How To Manifest: Ignore the facts (and example!) [MUST TRY!]
Written by Scott Haug on November 17th, 2021
How To Manifest: Ignore the facts (and example!) [MUST TRY!]

If you knew all the doubtful facts you'll be faced with when trying to manifest what you want, would you keep going or give up on your desire?

In this video, Scott shares an example of his story on how to manifest what you want by ignoring the facts! You MUST TRY this in your life now!    

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Full Transcript

How to manifest, ignoring the facts and an example, Hey Scott Haug here with the manifestation accelerator, where results in manifestations are made easy in today's video, we're going to be going over a couple of how to principles of manifestation with an example that will really help to clarify and understand what we're talking about here in order for you to understand how to manifest better and better just before we jump into the content or like on the video as you do. So it's going to send out to a lot more people and together we can raise the consciousness of this planet. Also click subscribe, and then click the bell icon to get notified when we send out other great manifestation, how to content, we have meditations exercises and things in tools in order for you to grow and expand, all right, let's get started. So how to manifest, right?

Manifestation can be a puzzling game. And sometimes it's not really understood that, like, you know, how does this whole manifestation game work? Because you can't see it, right? And sometimes the facts in your life, the physical reality that you have going on around, you can seem like it's opposite or opposing to what you really want. So for example, if you want a large sum of money in your bank account, you want, let's say $50,000, even in your checking account, but you only have $5,000 in your checking account. You're going to see that, like, you know, you're going to put in your mind that you want 50,000 in your checking account, but you're going to log into your bank statement. You're going to see that it's only 5,000, right? So it's like a lot of the facts around you. Your reality is going to say, otherwise, you're going to want something, but your reality is going to say, otherwise, the very important thing is we kind of ignore the facts.

We got to ignore the physical reality. Okay. Not put up blindfolds. Some people do that and you could get yourself in enormous trouble, right? You gotta pay your bills. You gotta pay the things that you need to, right. So we're not saying don't live in this physical reality where we are saying no is you don't have to always feel according to your physical reality instead, feel according to your imagined reality, okay? How we manifest anything? Is this an energetic world? I'm an energetic being. And the thing I want is an energetic substance. Okay. I have to align my feeling, align my energy with the thing I want. And I'm going to get closer to it as it's coming closer to me. Okay. Between the time of when you set your intention, manifestation wise, when you set your desire, when you write it down in present tense and you see an end scene in your imagination that time between then, and when you actually receive it, it's called the bridge of incidence or the bridge of happenings or the bridge of events.

Very important. There's a series of events that unfolds serendipitous things. Coincidence is synchronicities that unfold in order for you to get the thing that you want. Ultimately, the universe is in charge of putting all those things at the right time, at the right place. If you will, you are just an instrument through which the universe is coming to and through you. Okay. So what do you between now and then ignore the facts. Stop searching. So let me do an example here. This condo that I have right now with my amazing partner, you can see around me, it's right here on the beach, right? In this ocean area. Uh, the Atlantic ocean in Florida, it is amazing place. I'm so blessed. I'm so thankful to be here. And it was not always easy to get to a place like this. Okay. So if you're not in a place like this so far, don't worry.

I've been in a place where I was stuck in a, basically a bedroom with a bathroom, uh, and paying a low rent and sleep on an air mattress. So, you know, it's not always this way for people. You have to really get there and you have to do a lot of mental effort just to get there. Okay. But let me do an example. We were in a place previous to this, and it was more in a downtown area and very chaotic, very crazy. It was very grateful for what we had there. Right? It's a lot of goodness when you're in the city, because you can walk places and there's no scooters out. So we would always went to Lou scooter and we go places, right? So a lot of great things, but we wanted a lot more peace and quiet. We wanted to live right down the water.

We wanted to live on the beach. We've always wanted to do something like that. So the biggest idea here, those who've never done it. I've never committed to something like that. I've never committed to a multi-million dollar condo. I've never committed to living in an area that I've never been in this part of Florida. I've never committed to living in a high rise building like this exact one, right? So there's so many things that were going to be a stretch for us at the time. Uh, very uncomfortable things in our move here, but we were able to do it. And here's how, when we started, uh, to understand we're going to live in a different place, the facts showed us that it wasn't going to happen. This took place in 2020 when there wasn't a lot of places being able to run because of everything going on in the world.

Uh, people weren't really able to move things forward with, uh, with life and the way he wanted to because 20, 20 year, you know, all the stuff that had happened, uh, sometimes people weren't renting out places because a lot of people were not paying. And that was okay. It was, uh, because of rules and regulations changed in the government. So, you know, the fact showed us that condos weren't really available. We had another requirement. We have three pets, we had a couple of dogs and we have a cat. So we needed a place that was pet friendly. And a lot of these condo buildings don't allow it. Okay. Because they don't have a place for it. They don't have a lot of grass. It's still pretty city oriented and they can't go on the beach. Okay. So that was another thing showing a fact that it's almost near impossible to get that.

