Law of Attraction Simplified
Written by Scott Haug on December 15th, 2021
Law of Attraction Simplified

Let's start having the Law of attraction work for you in a very simple process!

Law of attraction isn't complicated or hard, it can be simplified and Scott shows you how so definitely watch until the end!

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Scott Haug
Full Transcript

The law of attraction simplified. Hey Scott Haug here and today's video, we're gonna be talking about the love of attraction and giving you a very simple process to follow, to actually activate it, to use it in the greatest way possible before we do. So make sure you throw a luck on the video and as you do so it's gonna send out to a lot more people and together we can raise the consciousness of this planet. Also make sure its subscribe to a channel and click the bell icon. So you're notified when we send out other great manifestation, how to concept. And also if you are a teacher you want, or a coach or you wanna do something where you're serving the world and actually teaching manifestation, coaching, manifestation, personal development, life coaching, or anything like that, make sure you check out our certification. We have hope you actually build a business with the actual coaching package and program.

So make sure you click in the description below. There's a link to apply for our certification. You'll be able to book a call with our team to talk about it more and then also be able to access a video that will give you a lot more details on what our certification is all about. It is the most rewarding thing on the planet. Even if you're already existing coach, this is gonna help you 10 X, everything you're doing. If you're not yet a coach, but have that calling to possibly do so this is it for you. It's gonna be an ultimate experience for you. All right. Let's talk about the law of attraction simplified. Okay. The law of attraction, we wanna understand it to like any other law in this world. There are different types of laws, spiritual laws, mental laws, physical laws. Okay. Let's do an example of physical law.

Physical law is love gravity. Okay. There's many different physical laws, right? But it's working all the time. It's basically like a role book for how the earth and human world works. Okay. So, so one of those is I have a holiday candle here. Okay. And if I drop this, it's gonna go down. Okay. That's a law of gravity. We already know that it's physical law, but it's a rule. If you will. It's like a programmed rule in our earth that time anything is lifted it or moved or anything like that. It's gonna follow the law. Now as an engineer previously, to doing all my entrepreneurial and coaching work and mentorship at work and everything I'm doing okay. But engineering had all laws and rules, electrical rules, aerodynamic rules, right? All of these different things are laws and rules governing how things of work and our planet they're consistent or consistently happening all the time.

Okay. Now same thing goes with any of the spiritual and mental laws. Love attraction, love, rhythm, love, gender, love, vibration, all these different things are what we call laws of the universe. Okay. It's just a coin term. Okay. Basically what it are, rules on how our mental and spiritual realms work within this physical world. Okay. To simplify that, it just shows you how your mind works and how your life is being actually created. Moment to moment. Okay. Do you believe that? Do you believe your mind, your mind is creating a world around you? And if so, do you feel that you have the ability to change it, manipulate it, modify it become better. I hope you do. And I'm sure that you do. That's why you're here in listening and says this video, right? Really what the law of attraction is, is stating if you will, is energy is attracted with energies.

Okay. Now a, a coin term. It's a phrase that it's very cliche now in the personal development industry, that law of attraction simplified, it's like attracts alike. Okay. That is simplified, but there's a lot more to it than that. And that's what we're gonna be talking about as well. Okay. What we wanna understand is thoughts are in energy and you can really believe into that by saying, if I, if you come me open right now, can you see a thought, can you see an emotion? You really can't. Right? You can't see a thought. You can't see an emotion <affirmative> so there's something else going on there. Right? And it's an energy format of some, some point, if you will, right. Emotions in the body are chemical processes, right. There's diff different things going on that we can't see with our physical eyes. But even though we can't see with my physical eyes, it doesn't mean it's not happening or it's not true.

Right. So in our minds, since it be it's, it's a form of energy, if you will, nobody really knows what the mind is, but we can do a, an example of it's an energy form. And our thoughts are energy form, cosmic waves, if you will. Okay. Now these energy forms, okay. Actually are in a world that we cannot see. It's like when you have wifi or, or when you turn on your TV, when you turn on a radio, how do you know it's working? Right. It's like, you can't see what's going, you can't see radio waves. You can't see microwaves. You can't see radiation. Right. Unless you add certain instruments to pick that up. So same thing as going with our thoughts. Okay. Now we have a couple of different layers of law of attraction. First one is thought, okay. Like thoughts attract like thoughts.

