Certified Manifestation Coach - How To Enroll When Money Is Tight (Plus MY EXAMPLE!)
Written by Scott Haug on November 19th, 2021
Certified Manifestation Coach - How To Enroll When Money Is Tight (Plus MY EXAMPLE!)

Do you want to help people transform their lives but you feel like money is stopping you from starting?

This video will show you how to enroll as a certified manifestation coach even when money is tight!

PLUS, Scott shares an example of his life story and what he did to get to where he is today!    

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Scott Haug

Scott Haug helps people who study personal development to actually apply the principles so they can manifest the physical results they truly desire.
He is an expert at helping people make permanent changes in their life and making things super simple to understand.

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Full Transcript

How do you get started as a certified manifestation coach? When money's tight, you might not have the finances. You might have nowhere to go on, actually securing the funds and securing the money to become a coach. Hey Scott Haug here And in today's video, we're going to be covering a very important, interesting principle, how to actually secure the funds and my proven example and story on how I did it myself. Okay. Becoming a certified manifestation coach. It's the most rewarding thing you'll ever do in your life. You're going to help people transform their lives. Every single day, you're going to wake up feeling excited, jumping out of bed, loving what you do. It can be serving the world, leaving a legacy for yourself and your family, as well as the world. And actually bringing a message that you believe in to your core, to the world.

It will blow you away. How happy you can become how fulfilled and how meaningful your life can be more and more by becoming one of our certified meditation coaches. Now, sometimes you want that, right? You're like, it sounds great. I'm in, how do I enroll? Right? But the money is far hard to come by. Maybe a difficult scenario we are in, it might be in a full-time job where you don't have a lot of funds. Yeah. You might be in a business. That's just not working out right now. Right? Whatever it is, there is a way, okay. The Universe is limitless. Money is just an energy. And if you tell the universe and communicate to the universe, your commitment that you want to become a certified manifestation coach, all the greatest things in the world will start to happen. Serendipitously to get you what you want. I've worked with so many people that they, they were in the same spot.

They don't have the funds. They follow my process here. And bone they've secured the funds in seven days, I've had people literally within 24 hours, I've had people do it up to 30 days and a little bit later, also a couple of months later. Okay. No matter where you're at right now, you can secure it. Let me start by telling you my story. And then we'll go through the process. And what happened for me at one time, I knew that I wanted to become a certified coach. Many years ago. I wanted to coach people I wanted to serve, and this is the ultimate purpose format. I wanted to do this. Okay. But I was in the same boat. I didn't have money. Okay. I was struggling as an entrepreneur. I was getting in just a little bit per month to secure some of the bills and secure groceries, you know, that kind of stuff, basically the essentials.

And that was, uh, as I was doing this, okay. I was starting to get really frustrated because I really wanted to get into the certification at the time, but I had no funds to do so. So I was feeling frustrated. I was feeling, uh, pretty much off in times because I knew the laws of the universe worked. I knew things would happen, but I could not figure out what to do in order to have my funds increase for me to actually do the thing. Okay. So that was very important that, you know, the feeling was there. Okay. What I ended up doing was I got a gold card out. Okay. I don't have a gold card right now in my pocket, but I have an index card. You could do it right in an index card here. I wrote down, I am now this certified coach.

I wrote it down in the present tense. And I wrote down the date of exactly when I would be this coach was August 20th. Okay. Was the date that I wrote down. I gave myself three weeks to find the funds and attracting the funds to get started three weeks to the day. Okay. What started to unfold were these serendipitous things that were amazing. I sat down and say, well, what are the known ways I can start to generate some of the money so far, some of the known ways I knew I had a 401k that had just a few thousand in there because I had done an engineering job for a short time and developed a little bit of money. It might've been like $1,600 in there or something like that. So I knew I could do that. I took out all of the funds from the 401k.

