How Long Does It Take To Get Your First Manifestation Client?
Written by Scott Haug on November 3rd, 2021
How Long Does It Take To Get Your First Manifestation Client?

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Full Transcript

How long does it take to get your first manifestation client? Hey Scott Haug here in today's video, we're going to be going through a timeline of what it generally takes to get a first client as a manifestation coach, or if you're already an experienced coach as well, what it takes to get you to your first 10, 20, or even a hundred clients, what does that look like? Okay. So some really good information in this video, watch it from beginning to end, because you're going to want to write down notes as we go through this as well. It's going to really take your results to the next level. Okay. So let's talk about it. If you're first getting started as a manifestation coach, okay. It's going to depend every single person is going to be unique on your paradigms, on your money programming. Okay. Very important.

Your money programming and how much you believe in yourself. That is the exact thing that's going to be in the way of you getting your client or not. Same thing with you scaling a coaching business to 10 clients, to a hundred clients and beyond it's going to really depend on your level of belief in you, your level of desire and where your programming is right now. So let's do an example. If you've been in personal development for a while, you've been watching a lot of YouTube videos for years, all the different teachers out there, and he started to shift some of your programming. Money-wise sales wise, you know, all these different things. Okay. It's going to be a lot quicker for you to get a client on average. It'll take about 30 to 40 days to get your first client. Now, many people do a lot faster, but I'm explain now.

Okay. So if you're already kind of used to some things, but you've never been in business before, you've never gotten a sale before. You've never, um, accepted money from somebody besides a job, really? Besides little amounts of money here and there. Okay. That's the person I'm talking about and it's going to take you on average. Usually 30, 40 days. Here's what happens. What we need to do is we need to get started with a system. Most people go about this way wrong when they're trying to become a coach. Okay. They're talking to people at the mall. They're talking to people at the line in the bank. They're talking to be okay. And they're just talking to random people that don't really care what you have. Okay. They met spiritual most likely, and they have no interest in getting coaching right now. Okay. So you're right.

They're talking to a general public. It'd be like some doctor going down to the side of the street on your main, your local main street or wherever you're at. Okay. And the doctors, you just yelling now, anybody have a sore throat. Anybody needs to have a hurt me. Do you want me to help it? Okay. Not a lot of people. People are just going to keep walking, right? They're not going to be very interested. Okay. What do people do? They go to a doctor when they need it. Same thing goes with you. You want to start farming your target audience. That's why you can get a client lot faster than most people can. And at least start getting a client a month than a client, every two weeks and a client of her week by looking at who can I help? Who needs this? Who wants this?

And how can I get in front of them? Very, very important questions. Okay. So this is a person who has never been in business. Somebody who's been trying to second person, somebody who's been trying to do business for a, they've gotten some sales, they've collected some money, but it's very infrequent. Okay. You becoming a certified manifestation coach, usually on average three weeks is that average timeline to four weeks sometimes. Okay. Between 21 and we'll say 28 days or so, because you already have belief in yourself. You've already done sales before you've already had clients. Okay. So even if it's only one client before you've already breaking through the threshold date, you can actually build a business like you, you know that this is a thing, this isn't some, you know, crazy thing out there. It's not on a pedestal. You know, business is business and you can do it.

Okay. So there's a belief and confidence is already there for you. So that's all we need to do is set up a couple of systems on finding that target audience, knowing how to reach out to them and connect with them and getting on a call with them, closing the deal if they need and want and want it right now. Okay. So very, very crucial. That can be very quick process. All right. If you're already established coach getting a client every month, getting a client every two weeks or whatever it is, you're ready for scalability. We can get this scalability actually going within the next 60 days very quickly. Okay. It's going to take a couple of smart decisions on our part, and that's what we do as me as your mentor. We start to look into some areas on how to eliminate a lot of time they're using right now, a lot of effort and how to do a lot better.

I'll do an example outside of manifestation coach and real quick, I had a client Allie a long time ago, as many years ago. Uh, she went through our coaching program and did phenomenal work because she was such a coachable student. Okay. She had a fitness gym and she was doing one-on-one personal training only. Okay. She ran out of time. Our entire schedule was booked all week, but she had people knocking on our door ready to get training. Okay. So we had to start thinking smarter and immediately we put into principle and practice within seven days, a couple of different things. One thinking smarter, eliminating the time and money relation. Okay. You don't get paid per hour anymore. You, you, you change that relation out. Okay. That's where most people are trying to only, you know, I get paid $50 an hour, a hundred dollars an hour.

Well, scrap that, forget about that. Okay. What we started to say is how can you do what you do? Okay. Two people into one hour. Okay. What does that look like? Okay. How can you do what you do working half the time earning double the money is the major question there. Okay. And we helped her start doing two on one fitness clients. Okay. So two clients per hour for her immediately doubled her income. Okay. So example for you, what if you're earning $10,000 a month and we helped you double it within a month to 20,000 hours a month by one idea. Okay. Now that one idea is going to really rattle your uncomfort level. It's gonna stretch you. It's going to get you uncomfortable. You're going to question it. You're going to say, can I even do that? Are those two clients going to get the best value or are they going to get the best service?

