Know The Magic Forces Helping You - (Magic Formula to Manifest Anything! Mini Series - Part 4)
Written by Scott Haug on October 18th, 2021
Know The Magic Forces Helping You - (Magic Formula to Manifest Anything! Mini Series - Part 4)

Did you know there are Magic forces helping you to attain all your desires? 

This is the magic formula to manifest anything you want series and the next step is to believe in the Magic Forces helping you!

This is Part 4 of a six-part series! Make sure you subscribe now to know when other parts of this series are released!    

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Full Transcript

Did you know, there's magic forces helping in aiding you to attaining your desire. In this video series, we've been talking about the magic formula manifest, anything you want, and this is video four of six and the series. So we're going to take another step here makes you watch video one, two and three as well because the mini series is built in parts and exercise and daily basis to make sure that you're really zoning into where you want to go. Okay. And actually manifesting the one thing that you wrote down in video two. Okay. So video four here is understanding the forces that are helping you. Now let's do a quick recap video. One. We start to know yourself. We started to understand the year an extension of something a lot bigger than this physical realm, right? Video two, we started to form a mental image on the screen of your mind.

Okay. We started to detail that out. We decide on what you wanted. Qualities, characteristics, and emotions. Video three was all about the feeling. What's the one feeling. If I already had the thing in my life, how would I feel? And then we visualize that scene for five minutes. Visualize that image for five minutes, allowing ourselves to feel as if I already have it. Okay. But it was video four. Here is all about making sure you realize there's forces beyond the physical, beyond what you can see beyond what you can hear beyond what you can smell all around you, helping and aiding yield in the realization of what you want. You want to understand anything, you just fell in your imagination. It's now moving into form. Okay? So the universe and all forces around you are now aiding you in getting what you want between now in this present moment, if you listening into this video and you receiving the thing in physical flesh, it's what we call the bridge of happenings or bridge of incidents or bridge of events.

It's all the same term. Basically. There's a series of things that unfold between now and then serendipitous things, coincidences, um, divine timings, right? There's not really any coincidences at all, divine timing, but you get the gist of like things just happening by chance or by random. Okay? So little things are gonna pop up for you between now and then. That's why you don't have to know how it's going to come, where it's going to come from. And when it's going to come, it's a universe is going to provide the path of least resistance to getting there. Okay? So it may send you a person. Somebody may call you out of the blue. Somebody may text you as the blue. Somebody you may come across, you're on social media and you're scrolling. Maybe you don't do that anymore. Maybe do you're scrolling and you see an ad for the right opportunity at the right time.

Um, a random video on YouTube or on my channel here pops up at the right time, at the right place for you to create more belief in faith in yourself or for a new opportunity. Um, there's a million different things. Intuition might come. So you have an idea. You're doing mindless activity like washing the dishes, driving to the store, whatever. And you have this amazing idea about something in your business or something in your job. If you have one that's going to create maybe another advancement or progress step forward. So there's many different things. There's going to be conversations that might be manifested. And the person that you're talking to gives you the exact thought you needed at the right time. Unexpected check comes in the mail from something they did two years ago. There's so many different possibilities, right? So that's why we don't want to guess.

It's like, uh, an algorithm like Google or YouTube or Facebook or something that like, you can't even fathom how it works. Right. It just works. So it's like electricity in your home. Do you understand every little tiny detail of how electricity works? Probably not. Unless you've been studying there for a long time and even then every scientist in the world doesn't even know every little thing there is to know about electricity. Okay. So, you know, do you have to know all that to actually use light? Use your light bulbs, turn your light switch, plugging your microwave. No, you just use it. Right? Same thing goes with manifestation. Just use it, just try it out. Okay. You only have to know how it works. Just work it, just follow the steps here. Just that will create more faith and belief for you. Knowing that there's a lot more going on in this world.

I mean, you look behind me. Okay. You look at all the clouds. You'll look at all this stuff around me. You look at the water, you know, I'm obviously on my balcony right now and things, but you look at the stuff and you say, where's the oxygen that I'm breathing. You can't see it. So, but that's a very fundamental element of keeping me alive. It's a physical human being. Right. But we can't see it, but that's a very clear part of life. So manifesting doesn't just mean the water. They can see the building that you can see or whatever it is. It's also a lot of the invisible stuff that you can't really see, but it's there. And it's proven. I mean, where it's radio waves, how's your TV work? Do you know that? How about wifi? How's your internet going? It's all invisible. Right?

So there's a lot of invisible stuff going on. So it's easy to understand. Yeah. There's a lot of invisible things going on with the energy, the divine, this around us, the things on helping us manifest. Right? So video four here will create a lot more faith, a lot more belief. If you want to start teaching this material, by the way, with us, we have a certification it's brand new certified manifestation coach. Okay. And you can help people become better. Manifestors bring things in their life like I'm teaching. Now. I help you understand how to teach others this material as well. So in the description below, go ahead and get some details on that. I think I'll blow you away on what we offer and help you also enroll clients and give you marketing plans and how to set up the business a to Z and how to get on calls with people and convert them into customers.

If they're a great fit for what you do. Okay. So check that out in the description as well. All right. So that's video four, video five and six will be coming out shortly again. Make sure you watch all six videos in this mini series. And, uh, video five is going to be really important because we're going to take the next step here. Make sure you watch all the other videos as well as we begin to manifest anything into your life that you decided on in video. Number two here. All right. Let's see. Over in video, number five here shortly.

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