Why You SHOULD Get Started Coaching Even WITH NO Experience Or Results Yet
Written by Scott Haug on November 8th, 2021
Why You SHOULD Get Started Coaching Even WITH NO Experience Or Results Yet

Do you have the calling to want to coach others but you don't think you are capable of helping others because you have no experience or any results yet?

In this video, Scott shares some valuable information on why you should get started coaching despite those doubtful thoughts!    

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Full Transcript

A lot of people have the calling for serving and helping this world coaching people. Right. But they limit themselves on what they think they are capable of. They feel like they need to earn a million dollars before they could coach somebody. They need to feel like they have to have a dream house and dream car and all the perfect lifestyle, those success images you see out there. If you had to own your private jet and everything else before you can coach somebody. And since they believed that, or even if they believe it, not all the way, they believe some sort of part of that, if you will, okay. They limit themselves and stop themselves from actually getting started with coaching. Hey Scott Haug here and in today's video, we're going to be going through why you actually should start right now with no experience and no results in your life so far.

It sounds very counterintuitive, right? There's three different things going on here. Three different levels or types of help in this world. There's many different types, but there's going to be three main ones from business that we're going to be talking about. Coach consultant, mentor three different categories. Let's start with consultant. Okay. It consultant is somebody who has a particular skill set. Maybe they're great at fixing a certain particular machine. And a company will call up this individual and you know, their machine's broken calls up the individual to bring them into their company and fix that machine right now. That's not the only way they have certain skills and different things they can bring to various companies. Right? But it's the same skill they're bringing into various different companies in about the same area, the same marketplace kind of idea. Okay. So this consultant goes in there and gets hired, gets paid through a company.

That's somebody who's developed a skillset and experience. Okay. Second category is mentor. Mentor is that person that's been there, done that. Okay. You want to earn $10,000 a month. You get a mentor, that's at least earn $10,000 a month. You want to manifest whatever love into your life or whatever you want to mentor. That's manifested love and continually stays in love, right? And then you learn from that person. You want a big successful business, seven figure business or whatever it is. You get a mentor who has been there, done that in that particular line of business, right? So that's a mentor. That's somebody who's experienced your results. Who's experienced the things that you want to manifest into your life to attract into your life results wise. Right? Third category. That's what we're talking about today is coaching very different than consultant. Very different from mentorship.

Okay? This one, this coach is the idea that a coach draws out from somebody, something that's already within them. Okay. It's very, very important. We'll do a prime example. Everyone knows the name, Michael Jordan, whether you're a basketball fan or not, doesn't matter. Okay. You've heard of the name and I'm sure if Michael Jordan, his coach was Phil Jackson. Okay. So he, he had a coach and everyone knows that Michael Jordan was one of the greatest baseball or basketball players of all time. Right. He was very, very good. One of the top players ever to play the game of basketball. Okay. I don't care again, if you're in sports or not as a fan, this is a good example. Okay. His coach, Phil Jackson, wasn't near his capabilities at all. Phil Jackson, wasn't as great as Michael Jordan basketball, by any means he didn't earn the exact amount of money that Michael Jordan was earning.

You know, he was at a different level, right? So how is that possible? Why did Michael Jordan need a coach? Because a coach draws out from you more than what you see within yourself. We all need coaches. You know, coaches allow us to see things that we don't see allows us to puzzle piece things that seem so out of order and chaotic, right? It takes all these different things and helps you see them differently. Changes your perspective, encourages you when you feel maybe frustrated or down supports you on your dreams, believes in you helps you on a proven path. So you have, you know, the coach has a roadmap of some sort, absolutely. And how to help you move forward. Okay. But it has doesn't matter what the results level is. It doesn't matter what the experience level is. It's all about. How can I coach somebody to a higher level now?

Of course. Okay. You know, I'm not going to go out there and coach somebody on a sport. I have no idea about, okay. I would never coach somebody on the game of soccer. Okay. Because I have no interest in it. I don't get really excited for it. It's fine for other people. Okay. But I don't have a skill for it. I don't have all those things. So I wouldn't go out there and coach them in soccer. So I'm not saying anybody goes out there and coaches, anybody on anything. That's not what we're saying here. Or we're saying as a coach, the prerequisites to coaching are, you're really excited about the topic. You love it. You you're, you desire it. You learn more about it in your spare time. We talk about in your spare time, you really enjoy experiencing more of that topic. Right? For me, it's on soccer for me, personal development, spirituality, my own inner growth.

It's something I get really excited for. You might feel the same way. Okay? So you got it. That's prerequisite. Number one, you gotta be excited about the subject. Prerequisite. Number two is you have to love serving and encouraging people. Okay? If you don't, you're not people person, you don't like people. For whatever reason, you don't even like helping or whatever. You know, probably coaching is not your area of particular purpose right now, really aligned with helping people, probably not going to happen. So prerequisite number two is you have to have a desire to help people, to serve people, to make this world a greater place in some sort of way. Okay. Same thing with a fitness trainer, you got to have some sort of, you know, idea of like you enjoy helping people and seeing their health transformation. Okay. So that's really important. Number three, you want to have some sort of idea of your experience, particularly with that subject.

