Steps To Believing That You Can Have The Big Money (Manifesting) - Episode 5
Written by Scott Haug on December 3rd, 2021
Steps To Believing That You Can Have The Big Money (Manifesting) - Episode 5

Do you believe in your capabilities to manifest your financial desires whenever you want?

You'll want to hear these steps Scott shares with you to believing that you can have the Big Money whenever you desires it!   

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Full Transcript

Could you have lost your job if it was from a job and then maybe not have a thousand dollars coming in and let next month. Absolutely. But what would you do if you lost a job

You would kick into action and figure out a way to support yourself. You would search for another job. Maybe, maybe you would get some sort of unemployment. If that was really your, your state. And you needed that for a time being, maybe you would do a little side business that you knew you could make a little bit of money on, right? You would find a way everyone agree with that. They, if you were in that circumstance, if in the business, you know, you, weren't bringing in a thousand dollars a month while you'd find a way to put in more time, if you needed to for a temporary time period, to get things moving, or you'd get a side gig going just in the time being, you'd find a way you went to starve and up until the point right now in your life, you've always done that.

That is a huge thing. You want to keep them up. So if you said now the big money, $50,000 or a hundred thousand or 20,000, whatever the number you said big money is now in my checking account, you may be feel some of you are feeling this way. Not all of you. So just a select few that were feeling this way. Okay? We're feeling like it's not going to come again. There's no way. Okay. Oh, you mentioned easy. Come easy go. Right? So it's like, oh man, this, this money, how you know, it's going to go, enemies have better save for a rainy day. She'll says, be careful. This is temporary. Okay. Linda says, you don't know how to manage money. Shantay says, you better save it before you don't give him a right. These types of phrases are only come because I don't believe in my capability to re get that money into my business, into my life or whatever it is.

See the trend there. See the cause and effect. Okay? Because you didn't feel that way when you're running a thousand hours a month, for example, now, you know, if you're running 500, 5,000, it doesn't matter. You are going to be consistent income. You didn't feel that way. You knew. You knew if you lost a job, you would find another way you knew. If you lost a client, you get another client, somehow, whatever it was because you were conditioned that was standard sent your standard is not yet at the larger, big money income on the checking account. It feels like this is miraculous. And I can't do the miraculous every month. So we want to take them money that, that big money take it off the pedestal. Very important. We want to start seeing ourselves with this kind of money daily and seeing our bank statement monthly with this money.

So it all stems from an internal scene. You start seeing that familiarity in your mind with the money month after month after month. So you literally visualize April 50,000 and checking count may 50,000 in checking count June 50,000, almost as if you've already done it. Then you write down a paragraph of how many of the options of how this happens. So for example, I now have four clients and rolling every month because I got nice skill marketing, better. My sales skills better. My entrepreneur skill is better. I energy better. Right? So you write down possibilities for yourself. Well, I do have them on consistent for me because I finally unlocked, I finally got into that energy

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