Why The LAW OF ATTRACTION Isn't Working For YOU (Hidden Secrets)
Written by Scott Haug on December 13th, 2021
Why The LAW OF ATTRACTION Isn't Working For YOU (Hidden Secrets)

Wouldn't you like to know why the law of attraction isn't working for you?

In this video, Scott shares tips and ideas on how to allow the law of attraction to start working for you!    

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Full Transcript

Why the law of attraction is not working for you. Hey Scott Haug here And in today's video, we're gonna be going through a series of tips and ideas that are going to allow you to actually make the law of attraction work for you to manifest what you actually want into your life consistently and predictably before we do. So it makes you throw a light on the video and as you, you, so it's gonna send out to a lot more people and together we can raise the consciousness of the planet and also make sure you click, subscribe and click the belt icon. So you're notified when I send out other great manifestation, how to content. Also, if you wanna start teaching this material, you wanna teach manifestation and the laws of universe and you are feel born to help people area. Make sure you check out our certification at certified manifestation coach.

If you go ahead in the description below, click the link and you can go ahead and apply and then book a call with our team to allow you to talk about it just a little bit and get some more details about how you could become a certified manifestation coach. All right. So let's jump into a video today. So law of attraction is always working for everybody. Okay? It is always working for everybody, but it's really whether is it working for my good or not based on my desire. So when we say law of attraction, isn't working, what we really mean to say is I'm not getting the things that I actually intended and wanted. That's what we're talking about here. Law of attraction is like gravity. It's working all the time. I got a bag here. That's some gift bows. Okay. If I drop this, it's gonna go to my hand.

Everybody knows that. Okay. It's the law of gravity. Okay? The law of gravity's working all the time for every human being. You wouldn't say I woke up tonight, just started floating all around the place. Right? You would say lot of gravity isn't working for me. It doesn't, it doesn't happen that way. Right? So a lot of attraction is the same idea. It's a lot it's happening all the time for every human being everywhere, all over the earth. Okay, it's happening? It's working, but it's am I attracting in circumstances? I don't like, or am I attracting in circumstances? I do like, and it's very important because you get away from that victim place, right? It seems sometimes like this God or this universe or whatever you call the higher power is not giving me the things I want. Come on. You know, why is it mean not to have what I want, you know, can feel very victim hood.

And that puts us in a position where we can't control our circumstances in our life though. That's false. That's not true. We can start to manifest what we do want right now. Why people, what's the difference between somebody attracting and what they don't want and attracting in what they do want. What's the difference there? A couple of tips here. Okay. Many people are so aware of what they want. And then so aware it's not here physically. That stops 'em all the time. So let me do an example. I want to manifest, for example, a $10,000 sum of money. Okay. I want $10,000 extra on my bank account. I may think it, I may do my affirmations around it. I may intend it. I may do my gratitude list. My visualization, all the tricks, all the exercises, if you will. Right? But throughout my day, my mind is monitoring.

If it's coming into my world or not, where's it come, where's it gonna come from? How's it gonna come? How's that 10,000 hours gonna come. I have no idea. Who's it gonna come from? Right? Or the mind might say, it's not here. Well, it happened tonight. Okay. It's gonna happen tonight. You wake up the next morning. It's still not here. When's it. Is it gonna happen by tonight? You see what the mind goes in this monkey mind and tries to figure out where it's gonna come from. Who's it gonna come from? Why is it gonna come? Where all these different things. Right? And when you are thinking that way, you're putting out the feeling of absence of what you want. So you're thinking it's here, but you feel it's not. And that literally is causing you to be in a vibrational place of you not actually having the thing.

Okay? So you start to manifest circumstances that are showing you. It's not here. It's not here. It's not here. Okay? So that's why the law of retract. Isn't working many times for individuals. It, it is working, but it's not bringing you what you want because you're feeling like it's not here. And if you feel like it's not here, it's not going to come. You're gonna attract not being here. If you will. Okay. Another very important distinction here on why the law of attraction isn't working is because the person is doing way too. Many of the exercise is with not enough feeling. Okay. So you could do, you know, 10 sheets of affirmations daily. You can visualize, you can do the gratitude. You can do all the different exercises out there. Right. But if you're not feeling it while you're doing it, it doesn't do anything really for you too much.

Okay. So if I'm doing my affirmations and I'm saying, I am rich and well, and now earn seven figure income. Okay. But I'm feeling frustrated because it's not actually happening. My affirmation is not actually helping me. So my affirmation, I gotta say, I'm rich, I'm wealthy. And I have a seven figure income and I feel excited. Right? And you actually put excitement into the words, as you're saying, I'm you, in what you say, essentially, that's going to be a big factor, whether you're actually tapping into the feeling of what you want or don't. Okay. So it's very important. A lot of people do the gratitude exercise and they don't really feel GRA grateful. They're just writing a list as if it's homework, trying to get it done. 10 things I'm grateful for. I'm grateful for water. I'm grateful for my car. I'm grateful for my house.

I'm grateful for my spouse. You know, they're writing it down, but they don't feel grateful. They don't feel the gratitude. They don't feel the appreciation. Okay. So we really wanna tap into that. Make sure you're feeling grateful, make sure you're feeling excited, whatever the feeling is supposed to be to have you be in that. If you will, ultimately, you wanna remember how we're manifesting is based on what we're impressing upon our imagination. Okay. So if I'm impressing, um, in my imagination things, I don't want that. And, and I'm just thinking that way throughout my day, I'm going to feel the, that that's true in my world. Even if it's physically true right now, it's a spiritual truth and a physical lie. Okay. So if right now I want, you know, my dream home physically, it's a lie. Okay. But spiritually it's true. And an energetic side.

It is true. That's what we're impressing. That's what we want to impress upon our imagine is the things that we do want that are already true in the energetic sense. Not yet physically, but I wanna feel them to be true now. So that feeling starts to manifest itself on the physical plane. All right. So hopefully that makes sense there. Couple of tips and tricks. Okay. Just to make sure, you know, remember you wanna have the feeling of the presence of the thing that you want. You wanna feel the feeling when you're doing the exercises you wanna be in the imaginative state of the thing you want. Right. See the unseen, see the image and then feel it to be true. All those things last piece as well is the action. Okay. Action is a very real part of the process. Okay. So this is not a non-action oriented world, meaning while to a mailbox and receiving a check that's action.

Okay. Walking into your local gas station, buy your lottery ticket. That's an action. Going to your job is an action. Building. A business is a set of actions, right? So all these different things are actions is a part of the process. So if you, and feel compelled to go and serve, to increase, to do something better with your life, that is your calling and also your channel through which your supply can be received, your money, the sales, the things that you want in your life. Okay. So you wanna make sure also accompany it with action, but it's feel good. Action. It's inspired action. It's the things that, um, are going to increase other people they're going to serve. They're gonna build your business. If you have one, they're gonna do these things. All right. So very importantly, you follow through on that side of things as well. All right. Hopefully this video helps let me know in the comments section below, if you'd like similar videos like this, or have any questions about today's topic.

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