Okay. We'll put in that simplified phrase because it does work again. It's just more complicated than that. Once you start thinking more wealthy thoughts, for example, you're gonna start to attract more wealthy thinking unconsciously. Okay. So if I'm starting to think better, I'm starting to attract thoughts in the next few moments next few minutes that are like better thoughts. If you will, if I'm always complaining and always finding the bad, I'm going to unconsciously based on my momentum, based on my programming, starting to find more things that aren't working that are bad, right? So when you start to activate the law of attraction in your favor for what you desire, first thing you're gonna notice is your thoughts change. Second level is your feelings change. Okay? So like a feelings attract like feelings. So if, if you're generally in that up upstate feeling, if you will, you're gonna attract more and more of that based on your momentum and where your pre-programmed to be as well.

Okay. But you're gonna attract that in third layer is action and behavior. You're gonna actually formulate similar actions to what you did yesterday based on today's feelings, since thoughts. And the fourth layer is the one that you're after most likely and that's results you attract in results. You're in harmony with, okay. So this law of attraction thing, isn't so simple to say, just think about what you want and it's gonna happen. Cuz most people want a magical process to generate lots of money to generate, uh, you know, the soulmate, the dream home, the dream car, whatever it is, they want a magical process. And that's what it seems like. Love attractions is mysterious, crazy force that somebody discovered, you know, certain amount of time ago and now we're using it, right? That's not really, that's not really what's happening here. What love attracts have been around forever.

It's always happening all the time. Again. It's whether you're activating it towards your favor, things you want or things you don't want right. In, in this experience. So if you wanna manifest more things that you do want, what you wanna understand is you wanna start taking images in your, in your imagination and you wanna start picturing what you want, but you in possession of it. Okay. And when you do so and you feel it like it's yours already, this energy, this feeling is going to actually go into your subconscious mind, your unconscious mind. And as you do, so you're gonna retrain your programming. And that outcome is gonna change because you're in a different vibration. Okay? And the bridge of happenings or bridge events are going to unfold between now. And you actually realizing your physical thing that you want. Things are going to be attracted circumstances, coincidences, all these different things, serendipitous things to allow you to get that thing.

Okay. So when we talk about law of attraction simplified, that's really what it is, entertaining, thoughts and feelings of what you do, desire, feeling the possession of what you want today. Talking better about yourself and inner conversations and inner chatter so that your thoughts, feelings, actions, and results start to attract you in the desirable way that you want. And again, love attraction is always happening. You can't really say that love attraction is not working for you. It is. We use these terms to describe it. A more accurate phrase is love. Attraction is working for me, but I'm not giving the things I desire as much as I want to, or it's working for me. And I am getting the results I desire. Okay. See what's going on there. So love attraction simplified really means that it's always working out for me. But if I entertain more thoughts and images of what I do want, that will start to come into my life.

Okay. Um, very, very important. Remember also, and I'm saying, and repeating some things here, but that's good learning for you. Love attraction, manifestation. All these things are not magic. It's not magic dust. You throw in the air and you're gonna turn this candle I have right in front of me. You're turn this candle into a water bottle. Okay. It's not magic. You're not, it's not these things you see in sci-fi movies. Okay? Science, crazy movies or something like that. Fantasy movies what's really going on here is you are just energetically activating something. And when you open your eyes after VI visualization, don't expect your world to change. It's not change. Okay. You're just starting to be in energetic, harmony with something brand new. And it's gonna take time to come into your life. It may take an hour. Okay. It may take five days. It may take five weeks.

Sometimes it takes a few years. Okay. Because every single time you activate what you want. There's a series of events. They have to unfold and you have stay in the faith while it's unfolding. Okay. So really important. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below. And if this was helpful to you, go ahead and throw a number one into the comment box or a yes. This was helpful to me in the comment box. We'll be doing similar like videos as well as we move forward to make sure you really got a, everything you need around manifestation, love, attraction. All these big concepts boil down into simplest easiest way. So you can bring a more predictable and consistent results into your life. And also remember if you wanna start coaching this, you wanna be a teacher, a personal development in love, attraction, manifestation.

You wanna help people like a life coach or a are some development coach, motivational coach, anything like that, check out our certification. It's gonna be your golden ticket to get the life that you dream of the life that's purposeful, exciting, fulfilling, and ultimately also a wealthy freedom based life and allows you to feel great about what you do on a daily basis and excited for the work you have in front of you. Okay. Check down the description below just an application. And then again, you can do a call with my team and then also give more details on what actually the certification is. All right.

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