Written by Scott Haug on December 22nd, 2021

What was the first thing you thought about this morning? Was it a worry? Was it a doubt or fear?

This method Scott shares with you will help you reset your mindset first thing every single morning!

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Scott Haug

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Scott Haug
Full Transcript

Reset your mind. First thing every morning. I want you to think about you waking up this morning. What'd you think about what was the first thing on your mind? Was it a worry, was it a Doubt? Was it a fear? Was it a limiting belief? Was it about something that happened yesterday? What is it for you now? Most people wake up and they don't even, their mind just goes soaring to the thing that just happened. Their past results. The thing that's worried that it's usually money or a problem in business or whatever it is, and their mind gets consumed by this so much. So that they'll wake up first thing in the morning, they could think a million different things, but they think about that thing right away. Right. And that can really change their energy and change how they're manifesting very, very much if they would just shift it to a different thought process.

Hey, Scott Haug here in today's video, I wanna do a couple of different exercises with you. That'll allow you to understand why you need to reset your mind every single morning and what to do about it even better than what you're doing already right now, before we jump into the content today, make your, make sure you throw a like on the video and as you do so it's gonna send out to a lot more people and together we can raise the positive energy in this world. Also make sure you're subscribe to the channel and click the bell icons. So you're notified when gonna send out these other manifestation, how to content. And if you're looking to start coaching and teaching this material, you love it. You want to go out there and start bringing to your clients. If you already have a business or you wanna start doing this on a full-time basis and transitioning out of a full-time job, make sure you check out becoming one of our certified manifestation coaches and the description below you can click the link in, check out some more details, file an application, book, a call with my team and see if this could be a potential fit for, are you teaching and coaching others through this fabulous material that has probably impacted and changed your life?

All right. So resetting your mind first thing in the morning when we are in an energy in the morning. Okay. Right. When we wake up and we're worried or downfall or thinking about a problem, what we're doing is we are keeping our energy and our being in that frequency throughout the day, and most likely from that point. Okay. So if I'm waking up and I'm already seeing images of this problem, seeing images of an argument, seeing images of these doubt and worries coming into my mind, what I I'm really saying is I'm this image in my mind, it's making me feel a certain way. That feeling is tapping into a vibration. And that vibration is going to allow myself to react and attract these certain scenarios into my life. So let's do an example. We usually cover money on this channel, so let's cover some money.

So I'm, I'm wanting to manifest my $30,000 month in business. That would be an example. Okay. But the problem is I don't have enough leads or the problem is I don't know how to do it. Or the problem is, you know, I just made 5,000 last month and then 5,000 a month before and 5,000 a month before that. And I haven't really gotten close to $30,000 a month. Right? So I'm, I'm frustrated, I'm feeling hopeless that things are gonna actually work out. Right. So if I'm tapping into that energy in the morning, what do I feel drained? I feel slow, right? I feel like things, um, are in not going to move in my direction and my goals are never gonna be achieved. Right? So I'm getting into this feeling that is actually manifesting itself back to me because the thoughts, like the signal that we send out and the feelings like the magnet that actually attracts it.

So if I'm thinking something and I'm feeling it, I'm magnetizing that towards myself, if I'm just thinking it, but I'm not feeling it, I'm sending out that signal, but the signal won't be answered if you'll by the universe, because I'm not actually feeling it. I'm not magnetizing that frequency back to me really, while you're doing a feeling of vibration of the same thing. So when you're actually intending something and feeling it, you're tapping into the frequency of that thing, very, very, so what we wanna do every single morning is do a mental reset. Right? When you wake up in the morning, it's gonna be the toughest for the next three days. What you wanna do is just lay there in bed, just even for a moment and think about something good. There's a couple of different ways of attacking this. Something you've already heard before.