Okay. Second I started to brainstorm. Could I make the money? And enough time, I thought about driving for Uber, doing things like task rabbit, or some tech to provide services to everyday people, a job services, painting, staining, those kinds of things. Cause I knew I could do it. Driving Uber was pretty easy. Of course. So I thought about doing that, thought about it, then do that. But thought about it. Number three, I sold my own truck. I sold my truck in order to go to a seminar that was going to help teach me how to become more financially free and everything else. The truck at the time was a old style range Rover Land rover, really? And I was able to sell that for $4,000. So that was gone. I had no transportation anymore. Couldn't get to the place I want to get to, but I had the money.

That's all I cared about. Okay. So that was the third thing. The fourth thing was I started to brainstorm. Was there something I could do part-time in order to get in the money as well? I started to think about those things. I started thinking about what was the easiest way for me to get in a hundred dollars a day in order to start securing some of those funds. So every single night I would journal about these, I would think about new ideas. I'd see if there was anything that I was possible. That was in my mind. So I started with thinking, okay, every night I'd add in new ideas, I'd add in new possibilities. Okay. A lot of the possibilities, a lot of the ideas never went through. Some of them did. Okay. So I get to two days before the actual date that I'm supposed to become a certified coach and supposed to have the funds by then.

Okay. I have the $1,600 from the 401k. I got only a small chunk left from selling the truck because I had to use some of the money to actually go to a seminar and also use some of the money to pay for bills because I was coming to them in a month and I had to pay for rent and they had money anymore. Okay. So I, to some of that money had a small chunk. I had, I needed at least $4,500 in order to get started at the time because they were helping me do a payment plan. I only came up with a total of 2,500. I needed $2,000, two days before the actual gold day feeling like frustrated, I stopped, became present and I remembered the universe is limitless. I can do this $2,000. It was just an energy. I can do this. Okay.

I kept in me every single night. I went to sleep, seeing myself as a certified coach. Every single night, I would see myself becoming more and more familiar with their role. Pretending as if I was a certified coach already, every single night, it started to become so much that I was so familiar with in my mind, it felt like I was already a coach, even before I paid for it. Even before I rolled, it felt like I was already a coach. That's very key. I'm going to talk about that later two days before I fly up to up to New York, because I was going to see my family during that time. Okay. And my father at the time was selling motorcycles. He had bought in one, refurbish it a little bit and sold it off. Okay. There's four, exactly. The $2,000 that I needed. So we go and he sells this motorcycle.

There's a check that's written out for $2,000. And my dad has in the vehicle. Okay. Later that night he puts the check on the dining room table. As we are all eating at different things, he's going to deposit in the bank the next day or whatever it is. Okay. And on the check when he puts it down, it's right in front of me, it's for a check for $2,000. That has my name on it. Now my father has the same name as me. So it just had Scott Haug on there. Okay. The father had no idea at the time that I needed the money to borrow. I didn't say anything about this whole thing that I was doing or wanting to get into. Okay. But I see that night, I got total goosebumps. When I saw a check with my name that said, Scott Haug on it for $2,000?

The night before I needed the actual money, instantly in my mind to my mind was going nuts. It was going wild. It was saying, there's the money. There's some money. There's some money, but it's my dad's. I'm going to have to ask them to borrow it. I've never borrowed any money from a single family member. I've never borrowed anything from a friend. This is making me so uncomfortable. I literally want to get physically sick and throw up because you know, I, I, I need to borrow this money, right? So I do some self-talk and everything. I exited the dining room table. I go to my, uh, my, uh, room in the house and I'm sitting there contemplating if I should do this or not and something inside. And we said, you gotta do it. You gotta do it. So that night I asked my father, can I borrow the money?

