How Does Certified Manifestation Coach Work?
Written by Scott Haug on November 1st, 2021
How Does Certified Manifestation Coach Work?

How do you get started with a coaching business? How do you help somebody transform their lives? How exactly do you get setup?

In this video, Scott answers all of your questions for all of you who have a calling to help and serve others.

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Full Transcript

I'm sure you have a calling to help people in some sort of capacity, maybe a bigger purpose in this world. Something to be fulfilled. Uh, you're looking for creating some sort of legacy, bringing a strong message to the world and any really love personal development. Self-help materials, manifestation, and laws of the universe, all that good stuff, but you might not know how to get started. How do you get started helping somebody transform their lives? How do you, how do you get started with a coaching business? How do you get set up? What do you do to monetize your services? How do you price your packages? How do you actually coach somebody on a one-on-one session or a group session or all these different questions can create a lot of slow movement, meaning that people have this calling, maybe like yourself has this calling to go out there and help people, but you struggle to figure out what are my next steps and how do I actually build a business?

How do I create it? How do I get clients? How do I do all this stuff? And it can create a lot of frustration because we know we can be doing a lot better, but we're not. It could create a lot of confusion because you feel like you have a higher calling, but you don't know what to do about it. And you know, I've been in that place as well as certainly a lot of my clients I've worked with as well. They started in a spot where they had a calling, but they didn't know how to do it. So then they kept doing what they were doing and the nine to five job or in a business, they really didn't like, right. And they kept doing that because they didn't know what else to do. Right. They were trying, trying, trying, but it wasn't really happening.

And not only when you're frustrated, but when you're frustrated, you want to give up, right. Because it's like, you know, I can do this. I know, but for the time being, I don't want to do this. Right. It could be in a similar boat, even if you're already an established business owner, a coach already, okay. You can be in a similar boat of how do I scale, right? You're doing one-on-one sessions every single week. Your schedule is filled. You're earning 10,000 hours, $15,000 a month on average or a little bit more. And you're kind of stuck at where you're at. You're zoning into a little bit of uncertainty and insurance and out of scale, a coaching business, right? So in our certification here, manifestation certified coach, we are helping individuals like yourself to be able to create and scale a business. And you know, a lot of limiting ideas and beliefs who will come and say, can I be really the one to coach somebody?

If I haven't earned a million dollars, can I be the one to help people and manifestation, even though I'm not a perfect, manifestor just yet. And all those answers and those questions we're going to cover here in this video as well, because the art of coaching is helping inspire somebody and guiding and supporting them to their next level, whatever area that is. Okay. It does not say in order to coach somebody, you need to earn a million dollars. Okay. If you're coaching people on how to earn a million dollars, yeah. You should have earned already a million dollars. Okay. If you're coaching somebody on how to get that miraculous dream home, um, that is just really, really great and very, really vivifying. Then you should have that yourself. Absolutely. Or I've at least done it before. Right? But that's more of like a mentor you've been there.

You've done that. But a coach, what that really is, is bringing people to their next level of supporting them, guiding them, showing their blind spots and bring them through a proven system. So you're not coaching individuals on how to earn a million dollars, how to do this crazy successful or anything like that, where you're doing is coaching people on how to become more whole within themselves. How to bring out more of their talents and abilities through using their mind, how to understand, believe in and get a basic, fundamental understanding of how manifestation works. So they can start bringing in better results into their life. Even if it's just freedom, even if it's just happiness, even if it's just those little small chunks of money, that's what you're helping people do. There's a very vast difference between coach consultant and mentor and a mentor is basically they've done the, exactly what you want to do.

And you're following in their footsteps, looking to attain a similar lifestyle or a similar amount of wealth or a similar amount of impact, whatever it is, a consultant has a specific set of skills. They go into a company with, and they will help the company with a specific issue. Okay. A coach is somebody who brings out the light and others brings out more of who they already are. And that's what you do as a coach. Whether just starting, whether you're an experienced coach, a basic simple example I always use is Michael Jordan with Phil Jackson. Okay. Michael Jordan was one of the greatest baseball players of all time. Okay. And he had a coach. Okay. But that coach wasn't even close to the skill level of Michael Jordan or you Phil Jackson. He wasn't as good, even close to it as Michael Jordan and basketball. So how is Phil Jackson able to coach Michael Jordan?