Okay. Last but not least what's one of the toughest parts was trying to get someplace. So it had no furnishings because a lot of people sell or rent. A condo is already pre furnished. We didn't want that. We want our own stuff. We're very spiritually oriented. We wanted all of our own things in there. Right. So all these facts showed us that it was going to be really hard to get what we wanted. Okay. Not only that, but financially, it was a big stretch compared to where I've ever been before. Okay. It was very vulnerable for me, vulnerable spine. Okay. So you add that into the equation as well. You add also the equation and well, we have to go out probably 45 days to find a place. By the time we actually tried to call, none of the condos were actually showing their listing.

It was too, too fast. So we had to find a condo seal, the deal, close the deal within about 20 to 30 days or so. Okay. All this while running our businesses or the company and everything else. Right. So there was a lot of facts showing it. Wasn't going to work out. We're just going to have to extend the lease where we were at, or find a place closer to downtown area. You know, that was nice in a condo on the beach. Okay. But I know that stuff, you know, this stuff and we ignored the facts. Okay. Uh, my girlfriend, I, we ignored the facts and we sat down together and we said, well, what is it that we do want practice manifestation, right? What is it that we do want, who wrote down all the qualities and the characteristics of the place that we wanted when it'd be on the beach, our backyard being, we just walk outside and we're sitting on the beach, we're going in the ocean.

Okay. We also want to place those pet friendly places, unfurnished, all that good stuff, right. One, a place that was going to be a very friendly, peaceful place. There was a lot more quieter, like I was mentioning as well. So we wrote, wrote down this list of qualities and characteristics. Okay. Okay. The facts would show that none of those were going to be available. None of them almost we're going to be available for us. Right. But we ignored the facts. We wrote down the list then almost every day. It wasn't every day consistently, but almost every day we would go ahead and visualize ourselves in that condo. Okay. We'd see ourselves sitting on the beach, smiling, bringing a glass of tea down there and reading a book. Uh, we saw ourselves going in the water with having family over inviting family and friends over and having a little party and get together.

Okay. We saw ourselves with our animals in the condo building freely. And pet-friendly if you want. Okay. So every night and every day, we'd start to see these and scenes as if we were already there, we'd smell. The salty air is if you're going outside, we'd feel the sand on our feet. When you're walking through the sand, in our imaginal, you know, act or unseen. And as we did all these things, it became vivid. It became real. A series of events started to unfold that got us literally to get in this building. Okay. I can't go through all the details, every single thing. But we had the right realtor at the right time showing us the places we had the right owners at the right time for the condo building to allow a space that was unfurnished that allow pet-friendly and all that good stuff.

Okay. Again, none of were were possible before, but it allowed us to serendipitously attract things in that allowed us to get here. Okay. We attracted time. We attracted literally a revenue record month that allowed us to get the condo that we wanted. Right. So it was like, all these little things started to line up. I, it was very fast when it happened. It was like two to three weeks of time and it was done the, oh, it was over and ready to go. Okay. Uh, at the same time we were transforming our businesses. We had a couple of launches at that same time and everything else. So we're able again, to manifest a time to actually secure this place. All right. So, you know, you ignoring the facts is really a part of this manifestation game. It's really saying there's no limitation. It doesn't matter where you're at.

You can win, you can grow and you can succeed. And all those are very essential components to manifesting and not limiting yourself in what's real and what's possible. So I encourage you as well. Ignore the facts. Don't think according to facts in your life, don't, don't think in according to limitation. Okay. And how you do that. It's just focusing on what you do. Want the qualities, characteristics focused on how it make you feel as if you had it focus on really being there in the essence. You'll start to see the things move forward as you move forward. Okay. Try it out. And I encourage you to absolutely try it out every single day for the next 30 days. Try it on something you think is impossible. Try it on something you think is far more limited than you actually can be and accomplish into your life.

Okay. In the comments section below, say, I am a winner. I will ignore the facts. Okay. Activate that phrase into your life. I am a winner. I will ignore the fact. So allow yourself to be saturated by the feeling of that. Okay. Because convincing yourself and accepting idea to ignore the facts is not always easy because your mind is going to want to wander. We're programmed to think, according to the physical, according to unlimited, according to paradigm, according to programming, but you can change that. Okay. So again, comment that below and allow yourself to be saturated by the idea, except the idea for yourself. Try it out. You're going to love it.

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