or a different vibration, and that different vibration is unfamiliar. Unfamiliar. I'm not used to that. It doesn't feel familiar, which means it doesn't feel comfortable. But I know internally I'm shifting frequencies. Now, if it's a positive, uncomfortable action, it feels like you're doing something positive. You're doing something good, morally and ethically. Great. Right? You're gonna increase if somebody catching themselves, not you most likely, but somebody else in the world catching themselves, doing something very uncomfortable, but it is not morally and ethically.

Okay. They're dropping their frequency. Okay? So there's a very distinct thing there. You wanna follow your inner being, you know, something that actually feels good for you. That's very important. You're gonna shift to a higher frequency what you're gonna do. And when you do that uncomfortable action is you're gonna actually start living on a little bit higher frequency than you did before. Just a little bit. And that's what we call growth. Your being is actually growing in its energy and expand its level of awareness to become more of who you ultimately are, are born to be your potential. Let's do an example. You're, you're running a business, you're earning $30,000 a month or maybe earning $5,000. It's just an example. Okay. And I'm familiar with that month after month, I'm doing about the same. I've had ideas to do paid ads, or I've had an idea to hire a bid business mentor, or I've had an idea to start the side business, whatever it is, but it makes me very uncomfortable.

It gives me a little bit of anxiety because it's so uncomfortable. I don't know if it's gonna work out right. It's uncertain. Okay. But if I don't do that, I'm gonna be at the same results level and maybe at the same level, because I'm not doing anything different. However, if I do that uncomfortable thing, I invest in the paid ads. I invest in the business mentor. I do the thing that's scary to me. It's exciting. And it's scary. I'm going to increase my level of frequency I'm living on. And ultimately you are opening up the new world of unfamiliar territory for you to actually grow and become somebody greater, fulfilling more of your potential. Here's the kicker to this comfort provide certainty, guarantees, familiarity. So why don't people leave a job that they don't like because it's comfortable. And, and they're certain internally, nothing certain really cuz any company could go down in a heartbeat and you won't have a job. Right? But you feel certain that a paycheck's gonna come in feeling certain that there's benefits, feeling certain that have security and safety, right? Even though that's actually not reality, they're attaching those feelings to that. So they don't make a change. The other way they might wanna start a business or scale their current business. But it's unfamiliar. It's uncertain. It might not work out right. They could fail. They could try and not earn any money and have to go back to a job. That's scary. You know, all of these different things, right? It's scary.

You could fail. There's growth that you're facing. So you have to face the inner side of you, right? There's so many different things that go in when you're doing an uncomfortable thing, but it holds certainty and promise something. Different is now gonna happen. How cool is that? This other side, you can be certain, nothing is gonna change you. I can promise you that. But if you're getting uncomfortable and uncertain, it holds promise that there will be change. Now, is it gonna be easy change? Not all the way. Or sometimes it's challenging. Sometimes you have to embrace new challenges that come up with your new growth, which you will, but it holds the promise of better and better results. Try it out for the next month, 30 days, try and find two things that are majorly uncomfortable that you could start doing right now. One of those things might be starting a business.

One of those things might be scaling your business. Like I said, whatever it is, okay. Find that thing uncomfortable for you. It's gonna be uniquely, you know, identified for you only. You're gonna have that unique style of this uncomfortable, but this isn't that kind of thing. Go for your uncomfortable actions. Try it out, go for it. See how your life changes. Go to the hold of promise that things can change and become different than they are by doing uncomfortable actions. And if it's a side business you wanna do, and maybe it's like, you've been called to speak to people, become a speaker, become an author, coach people in some sort of fashion, check out our certification. Maybe that's the uncomfortable thing for you to do certified manifestation coach, check it out. Details are in the description below. Fill out an application might be uncomfortable, but might be if something's scary and exciting, you're going down the right path.

If it's not, you're going down the wrong path. Okay? So if it's exciting, it's scary. Follow an application. Book a call with my team. See if it's for you, start coaching others on life. Start coaching others on personal development. Start coaching others on manifestation. We help you do it. And we help you get the skillset and enable to coach others, teach others and how to enroll clients, how to build a business. We got it all covered for you. So if something like that's uncomfortable for you, try it out. If that's uncomfortable, try out something else, find something else. Doesn't have to be something with us. But something else that you found may be important to you that you're passionate about, that you wanna try out, go for it. It's gonna make all the difference for you. You all right? So again, I encourage you get uncomfortable, get scared, get excited. Okay. And now we'll hold the promise of something way bigger in your world being possible to have happened.

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