Manifesting: Just Do THIS For One Week Straight
Written by Scott Haug on December 17th, 2021
Manifesting: Just Do THIS For One Week Straight

Do you want to change your energy, feelings and results? Maybe things are not going as easy as you would like them to be?

If that sounds like you then just do this for one week straight and you'll see how manifesting anything you want starts to shift in the right direction!

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Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.
He is an expert at helping people make permanent changes in their life and making things super simple to understand.

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Full Transcript

Do this one thing for an entire week, and you will see a difference in your energy you're feeling and ultimately your results. Hey Scott Haug here and in today's video, we're gonna be talking about one simple technique that will, if you really consider using it and you use it consistently will help you with everything in your life and attracting it even better. If you're interested before we jump into this video about coaching and helping others in this law of attraction, manifestation, life coaching, personal development arena. If you will check out our certification, everything you could ever need on building a coaching business or certification training, as well as building a business, enroll clients, it's all there for you in our certification. So if you feel that calling just go in the description below, fill on the application, book a call with my team and get the details. Okay.

This could be your golden ticket in calling. If you're not, if you don't have that calling no big deal. Just forget about that and let's jump into the video. Okay. All right. So disclaimer, before we do this one thing, okay. The disclaimer is every person, every human being is at a different stage in their life. And it doesn't mean in seven days, your whole world's gonna change and you're gonna manifest, you know, a billion dollars. Okay. Cuz it's probably not gonna happen. The law of attraction is always working. Manifestation is always working. Okay. I'm gonna give you one technique. That's really gonna work it phenomenally. Okay. But it's not magic. It doesn't, it's not gonna just out it thin air. All of the things you could ever dream of in a week's time. It's a process. So expect during the next seven days, first and foremost that you feel better about yourself.

That's a good tell. Tell, tell, sign that you're on the right track on the right path. Number two, that you're starting to see progress in, whatever it is that you want. That's a big key. And then number three, of course is a result actually happening. But if you don't get a result in seven days, but you have the other two, that's good. Just keep going for a second week or third week and you should see the result come in as well. Okay. That's very important to know. Okay. So that one technique is not just gratitude. It's appreciation for everything that's happening in the middle, between now and your realized goal. You realized manifestation. So let me jump into this a little bit. Okay. You might have already heard a gratitude list before or visualization or affirmations or all these tricks and exercises and things, right?

But don't don't think is this exercise just as a gratitude list because it's not most people write down their gratitude list every single morning or at night or whatever it is, but they don't actually feel it. And I'm here to help you not just talk about gratitude, but become gratitude. Very big difference maker in my practices, in my life as well. Some profound things had shifted very quickly for me. Okay. So what I want you to do for the next seven days is practice the art of appreciation between now and the thing that you want and appreciate everything in between. Let's do an example. Maybe you are, uh, a coach or a business owner of some sort doing sales or doing this or whatever. Okay? You want another sale? So you want another sale within seven days and you're, you're sitting right now watching this video and you have seven days until that sale comes in.

Okay. Energetically intention wise. That's who you want to have happened. Most people are so focused on the outcome. How's it gonna come? Where's it gonna come from? When's it gonna come? Is their mind is so focused on that. Okay. They're so focused on, um, is this person gonna be exhale? Is this person coming in an exhale? They may even schedule a call and say, this prospect is perfect, right? But then it falls through at the, at the last second, you may have an e-commerce store where you're getting great sales and you're like, I'm gonna put out this, this awesome sale and deal, uh, clearance item. And this is gonna be amazing. I'm gonna earn all this money and then it, it doesn't go through. You might have wanted a real estate transaction. It fell through last minute, right? All these different circumstances. Like what the heck?

You know, you really are harming. You say you're seeing it, but then it doesn't happen. Right? It's because the person is focused in their awareness on the absence of the thing. It's the absence of what they want. That's caught them to attract in these circumstances of actually proving it's not here yet. Okay. So what you wanna do is appreciate the, the middle ground. You wanna start saying thank you for the call. Thank you for the scheduled deal. Okay. If you had you a scheduled call scheduled deal or something like that, thank you for the new email. I just got, thank you for the text from this person. Thank you for blank, blank, blank. Okay. So you go in an appreciation of the middle ground, all the things that are happening between now and the realized goal. If you're in a full-time job and you want to get a better job or run your own business or whatever it is you wanna say, you know, today you went to work or whatever.

Thank you for, for the people I'm around. Even if you don't like the people, okay. Say, thank you for helping me grow and experience what I do want. Right. Um, just don't you don't have to say thank you for the end. You can do that. That's that works very well. But right now we're just focusing on the presence, feeling of what we do want. Okay. And that's why the appreciation is in the middle rather than just the end. Okay. So find all the little things to appreciate everything and to really feel appreciation towards them. That's very key. So don't just think it, oh, I'm appreciative or, oh, I'm so thankful. No, no, really feel the appreciation. Thank you. This is great. Thank you. Thank you for the response. Thank you for the note. Thank you for this. Okay. And what you're ultimately gonna do is train your mind and train your being really your energy blueprint to be in this channel of letting and allowing to be in this energy that will allow the goodness in.

It's a myth that you have to be in that mode, 24 7 to get what you want. Okay. Cuz you don't um, I've been, I've received my share fair share of things that, you know, the day before I was very frustrated, right? So it doesn't mean you have to be there a hundred percent of the time. It just means. So if your mind is constantly in chronic chaos mode of how's it gonna come, where's it gonna come? When's it gonna come? All these things. You just wanna go into alignment with the middle ground of appreciation. So you get your mind unfocused on that stuff, focused on the appreciation that will make all the difference. Okay. In the common box below, go ahead and stay accountable. The seven days use the channel here, my channel and the video is your accountability space. Okay. So come to this video, watch this once a day.

And then in the comment section below, say day one complete. Then when you do day two day two complete, when you do day three day three complete. Okay. And go ahead. During the next seven days, allowing your self to experience accountability for the exercise here, it'll make all a difference just to reiterate. So, you know, ahead of time, what you should be seeing happen over the next seven days. Okay. Is you're gonna tap into more progress. You're gonna tap into feeling better about yourself, about your world out, the things going on around you. Then last, you'll see the result. It's important that you remember though, that you remember progress and feeling comes first, though. Okay. Look for that. This week, during the next seven days, am I feeling better? Am I feeling like my mind? Isn't going so crazy and AMM actually feeling more centered.

Am I feeling like they're is progress being made? Okay. If you say yes, those questions, your results are right around the corner. They will come very, very important. All right. I look forward to seeing our accountability during the next seven days in the comments section below, do remember day one complete day, two complete get to day seven and then note on where you're at. Okay. Do I feel good? Do I feel better? Do I feel more progress? And did I ultimately see a result come in as well? All right. I look forward to seeing your comments, your accountability, and the shifts that happen in your life during the next seven days, all.

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