The $2,000? And he has always been a huge supporter of my dreams. So he said yes with a little hesitation. I'm sure. Like, you know, probably didn't think he was ever going to get the money back. But he said, yes. And I was able to borrow the money deposit the check at the $4,500. That exact day in the bank account called the person to get certified. Uh, that day called them up, gave us a credit card over to charge the debit card that I had. And boom, I was in successful the day of the goals I wrote down. True story. Now I'm telling you all this and it sounds miraculous. It sounds crazy, but it wasn't every night. I just became familiar with it. Every night. I jotted down ideas and thoughts and serendipitous things that bridge of incidents unfolded for me to have some money to borrow.

I promised my dad, by the way, I would pay him back in 60 days, the 2000 dollars I paid him back in 57 days. Exactly. Okay. It is the most game changing thing in my life. If I, if I went into fear and said, I can't borrow the money. If I went into fear and said, I can't sell my truck. If I went into fear and said, I couldn't do this, okay, I wouldn't be here today. I want to live in the multi-million dollar condo that I live in. I went over, earned up to $130,000 in a single day. I wouldn't have done all these different things. I've been able to do money throughout the many years, serving and helping and fulfilling my purpose. If I did not take that one day and do that, go through the courage and actually go through the fear and do what I needed to do to get into it.

Believe me, I wanted to throw up. I wanted to physically throw up. I had no money. I had to make the business work all the money I had to pay for certification. I, no money left for rent, no money left for groceries. I had to make the business work at Brin burned. The bridges, burned the boats and made it happen. It's not easy. It's not an easy road, but it was the most rewarding road you could ever possibly think of. Okay. Only it took me a few years to really get to a very high level of success. Within 60 days of starting the certification, I made it to $10,000 a month. We're placing any job income I could ever have replacing all the different things in my life that I could, you know, all the jobs and all the other things I could have possibly done in my life.

I feel more fulfilled and more on purpose than ever now for everybody. I've shared this story with they follow through every single night, visualize see yourself for next 30 days. As if you're a coach, do an accountability chart, write down a calendar for 30 days, you can place an X every single time you visualize every single time you become more familiar with what it is that you want. Becoming a coach every night, brainstorm ideas, brainstorm notes, brainstorm possible thoughts on how you could attract the funds. Start saving the money, borrow the money, apply for another credit card, apply for a personal loan. I've had so many of my coaches apply for personal loans and get it and actually paid for it and pay them, pay the loan in within 90 days of actually getting okay, because it's a sure-fire way of, you're going to click.

You're going to earn money. You're going to bring in a great income, right? Not only that, but every single day, you want to actually feel as if you're already a coach. Okay? All the things will happen, serendipitous things, but it's up to you to get uncomfortable, go through the fear and actually accept the ideas that come to you. Okay? Like I said, it wasn't easy to borrow the money, but if the idea comes to you borrow the money from somebody to apply for a credit card to apply for financing, just do it. Okay. Because it will be your biggest reward ever in life. It takes guts. It takes courage, but what's the other way. Okay. It's too painful. Staying in the same place. Year after year after year, having so much potential, having so much ambition, having so much desire, but you can't use it, right?

It's it's so unfulfilling. It's Ang like you get angry, get frustrated. It's not fun. The life is not accepting your calling. You're not so excited about life, you know? And so, so you do whatever it takes to, to do it. Even if it takes guts, it takes courage. It takes a lot of that stuff. Okay. Because it is the ultimate path that you can go down. So every night visualize every night become familiar every night, jot down notes every night, save your money, everything you could possibly do, sell your stuff. Like that's why I sold my truck. I've sold a motorcycle to get what I wanted before I've sold even things inside the house. I've sold four Wheeler, our old four, really that we had, even if it was a minimal money to save some money, to get what I wanted. Right. Same thing goes for you. Do whatever it takes, whatever it takes to get there, the reward will be worth it. Okay. If you want to talk about this just a little bit more, fill in an application in the description below, schedule a call with us. We'll talk through all these different possibilities with you as well. Okay. First and foremost. So know that you can do this. It is possible for you possible for me. And so my other coaches that you can do it as well. Try it out. We'll see. On the other side,

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