Money Manifestation Healing - SHIFTING TO A HIGHER BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER! - Episode 3
Written by Scott Haug on November 29th, 2021
Money Manifestation Healing - SHIFTING TO A HIGHER BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER! - Episode 3

Are you not attracting big money into your life? Do you think you've tried everything to bring in all the wealth you want?

In this episode, Scott helps you start shifting your money manifestation healing to attract a higher bank account number!

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Full Transcript

Let's talk about something that you're not used to in your checking account.

What is that number? You don't have to share it if you don't want it to, and if you want it to in chatbox, but what is a big amount of money that you are not familiar with or used to usually in your checking account, let's do an example. You know, a long time ago, I was only used to having about a thousand, $2,000 in the checking account. That was a usual thing. And for my family, when I spoke to them and stuff, usually like $500 in the checking account was normal and they actually didn't want too much in the checking out. They move in immediately to savings as if there was some sort of thing of like, I can't have too much for my checking account. So that was something for me to heal upon. So for me at the time having $10,000 regularly on average in my checking account was like a big stretch for me at the time, then eventually got to 50,000 or with having those big stretches after 10,000 became normal.

Some of you were at a level where you might already have 150,000. It doesn't matter where you're at. I want you to identify where you're normally at, and I want you to write down that number. What's the average number that you have readily available resource wise for you. And again, you don't have to put this into chat box, this particular one right here. You can put your intention of what the big money is paper right now. What is your average? And I want you to become aware of that. Okay? Keep going with your awareness and your awareness statement then into the chat box. What is your awareness statement? Trevor has a good one here. It's my time to shine and they always wanted me to be successful. Very good. Other awareness demons. Yeah. Tony has a good one. Everyone is happy for me and wants me to be successful.

Tony does everyone always wanted me to be successful in Richmond. I am supported and loved. Thank you. Sheila says everyone wants me to be abundant and successful. They're all super proud of me. They said H everyone always expected me to become incredibly wealthy. They, they want, they have always wanted that for me. They've wanted that for me. So really these amazing statements coming forward, adding much, and everyone knew I would eventually make it. Shantay says everyone supports me wanting to be successful and wealthy. Also has everyone wants me and helps me to be rich. And I share the liberation with all. And he says, my mom's sister, brothers and friends always wanted and always wants me to be wealthy, happy, and loved. They're joyful that I became a billionaire. Really good. So you see all these different chapters of everyone's life. I want you to keep this awareness statement in your awareness on a daily basis, you can say it out loud and as a affirmation, pick your index card out, tap it, you know, punch it and then say it out loud 10 times, and then maybe another hour, say it out loud. And only 10 times a million, 10 times.

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