I'm not talking about results. I'm not talking about those. What I'm talking about is you've experienced your growth within that subject. Maybe it's personal volume. You've been studying it for a few years or at least a couple of months, and you have a particular set of interest in it. And you've experienced a little bit of it yourself. Okay? That's a prerequisite as well. The final prerequisite here is if you have none of that experience, you become certified and you also have a proven course that you can leverage to help bring people through. So instead of you being a mentor, a consultant, or a coach with no experience at all, you're a coach using somebody else's proven system and certification to make you learn, grow, and expand and bring them through that proven roadmap that you might not have just yet. That's the way to go.

So even if you have no experience, you don't have a ton of results in your life. Becoming one of our certified manifestation coaches is the way to go. If you're interested in personal development, coaching life, coaching of any sort of capacity, okay? Many different. If you're an NLP practitioner of some sort, any of those ways, your spiritual practitioner becoming a certified manifestation coach is your way about going to develop your business. Why? Because in our certification you get certified. So you learn your skill. We go at depth levels. You wouldn't even believe it can't find any YouTube videos. You can't find him books. It's all during our experiences on our coaching and mentorship calls me, mentoring you second, within that certification, you get the license rights to actually bring people to our proven course. I've built it out. I've proven it with thousands of students in the actual course, we have thousands of wins, financial wins and different things in our manifestation courses already proven testimonial after testimonial, after testimonial.

Okay? So you have a proven system. You can get licensed rights to, to bring your clients through. Okay. So very, very important. So, you know, if you feel a calling, you're excited about personal development, you're excited about spirituality mindset. You love self-help books, all that stuff. This is for you, but it doesn't matter about how many results you manifest in your life so far. It doesn't matter about what your experience level is. You leverage your mentor. There'll be me in this case, the experience level and the proven course, and then bring that to your clients. Now, one big thing that comes up for most people say, well, are my clients can ask me what my experience is. I'm telling you. I've had hundreds of very big clients. Okay. We've had thousands of, uh, members that we've worked with and everything else. We've had hundreds of people I work directly with.

Okay. And that sort of capacity. And I've spoken to thousands of people in that capacity as well. Okay. And the big thing here is nobody really cares about your experience with bill. They care about, can you help them? Okay. Now that's very important to realize, can you help them? So if you're a mentor, do you have the experience level consolidate? Do you have the skill level, but as a coach, do you have the tools to help them? Okay. So when I first became certified, that was how I started years and years ago. Okay. I was leveraging a proven system. I was leveraging a course. I was leveraging a certification and I used my mentor's experience as leverage. I was a coach under this individual. Right. And that was what I told the client. You know, it doesn't matter if I have this amount of money or that, whatever it is, you know, I'm coaching you.

This would be the client coaching you through this proven system shown by my mentor, this individual. Okay. That's how you frame. And that's really, really good. Again, you're not a trainer, you know, a personal or a personal trainer out there. I believe strongly, you're going to need results. Okay. You can't help somebody release 50 pounds if you're really big yourself. And, and you're not, um, at the level of ideal weights that you're helping somebody else do. Okay. I don't believe in that. I don't believe in mentoring somebody. They don't have the actual experience they want. I don't believe in being a consultant. If you don't have that skill level that you're going to be hired for in a company in different things. I believe strongly though, in a coach. And I think that when you listen into this, those different levels are going to really excite you.

Okay? So again, if you have no experience, no results get started right now. You have the way of doing it. You have the leverage of actually getting client results, using our proven system. All right, in the description below, go ahead and apply. Once you apply, you can go ahead and book a call with my team and we'll go out and see if a certified manifestation coach is the right next level for you. If you're a coach that already does have a lot of experience, you've been coaching for some time, you've been coaching in various areas. This is a great time to sharpen your skills and manifestation way deeper than you know, about 10,000 times more than what you currently have and use our system as a down, sell or upsell in your business. Great ways. Well, all right, again, go ahead and click the link below and allow yourself to experience your true calling.

No more excuses, no more reasons why you can't do it. Okay. It's not about the money. It's not about a time side about whether you could do, it's a matter of priority or you're prioritizing your dream or you're prioritizing your vision or you're prioritizing your goal. You know, it's not enough to say, yeah, I've been wanting to do this. Yeah. Well then you're 40, 50, 60, 70 years old and he's still haven't done it because it's always like, I'll do it when I'll do it one, right. Instead, feel into this and say, I want it now. I want to do great things for my life. And that starts now, okay. Can click the link below. We look forward to looking at your application. If you're not a good fit for the certification, we'll figure that out on the call together. And no big deal. What we do is we just give you a suggested path from there so we can help you out.

Maybe a different program that we know of. If you're looking for something that's not a good fit for this, maybe it's just some resources that you could use after the call. That's, that's great. That calls a strategy session to discover whether it's a great fit for you or not. All right. So go ahead and apply below and make sure you have filled out your application. It should take about two, three minutes and we'll see you on that call. That's really about discovering your inner purpose, your inner meaning, and really transforming yourself and the world around you as you move forward and serve in your aligned purpose.

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