I'm sure is gratitude and appreciation. That's an easy one. Just start appreciating. I appreciate the bed. I appreciate my pillow. I appreciate that. I have a roof over my head if it's raining outside or snowing outside or windy outside. Right. I have it. So that I'm a I'm away from the elements and I can sleep and rest. Okay. Right. I could appreciate that. I'm waking up in the morning with a new day ahead of me, whatever. Okay. That's very easy to do. Okay. You could do that first thing in the morning, or another thing you could do is deliberately picture something that you really, really want. Okay. You could think about your bank balance being increased by a certain amount of money. You could see your business thriving in some sort of way, whatever it is, just see some sort of mental image that you you like.

And go ahead and see that within yourself. Okay. See that in your imagination and match your inner conversation. Your inner mind chatter with that scene. So it could be, I'm so thankful. I now have this in my life. I'm so thankful. I just quantum leap my money. I'm so thankful. I just did this. You know, whatever it is. Okay. So you to get into that appreciation for that thing, but inner mind chatter that matches what you do want. Okay. Another side of this is you could be very, very present. Okay. So you could be just very present. If you wake up next to your loved one, be very present. You could be very present that you're actually really tired maybe in the morning. So you're just present with that feeling or maybe you're feeling well rest and you're waking up energized. So you could be present with that.

Okay. You could be present with anything, something in your actual room, maybe there's you have a poster, uh, you have a sign, you have a spiritual piece hanging on the wall like we do, right. Doesn't matter what it is. You can actually just be present with that. So that's another way of, if your mind's constantly in this fear mode and doubt mode, and just getting into this weird energy, that's tight and you're constantly worrying and doubting, you can be in this zone where you're starting to appreciate, you're starting to imagine what you want or, and, or really is starting to become present with something in your room. Now what this is gonna do for you. And again, this is gonna be just a disclaimer. It's gonna be really hard. The first three days, three mornings of doing this because your mind, your emotional state and your energetic side of you is not used to being in, staying in that zone.

It's used to doubting, it's used to worrying. So it actually finds some sort of goodness in doing the same thing, because it's a momentum and it's a habit and whatever we do habitually can sometimes be hard to break the chain. Okay. But this will absolutely blow your results outta the water. If you start getting used to entertaining more good mental images and appreciation in presence, okay, what you're gonna do again, is you're gonna actually put out the right energy, that more desirable things and more intentional things that you do want, that's gonna match with the vibration you're sending out and quote unquote, I would say, quote unquote, cuz the universe we say is sending us. It's not really sending us. It's changing the fabric of the energy around us to actually have us receive the thing that we want because we're opening up channels through which we can receive our supply.

Okay. So if you do your reset in the morning, okay, your mindset's different, your energy's different, your being's different. You're gonna notice throughout the day you feel happier, you feel better. You feel like things are more in flow. You're gonna feel like things are actually improving around you. Okay. And you're gonna notice your mindset. So chronically and worry and doubt around money. It's feeling more and more good around money. And then maybe you want more, right. Or maybe it's feeling really appreciative around money. So you're ready to go and serve more lives. Right? So you're kind of getting out of what we call your own way and you're actually tapping into the energy that is you. Okay. So try this out for the next three mornings. After the three mornings, try for seven days. Okay. Then try it for 14 days. Just start with something small for the next three mornings.

I'm gonna wake up and for five minutes every morning, I'm just gonna go ahead and entertain mental images of why I want or appreciation or whatever that is. Okay. Try it for three mornings. Give yourself that challenge. Then try it for seven. Like I mentioned, and before, you know, you're gonna change your momentum and it's gonna be habitual and it's gonna be easy and simple to actually tap into that energy. All right. Hopefully that makes sense. Try it out. And the comments below, go ahead and keep your accountability. Say day number one. Check. You can even tap into that in the morning. So log, you know, take out your phone to open up YouTube, open up this video, put it aside. Okay. Go ahead and think of good mental images and appreciation. Once you've tapped into a better feeling, go in into the comment section and say day number one or morning number one, done. Okay. Then do the same thing for day two, day three. I challenge you to try and get to 30 days straight. It will change your life. I'm telling you it'll change how you're feeling. It'll change how your day's going. It'll change your actions, behaviors, and the results that ultimately come into your life. Okay. Try it out. I look forward to seeing your comments and the comment and chat section below.

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