I thought one-on-one is going to be the best. Right? So we've got to break out a lot of limiting beliefs. In fact, with the client, I mentioned Allie. She did so well with that. Her clients got better results, not doing one on one but two on long because it create accountability, creative, fun, and create great energy. Okay. And we started scale even from there. Okay. So that'd be one tiny example of if you're already an existing coach earning 5,000, 10,000, $20,000 a month, I'm going to help you start scaling by rethinking your business. Okay. And then also having our course to offer is a much higher level package, which you're now ready for. Okay. Because oftentimes our clients still have blind spots and blockages they need help with, and you can solve that with a higher level package as well. Simple ideas. Okay. Okay. We take these three here.

That's how long on average it takes to get a client though. We've had coaches also come in in the first three days, activate clients. We had one coach a couple of months ago that, uh, within that first week already had two activated clients. Okay. That's because he already had a couple of coaching clients who's working with. Okay. And then he helps them get into the higher level package. Okay. So that was just for his individual case. We had another person who start from scratch. He's never, ever gotten high ticket clients. It within 60 days at our first couple of high ticket clients as well, uh, going through this process. Okay. So we have ranges of people activating high ticket clients. That high ticket client means 3,500 to $10,000 packages for one client paying you. We have clients doing our coaches doing that within seven days.

And sometimes it's up to 60 and 90 days. And sometimes if somebody is working a full-time job working 60, 70 hours a week can only put a few hours a week into this business has a lot to learn. Never been in business. Like literally starting from all scratch. Okay. Everything. It may even take up to 90 days to get their first client, but it's all, it's all so good and so important. Okay. Because after 90 days the person can get a consistent income coming in from their business. They scrap the job and then they're ready to rock. Right? So it takes a lot of really understanding, takes a lot of belief. Okay. And same time also understanding if you want better results next month you have to start now. Okay. That's really important. A lot of people wait for the new year, for example, K they'll wait for January to say, okay, that was restart the habits and everything else.

It never works. It's never worked for anybody. Okay. It just doesn't, it doesn't work out. If you want a great January or you want a great February, for example, you got to start in November because that's how manifestation works. You don't put great thoughts out today and manifest today. You put out great thoughts today and manifest better tomorrow. That's how it goes. So if you want a great month, next month, it starts thinking great thoughts this month to get the results next month. Right? So same thing goes with anything in your life. Start now. So many limiting ideas will come up. Like, can I really coach, okay, can I really afford to do this right now? Can I have the time to do this right now? Is this right? For me? All of those questions, you know where they're coming from? The limiting self ego.

Okay. We have two sides of us, the whole side, the ego side, those questioning thoughts. The highest side of you. Doesn't question it. Doesn't say, is there enough time? It doesn't say, is there enough money? It doesn't say these things. Can I do this? Of course you can here where your a hundred percent spiritual perfection. So it wasn't a question. The thing that questions you is the thing that's trying to protect you. The ego, trying to protect you from failing, trying to protect you from a, you know, something that working out and you're feeling heard about it. Okay. So really important. Forget about those limiting ideas. Follow your highest side and go ahead and apply to become one of our certified math decision coaches. Check it out. The least you can do for yourself is accept your calling and say yes to your calling. The least you could do for yourself is look into the details of how to get started.

The least you could do for yourself as doing something today that your future self is going to absolutely thank you for, for the rest of your life. Okay. And that starts with actually starting right now. Okay. Apply. We have some spots open. Okay. If you see the button below, you see it in the description below the link for this. Okay. There's a reason for that because we have some spots available. Go ahead and fill out your application. It's going to take you literally two or three minutes. We want to know more about you. What's your current challenges, current blockages, where are your current goals? Where are you trying to get to in life? What's your legacy. You're trying to leave behind. Why do you want to start coaching or continue coaching in the first place? Scaling your business? Okay. Once you do an application, you can book a call with myself or my team.

Okay? Pick a great day and time that works for you. We're getting on a 35 minute strategy session. We're going to start to formulate a game plan for you, with you that allows you to start getting your first client or scaling your business as fast as possible. And then right after that step number three, we're going to give you the details of certification even before you get on the call. So you're going to know a lot more, even before you head into the call, you'll have a lot of background and understanding of what this is even before you get there. All right. So really important. Again, take a shot at this, except you're calling do something. Your future self will always be grateful for it for the rest of my life, you know, for the rest of your life. For me, my life, I'm so grateful for me making the decision to go out there and start coaching many years ago, it was 90 easy.

Okay. In fact, I almost didn't make rent that month. I almost didn't have food for groceries. I was sleeping on an air mattress and didn't have a vehicle anymore. Cause I sold it off to actually get into coaching on the way to the grocery store. I'd have to pile the grocery bags on my bicycle in order to get the groceries back. I mean, it was not easy, but I'm so grateful. That side of me said yes, that side of me said, I can do this assigned to me. That said, I want better for my life. Okay. I could have brought all the excuses. Well, I have money. I don't have time. I don't know how to do this. I better get something stable and all those things. Right. But the highest side of you always backs up your dream follow. The highest cited view apply. Now I look forward to seeing your application come through, look forward to if it feels like a good fit for you. Joining our team of coaches as expanding the consciousness of the world, expanding the great work that we do here and helping people transform their lives.

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