🌟 Super Charge Your Manifestations - Day #1 - Beautiful Clarity
Written by Scott Haug on May 25th, 2020

The Manifestation series helping you manifest Quicker - Easier - Bigger.

This video training is Day #1 all about getting clear on what it is that you actually want to manifest.


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"Alright, welcome onto our day number one series of turbocharging your manifestations forward and basically some things to think about top tricks and ideas to really bring your manifestations to the next level. We're going to be doing a series of these and this is day number one within this series and number one today is understanding how to turbocharge or manifestations forward using the technique of beautiful clarity.

This is going to be a really great first and foremost if you're like me, there's about a million things that we want to actually manifest and sometimes that can get a little chaotic in our minds. Uh, there's a lot of things in every area. If you have a business you want to manifest more business success if you want to do, if you're in business. Also you want to manifest more clients, more customers, higher levels of income, more goodness within the business, more miracles within the business, personal life.

It could be a partner that you want, it could be a friend, a family member, changing their relationship with you just a bit to be a little happier or whatever it is. Some health. I mean there's many areas and many different things. And again, it can be a little chaotic when you're trying to put all these manifestations out there so you can experience a very full, wonderful, fulfilling life.

For me, it got very, very overwhelming trying to figure out what do I go after first and all of these manifestations, how do I make it so it's a little easier to comprehend and a little easier to kind of section, if you will. So today what we're going to go through is a very quick three part process to also turbocharging those manifestations forward by getting clarity. Okay. So first one thing that you're going to do here in your three step process.

Step #1: is write down the areas of life that you want to manifest. So areas could be just like I mentioned, it could be a personal life, it could be your business, could be your health, could be your relationships, whatever it is. Write down the key areas of your life that you actually want to improve. Okay? You could do that in a word document. You could do it in your notes, in your journal. If you're a hand writer, you really prefer that. That's okay.

Step #2: Go ahead and write that down as part number one. Now we're going to start to think of ideas in different areas. Just first and foremost, write down those areas now and then we'll go into the second part here.

Okay, so you might want to improve your health just a bit. So we want to write down my ideal weight now is blank. If you want to improve your business, you want to enter in five more clients this month. Write down, I want and desire five more clients. Now in the present tense, you could also change it. So it could be, I now have five new high ticket paying clients, whatever it is.
But again, basically you're taking in part one your step one. You're taking all these different parts into sections and areas of life.

Part two, you're actually going to take your manifested manifestation desires and categorize those underneath of your parts and categories of life. Okay? So it's really good if you've been in the accelerator in my program there for a while, you know you're really come to realize what we're doing here is just helping you get a lot of mind, mental space, and having mental space.

Step #3: Part three to this? It's now putting everything you desire into mental images. Okay, so part three. Now that sounds like a lot. Don't feel like you're going to get overwhelmed from doing this by any means. We're actually going to start to have a little more ease and flow come into our life.

And again, if you're not in our accelerator, jump in right away. It's a lot of fun. It's very simple and easy process to go through. I think you'll be really blown away by the start module one a. Once you get into that right away. All right, so I'm like blessings to you. Keep rocking your manifestations and we'll see real soon. Take care."

Scott Haug

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