Powerful Law of Attraction Technique - Comparison Game
Written by Scott Haug on December 20th, 2021
Powerful Law of Attraction Technique - Comparison Game

Do you know what the comparison game is? You might be doing this to yourself unintentionally.

This powerful law of attraction technique will change the game for you so listen up!

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Full Transcript

Here's a powerful law of attraction technique that will really change the game for you mentally and energetically. Hey Scott Haug here and in today's video, I'm going to cover an exercise called the comparison game that will really help you big and thrive much more with your energy and your manifestations. Before we go into this beautiful technique and exercise, go ahead and throw our on the video and as you do so it's gonna send out to a lot more people and together we can raise the consciousness as the planet, just that much more also click subscribe, and click to bell icon to be notified when we send out other manifestation, how to content. And then also if you're interested in teaching manifestation or becoming a life coach mindset, coach personal development, coach manifestation coach, we have an all new certified manifestation coach certification that you can go through, build a business.

We show you how to enroll clients, to build a great business, to scale it to over 20 or $30,000 per month, while doing what you love and aligning with your purpose. If you're interested in something like that, going the description below and click the link, fill in that application, book a call my team, and we'll go ahead and talk to you about the details of what that might look like for your life. All right, let's get started with the comparison game. Now, most people are constantly thinking they're manifestations that they want are quote unquote, big they're large. They're um, hard to get kind of ideas, right? So for example, somebody might wanna manifest a thousand dollars. Somebody might, might manifest $10,000 or a hundred thousand dollars. It doesn't matter what it is, right? They feel internally like this is a big idea. This is a big manifestation.

This is a big, um, idea in their life. And when they think that way, that automatically helps them to feel it's hard to get. It takes a lot of time in comparison to other things it's going to, uh, you know, involve a lot of moving parts. So if you wanted to manifest a thousand dollars, you may have to start with doing a business and growing and scaling it and hiring employees and a team, right? So the mind wants to start telling itself a story behind its own manifestation and its own intention, which really isn't reality. But it's a story that we tell ourselves based on our programming, based on where our paradigms are or leaves and internal limitations, right? So what we do here is we see that when I'm trying to manifest anything, doesn't matter what it is. I lump some money, a success, a sale, a client, a soulmate, a house doesn't matter what the manifestation and the intention is.

If I'm feeling like it's hard to get, it's big. It's just not easy to come by. I am literally manifesting that into my life and I'm keeping it away from me. It's much harder, right? So the idea here is if I'm constantly feeling that way, I'm sending out that feeling because that's where I'm at vibrationally. Most of my day. And as I do that, I'm attracting circumstances, coincidences, uh, divine timings, things happening out of the blue. If you will, to allow me to show that this thing's really hard to get, I'll maybe manifest a circumstance of really difficult situation around money. Maybe I'll manifest a circumstance where I've gained a lot of money, but I don't know how to manage it. So I lose a lot of money where I spend a lot, if you will, right? So I'll constantly be showing myself this, improving that this money is big.

It involves a lot of work. It involves a lot of time, all this stuff. So what we wanna do here is do this exercise. I call comparison game. Uh, what I want you to start doing is comparing these big things to something a lot smaller and a lot larger, okay. Let me talk to you about it. So instead say you wanna earn your intention or manifest an extra $10,000 this month. Okay. You wanna earn an extra $10,000 manifest that into your life. That may feel like big. It may feel like a stretch owner know where it's gonna come from, right? Your mind's questioning. Compare it to something a hundred times larger, a hundred times, 10,000 would be a million dollars. Okay. So what you want to do is start entertaining the idea of a million. What would that feel like? Okay. So if you were to manifest section million dollars and you're starting to visualize that and talk about it, your minds might say, this is ridiculous.

Okay. A million dollars. I'm never gonna manifest a million dollars right now. Your thoughts may say one thing like, uh, yeah, I know this law of attraction and stuff. Like I could do it. Right. But at a feeling lovely, say it too. Good to be true. That's too big. That's too far off. No way. Right? So my mind is constantly saying these phrases for this million dollars, right? And then you might think, well, that's gonna involve so much my time. That's gonna involve a lot more hard work than $10,000. That's gonna involve a lot big your business than just $10,000. You see, what's gonna go on here. Your mind is gonna start saying, well, this is way harder than $10,000. After you compare it to a hundred times larger amount, you go back to your original intention, $10,000. And it feels smaller. It as well in comparison to a million dollars of manifesting a month manifesting $10,000.

This month is actually a lot easier. It's a lot more doable. It's a lot less work I'm gonna have to do. It's a lot less time involved, right? So we're essentially comparing the big amount to this small one. The one that you really want <affirmative> and then seeing that small one is a lot more doable, easier and everything. So you should, you should shift your feeling there to easier, possible. Good, right? And easy to do. Along with that, you wanna start affirming in comparison to a million dollars, $10,000 is easy for me and doable. So you affirm that out loud, maybe 50 times a day. So your mind wraps around, well, if I was gonna manifest this large number, it's hard. It's way out there. It's big. But if I'm gonna manifest this small amount of money, I can wrap my head around it. Ultimately, what you're doing in this comparison game is shifting beliefs.

All of our life is all a string of beliefs. Okay. We have lots of beliefs impressed upon this, this world. And that's how we're seeing the world. That's how we're seeing reality. It guides our feelings. It guides our actions, our behaviors, it guides our results. Okay. So if you always believe that these a large amounts of money are big and hard, it's gonna be really slow to get. But if you believe they're easier, they're, you know, you can get those. You're gonna start to see those serendipitous things happening to get those even faster, right? Very strong game. It's a comparison game, great exercise to do on a weekly basis. You don't have to do it every single day, but on a weekly basis. Because what you're gonna start to do is you're gonna your mind, your imagination's going to be used to handling larger amounts of money.

And when it gets used to that, you do this for 3, 4, 5, 6 months straight. You are going to really be used to having that money also physically. And that's when it really starts to happen. And that's why it happened for me as well. I started to be, you know, huh, hundred dollars seem to be a lot of money, or I go to the store and be like, I don't wanna spend this extra $50. Right? So my mind was used to small amounts of money, being a problem, being always needing to save that extra $10 or whatever it is. And sometimes they can get you into a space where you're not ready for those larger amounts of money. So that's why they don't come in. Right? So once you're in it, once you see these larger numbers and they're easier, you will start to find yourself actually being pulled into the vehicle that may get you that winning the lottery is of course a classic example, but you know, starting a business, doing what you love and your passion about like our certified manifestation coach becoming a coach, for example, or getting into the stock market or getting into real estate or getting into a different online business of some sort, right?

You may find yourself called to do that on a part-time basis or stepping into a full-time. And you'll start to have the income come through that channel. Or if you're already established business owner already established coach earning 500,000 a year or a million dollars a year or more, whatever it is, right. You're gonna start to see the possibilities of scaling. And then also these little things that will come in to do on a part-time basis, some sort of investing your money for money that will bring you in some passive income or something else on the side that will get you the result you're looking for. Right? So first comes first is getting in harmony with the energy and do that. By being in this comparison game, it'll blow you away. Your guys start to be used to money, and then you're gonna go back to your friends or family or something. And they're probably similar mindset, money where used to be, and then you grow and you can

Really start to see, wow, I, I see how I change my concept or own money. I see how now I'm believing a lot more than capable of doing a lot more than what I thought I was originally try comparison game out. It'll really help you. It'll change your energy. It'll change your intention and really change who you are at a soul level.

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