The idea is Michael Jordan is the skill level, the enormous results level, right? Phil Jackson is helping Michael Jordan bring out more of who Michael Jordan already is bringing out more of the team aspect, bringing out more of the accountability, more of the leadership, all of that good stuff. All right. So there's a big difference. The only way that, uh, somebody mentors Michael Jordan is if they were better or just above the level. Okay. So it would be like Michael Jordan mentoring, other players. That's a mentor, not a coach. Okay. So when you become a manifestation coach or a personal development coach in general, what you're really doing is again, bringing out the light and others, how this really works is you need to set up the business and four components. And we cover this in our certification. Everything you need, all these details so much done for you as well.

First one is becoming certified learning to master your own craft, learning the deepest depth of manifestation. You can't find YouTube. You're not going to find in books, but rather experience levels of experiencing manifested results in your life. Getting mentorship from myself on those deep internal ideas of how to manifest better results into your life. And also you get to license our proven manifestation accelerator course to bring your clients through. Okay? So you have everything you need to really master your own craft, master your own results. While understanding the skill of how to coach people, we help you on that component. Number two is setting up the business and we have all the training on that as well. How to actually set up the business, how to actually get your business running and off the ground, how to collect payments, how to actually go out there and set up calendars for your clients.

And because through how to set up tracking sheets for your clients, results, how to do all these different things in business terms of enrollment, automations in the business, all of these different things. We have 12 weeks of setup modules that will help you in understanding how to be a business owner and how to be an entrepreneur that's profitable component. Number three is the marketing aspect. This is usually missing an almost all certifications on the planet. It's how to actually go out there and get clients because it's not enough to become certified. You're not going to actually go out there and serve the world and make a huge impact without actually talking with people or without actually getting clients. So components where we help you a to Z on how to attain clients. We have multiple different ways of marketing all the way from organic methods of going out there on social media, building a following from scratch.

You have zero followers, how to build a following, how to build a community and bringing in those people, into paying clients all the way to, how do you host live events, live masterclasses, live webinars, live challenges, all the way to building a team, building affiliate team. It's bringing you in leads, lots of different ways. And those are just some of the ways that we do some marketing in here, but we train you on how to do it and give you all of the documents. You're going to need all the tracking sheets, all that done for you. Okay? So you just have to actually go through the training and then actually go through the uncomfort of implementing it. Component. Number four is the sales part of it. How do you get on calls with people and talk with them? How do you get on a webinar and close people into booking a call with you or whatever it's going to be, or just booking to actually buy your program?

What does that look like? The mindset around money, the mindset around sales, all of that also done for you. We have four key components here. You put all of those together. You can absolutely create and get to $20,000 per month in a coaching business. How do I know? Because I did it. I did the exact thing. Okay. And everything that I did, I took it and put into an exact training that you can do 90% done for you. 10%. You have to do okay. Now that 10% you got to do. Absolutely. It's going to be a lot of uncomfort. We're going to be stretching you. You know, you're going to have to go through things that you've never gone through before and limiting beliefs that we have to resolve. So it's going to take some effort. It's going to take a little bit of work.

It's going to take a lot of mental mindset that we need to tweak and shift. But if you're ready for that, and you're willing to accept some of the effort and the external, meaning some of the work you're gonna have to do to build your following, to go out there and get on calls or whatever. However, we set up the business with you. Okay? As long as you're willing to go through your own paradigms and old programming, as long as you're willing to go through some of that healing around money and different things, okay. You will win. You'll be able to do it now. Are you going to reach $20,000 a month? Very quickly? Not necessarily. Okay. It might take you some time, depending on your own programming. Okay. So if you've already done a lot of work on this around money and personal element and things he might have saw in the next 60 and 90 days, probably within six months, get to $20,000 per month.

That's not a big promise. That's doable. Within six months, I got to my first 10 grand a month in 60 days of starting my coaching business many years ago. Okay. You can do the same thing as long as you follow certain principles, energetically and action-wise as well. Okay. So you have that key component moving yourself forward. All right. Once we have that $20,000 per month, we also help you start scaling. What does that look like to get 30, 40, $50,000 in one month. Okay. And what that looks like again, that's going to take you some time. Sometimes it's going to take you a few years. Some people nail it in their first year. Okay. It's not usual, but some people take 2, 3, 4 years to get there. Okay. But I think you're going to be pretty happy with replacing your current income with doing what you level out more and being okay with say 20,000 a month coming through.

