Dissolve Your Manifesting Roadblocks - (Magic Formula to Manifest Anything! Mini Series - Part 5)
Written by Scott Haug on October 20th, 2021
Dissolve Your Manifesting Roadblocks - (Magic Formula to Manifest Anything! Mini Series - Part 5)

In this video, Scott will show you how to become aware of the roadblocks that might be blocking you from receiving your desires and most importantly, how to DISSOLVE them!

This is the magic formula to manifest anything you want series and the next step is to Dissolve Your Manifesting Roadblocks!

This is Part 5 of a six-part series! Make sure you subscribe now to know when other parts of this series are released!    

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Full Transcript

Here we are with video number five of our six part mini series on the magic formula to manifesting anything you want into your life. This one is going to be all about the idea of dissolving your manifestation blocks within. So let's read to recap. Video number one was all about getting clear image of your self understanding, who you are understanding you have a manifesting ability. Video. Two is getting clear on the mental image that you want to start entertaining. It's qualities to description the feeling, everything. We start to see that in our mind, number three, we start to activate it based on feeling right. We started to actually feel into our desires and there was a number one feeling that we'd feel. And we started to see that in imagination and then actually feel it right video for the last video was all about the forces that are here to age you and understanding that creating more faith and belief in the bridge of incidence branch of happenings is helping you on your path.

Number five here is a very, very critical, very, very important idea. And that is you may have a block coming up around, manifesting this thing into your life. So how we discover that is you want to say out loud, the thing that you want, that we wrote down in video to say it out loud verbally, and listen to your thoughts. What's the first limiting thought that follows. So you might say, I just now received that $5,000 I asked for in video two, when you close your eyes and you say, it's still not here, close your eyes. And your mind might say, where's that going to come from? You close your eyes and say, I don't know how that's going to come. That's impossible. Right? One of those, the first limiting thought you want to work with it a little bit. You want to understand why do I have this limiting thought?

Well, I have the limiting thought around money because I don't really believe in manifestation all the way. And then he asks why again, why don't I believe in manifestation all the way? Well, my family that I grew up with didn't really believe in manifestation. So it's hard for me to believe sometimes. Okay. Well, why is that? Well, um, they never got to learn about manifesting. Um, so they just didn't really believe in anything besides the fiscal stuff. And that's okay. They just didn't have their teachings, um, available to them. Right? Why is that? Well, you know, my family lineage has never really been into energy stuff. Right? So you keep asking why, and you're going to get to a point where it says, well, I understand all of that, but now I'm choosing to believe more because I don't have to believe based on past belief or history.

I can believe in what I want to believe, because I choose to believe that now. Okay. So you start to break, this limitation starts to break the chain of that. Okay. And then also you want to start affirming the opposite. Okay. So confirm that says, you know, I am somebody who doesn't believe right now in this manifestation stuff. And then you just change it over completely to, I am now somebody who believes so much in the invisible believes so much in manifestation, somebody who has total faith, somebody who's total belief. And I know the universe is helping me get what I want. See. So we start to turn that around and you want to think about that during your day. You can affirm out loud in an affirmation. You can visualize it. You can be thankful for it. So you write that down and be thankful that that's your new thought patterns.

Okay. So in video five here, it's really important because if you see you're coming up stumbling with like, it sound manifesting yet. Wait to do this until six, six videos here. Okay. So don't, don't try to say it's here and not here just yet. Okay. But you want to get into the idea of like, if it's not coming, why isn't it coming? And almost always it's because there's a limiting thought that's causing you to have your energies. Disaligned a little bit. Okay. So go ahead and discover what that limiting thought is by doing the exercise. Start to dissolve it a little bit by asking why, and then flip it over to an empowering thought, okay, this is video five. You're doing great. I w I hope you'll watch all of it all five videos up until this point. Okay. We are going through each one of these, in this mini series, because I really want you to manifest something into your life and just get the evidence of it as fast as possible. And by doing this, I showed through all my members. All my clients had spent thousands of people I've worked with so far, they've all been able to do something with it. Okay. So follow through on this processes, proven process proven system, and it will allow you to really move things forward in a great fashion. Right? I'll see you in video number six real soon.

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