I'm sure you'd be happy with that right now. If you're already an established coach and you want to really make something happen here, we have coaches come in all the time. They're already earning between 500 and $800,000. And they're looking to use our program to bring out a mastermind to a higher level program. Right. But they all want to create a whole course on manifestation. They want to use ours and our trainings here to bring them to a whole new level. And that's also available and all the mentorship available on that as well from my cell phone, how to use what we have here and bring it to a very high, scalable level, offering something even, even greater than what you're doing right now. So how do you get started in manifestation coaching and what do you do from here? You really need to zone into those four key components and also believe in yourself.

Okay. Again, you don't need to have earned a million dollars. You don't need to have a Lamborghini in order to coach people. Okay. That's mentorship. When you're coaching people, you're going out there and bringing the light. That's already within them more out. And they're doing that through our proven system. Okay. It couldn't be easier. We have an entire 48 module system ready to go for. You sounds like a lot. It's easy. It's one module a week for 12 months straight, and you have the freedom to structure it. However you want to, you can bring your through, having the module go through once a week, every two weeks, I'm going to help you price your package, structure it. How do you actually do the structure of your coaching package? What's great to offer. What's not, what do you not need in there? What do you do need in there to help your clients take away results?

Okay. We also have other things like testimonials, ready to go for you based on clients and customers that have been through just our manifestation accelerator course as well. So we got a lot of good stuff for you. It's extremely exciting. We're having our coaches, activating clients each and every week, bringing themselves to a higher level. We have some coaches that have changed their life so dramatically. And it's not even the end of the year yet when I'm recording this video. And he was, I became a certified coach who started working with me. And so he started getting mentorship. They'd never gotten a high ticket client before ever. And then they started to activate five, six, $7,000 clients. We also had another one of our coaches activate two clients in one day, both pay in full. So it was a 12,000 hour day for the individual.

Okay. So you know those results, aren't always typical at the start, but you will get there. And eventually you'll get to a spot where you're bringing in exactly what you want. And that's very important. It's a work in progress. It's a dream that you're venturing towards is a journey. As we build this business together, I highly encourage you. If you feel that calling to coach people, to serve people, to leave a legacy, to do greater things in personal development and help people through this process, go in, apply. The application form is right in the description below, apply for becoming one of our certified manifestation coaches. One to apply. You're going to put in your challenges you have currently, or goals that you want, why you want to become a coach, that we can really give a roadmap to you on a strategy session together. Okay.

So I have to fill out the form. You're going to go ahead and schedule a day and time that works best for you. We're going to get on a call with myself or my team, and we're going to be able to coach you on a roadmap of how to get started as quick as possible with the least time and the least effort possible from you. Okay? So you're now working 80 hours a week, getting this off the ground. You're working on specific things. So it's highly effective. It's simple, easy and fun. As he goes through a process at the same time, everything's not going to be easy remembering. It's going to be uncomfortable for you. It's going to be a stretch, okay? But we're going to help you get there as fast as possible, wherever your goals are. Once you go ahead and schedule a day in time, step two, step three.

We're going to give you some of the details about certification even before you get on the call. So you're going to know all about the details. You're going to know about the investment of your time, your money, your efforts. You're going to know what's involved. You're going to know everything right after that. So again, step one is go out in the description below, fill out an application. It'll take you about two to three minutes. Step number two, after you go ahead and submit the application schedule a day and time that works best for you. We'll go right and get on a 35 minutes strategy session together. Talking about the roadmap on how to get yourself to at least 10, 20,000 hours a month, as quick as possible or whatever your goals are, a hundred thousand a month or whatever it is. If you're somebody already doing really well in the coaching space, ready to get to a scalable level.

And then number three, all of the details about the certification and what that's going to look like for you, very exciting time. And if you feel excitement, but a little bit scared you're in the right place, go for it. Uncomfort is a feeling of vibration. It's your vibration, whatever your frequency, okay, you get uncomfortable. You're going to be stretching your consciousness. You're going to be stretching your vibration to a whole new level. That's why it's uncomfortable because it's unfamiliar territory. You're entering. That's where we want to get as we move forward. All right, look forward to your application. Go ahead and make sure you apply schedule a day in time. And I look forward to seeing you on that call or my team will see on that call and we'll move some things forward in your life greater than ever, feeling better than ever more fulfilled and more aligned with who you really are within.

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